Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 135: Gained A Special Ally (1)

‘His name is Rohas!’

Like I expected, his loyalty was not high. The fact that it was not exactly at 50 and was at 56 was already a blessing.

However, it was still a dangerously low amount. He could always betray me if I let my guard down.

Having someone like him tagging along while I clear this Demon Cave might end with me being stabbed in the back.

The invisible enemy is more dangerous than the visible enemy. I need to keep him locked up somewhere until I finish clearing this Demon Cave and raise up his loyalty before putting him to use.

Of course, I need to gather some information first. Even if his loyalty is low, he will not lie to me as long as it is above 50 and he is my slave.

“Now Tell me everything you know about the Demon Cave. What is the layout? Where Are the other Stone Elves or Elementals?”

I kept the Dark Elf’s stat window open to keep an eye on his loyalty as I asked.

“The layout of the Demon Cave……”

The Dark Elf drew an image on the ground to explain. The fact that his loyalty did not change told me that it was the truth.

However, it was not very detailed. It just gave me a basic overview of the Cave.

It really was an extremely large Demon Cave. I presume it would take about two to three months just to get to the location of the Demon Lord’s relic.

It is not something I could do on my own.

I was able to get a better picture after hearing him explain for a while.

‘I guess the success and failure of this Demon Cave Clearing depends on how many allies I can earn.”

I can only plan the rest of it as I run into them.

That was all I needed from this Dark Elf right now.

Now I just need to find a place to lock him up until I finish clearing this Demon Cave.

‘Where should I put him?’

I looked around before stopping my gaze on the wall of the Demon Cave. It was where the Stone Elves had been tied up.

There were some weird devices over there.

“I wonder if I can tie Dark Elves up like the Stone Elves over there.”

I was mumbling out loud to myself hoping that the Dark Elf or Stone Elves would give me some information.

“It is possible.”

Like I thought!

It was one of the Stone Elves. It heard my question and made those grinding noises to inform me.


“We will help you. A net can be created with Natural Power.”

Natural Power seems to have a lot of different uses.

I took the Dark Elf named Rohas to the wall. Once he was there, the Stone Elves used some of the stones on the ground to make what seemed to be an image.

‘Ah! A magic circle!’

They quickly finished making it while I figured it out.

“Put some Natural Power in here.”

I put the Natural Power in the magic circle as the Stone Elf indicated. The magic circle absorbed some of the Natural Power and started to activate.


The Dark Elf seemed to be in pain. He didn’t even last five seconds before tilting his head to the side and fainting.

“Now he will be fine until you release the magic net.”

‘So simple!’

I can release him on my way back. Then I will earn a very useful slave.

I put some more Natural Power into the Stone Elves. Their injuries closed up every time they absorbed some of the Natural Power.

However, the four completely destroyed Stone Elves were gone for good.

I also had used up a lot of Natural Power. I needed to start using it sparingly from now on.

But thanks to that, I now had 26 Stone Elves helping me out. They can be great help if I use them properly. I will also gain more helpers as I go on.

And one more thing.

I verified the information of the item I just gained from the Dark Elf. This might end up being very useful.

[Horn Flute of Darkness]

Can stimulate monsters and send them into a frenzy.

Can decrease monsters’ abilities by a maximum of 20% for 5 minutes based on your friendliness with the fairies.
Can increase monsters’ abilities by a maximum of 20% for 5 minutes based on your friendliness with the Demon King.
Can control monsters if your friendliness with the Demon King is high.

‘Oh! I like it!’

My friendliness with the fairies was pretty high. Thanks to that, I should be able to decrease monsters abilities by a good amount.

Furthermore, the Stone Elves probably had higher friendliness than I did. If I make a Stone Elf blow the horn flute the results should be even better.

‘Ah! They probably can’t blow this flute!’

However, the other elves should be able to do so. There are supposed to be regular elves trapped in this Demon Cave as well.

I also liked how it could send monsters into a frenzy. If I get into a good spot and send them into a frenzy, the battles should be much easier.

I wanted to quickly try it out.

“Shall we head out now?”

I led the now free Stone Elves as I moved forward.

I found a decent battlefield after walking for a bit. It was an area where the entrance starts to become narrower. It would be perfect to set the Stone Elves up like walls and move between them to hunt.

Each of the Stone Elves had a giant shield on their backs.

These shields were made of stone. The fact that the Dark Elves took away all of their weapons but could not take away the shield must mean that it was pretty much a part of the Stone Elf’s body.

“Create an L shaped formation here and put your shields up ……yes just like that. Give enough room for me to move here and close the gap when I give the command……”

I gave a basic rundown of the plan to the Stone Elves.

They were not that dumb for being made of stone. They were able to understand the plan after a single explanation.

“Then shall we call over some monsters now?”

I blew into the Horn Flute of Darkness.


It was not as loud as I expected it to be. I wondered how far this quiet noise could travel. It seemed like the noise would disappear after traveling about 100m.

However, it only sounded that way to my ears.

I heard some rumbling in the distance that sounded like at least thousands of monsters rushing my way.

‘Oh, quite effective!’

I’m sure that it wasn’t as effective as it could be. The monsters heading my way were Blood Dogs, Dark Wolves, Death Trolls, all those monsters around level 250 and lower.

They were the perfect level for me to play around.

‘Then let’s have some fun.’

I took an HP potion, an antidote, and a mana potion in advance. I also threw some Fire Marbles to slow the monsters’ momentum down.

I waited until the monsters got close and then blew the Horn Flute of Darkness again.


I then rushed through the gap the Stone Elves left for me and started the battle with the monsters.

But these monsters were so weak. I could clearly feel that they were not as strong as usual.

‘Oh! This is great!’

It felt like I really was in a world of my control. I unleashed combos to my liking and vented out some frustration against these monsters.

One month later.


I finally managed to overwhelm the Dark Elf and release nine Stone Elves and 50 Elementals. The elementals were kind of transparent like they were made of green fog.

It made me wonder how they could fight with such an appearance. Do they use some strong elemental magic?

Anyways, it was now time to take care of the remaining Dark Elf.

Some Stone Elves were piled on top of him like I did with Rohas.

“Why don’t you give up?”

“I’d rather die!”

The Dark Elf glared at me.

It was disappointing. I killed the other Dark Elves without any regrets, but this one made me very disappointed.

That was how special this one was. He managed to completely disappear for a moment while fighting with me. It almost made me think that the Dark Elf was wearing a Shadow Fox’s Leather Armor like I was.

It almost got me killed as well.

However, it was not perfect. His whole body turned invisible, but the sword in his hand did not. If he aimed for my neck with his bare hands, I would not have been able to dodge.

That was why I was very greedy to make him mine. I even debated using Natural Power to turn him into my slave.

But I failed even after torturing him with a good amount of Natural Power.

I could not waste any more Natural Power. It was already so much weaker that I questioned whether it could serve its actual purpose.

I still had a lot of Stone Elves to save and heal.

“Then I had no other choice. Die.”

I stabbed my cutlass into the Dark Elf’s neck.

The Dark Elf who was underneath the pile of Stone Elves could not resist. He let out a groan before dying.

<You gained a level.>
<You have received the Ring of Darkness that was in the Dark Elf’s possession.>

‘I gained something again.’

I ended up finding a lot of loot since I was hunting high leveled monsters.

However, I didn’t expect much for it since they were all useless things. It would be more of a hassle to even go sell them.

This Ring of Darkness is probably the same. Although the name sounds fancy, I’ll probably just sigh after seeing the details.

I still checked it out.

[Ring of Darkness]
Can disappear into the darkness for 1 minute.
Cooldown time of 1 minute after usage.

My eyes opened wide in shock. I recalled how the Dark Elf had disappeared during our battle.

It was like another version of the Stealthy Approach.

Although Stealthy Approach did not completely hide my body, it was able to be used for a long duration of time. On the other hand, although this Ring of Darkness had a short duration, it allowed me to completely hide my body.

Exactly one second. Even that was long enough to cause serious damage in the middle of a battle.

‘Oh, this is actually pretty good.’

I put it on my finger without any hesitation.

Now it was time to heal the Stone Elves.

‘Huh? What is going on?’

The Stone Elves’ injuries healed on its own while I was dealing with the Dark Elf.

In addition, they also seemed to have gotten stronger. Their confidently open shoulders gave them a different feel than before.

I suddenly realized the reason. The Stone Elves’ gazes were now different.

The eyes that were originally white were now glowing green. They were similar in color to the Elementals I had just saved.

I asked to verify.

“Elemental-nims, are you in the Stone Elves?”
“That is correct.”

The Stone Elf Grinded its mouth to answer.

I actually did not know much about Elementals or Stone Elves. I rarely ran into them during the game and I haven’t been able to study the draft plan just yet.

Kang Sung Ho is probably working hard on it right now. I should have more information when I return to the human world.

“Are you stronger now that you have fused together?”

I didn’t know whether fuse was the correct term, but it didn’t matter as long as the message got across.

Thankfully, they understood exactly what I meant.

“The Stone Elves are very useful tools for us Elementals. We can bring out twice the strength we can separately. Compared to the strength of a Stone Elf, we are probably four times stronger when we are fused together.”

That was good news. I was a bit disappointed that the strength of the Stone Elves were not up to my expectations.

Of course, they were helpful against small monsters or the Dark Elves, but we needed to face stronger monsters from here on. They were not strong enough to do much against those stronger monsters.

However, I’ll give them another chance since they will be four times as strong now.

“Are there any more allies?”

“There is a place with Elves if you go about a day’s distance.”

Oh! Not Elementals or Stone Elves but just regular Elves. They should be more useful than these Stone Elves.

“Shall we go then?”

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Proofreader: Borderline Missing

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