Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 138: The Demon Lord’s Relic (1)

It was deep in the right side. Based on the fact that there seemed to be another area over there, there must be a fork in the road. Which meant that it could escape in either direction once it senses danger.

However, it did not seem to be very fast. The Liche was a robed magician who seemed to be a weakling.

‘But what is that monster?’

The face inside the robe was slightly visible and it was ugly. It had a pointy snout that made it look like a monster with a human body and a rat’s face.

All I could tell for sure was that it was not human.

However, he seemed to have noticed my Guardian Spirit. The red eyes of the Liche was staring right at it.

Ring. Ring.

The Zombie Rats underneath the Guardian Spirit started to shoot up like they were building a tower. The Zombie Rats were so fast that they would have almost instantly reached the Guardian Spirit if I let my guard down.

Of course, the Zombie Rats would not have been able to do anything to the Guardian Spirit.

I still moved the Guardian Spirit away quickly. I moved a good distance away and hid the Guardian Spirit behind a pillar so that even the Liche would stop caring about it.

Now it was my turn to move.

In that case, I could use a card I’ve been saving until now.


It was the skill I got from the Flame Fairy’s Breath. [TL Note: This was the item he received from the Magma Giant for Bogochan’s Necklace]

I tried using it a couple times to test it out, but this was my first time using it in battle. I couldn’t use it often because there was a cool time of 24 hours after usage.

I always saved it until I desperately needed it.

And it was now time to use this skill.

I stabbed into the ground with Goonto’s Twin Blades.

At the same time, intense heat started to explode from underneath my feet. It shout out in all directions and covered my body as well.

‘Ow! It’s hot!’

It was worlds apart compared to the fire pillars created from the fire marbles. I would probably have been covered in burns if my fire affinity was any lower.

But the mountain of Zombie Rats was all taken care of thanks to the skill. My view that had been obstructed was now clear as well.

I did not have much time. The Zombie Rats will rush toward me again shortly.

More importantly, the Liche might run away in fear. If that happens, we will temporarily be safe but will consistently have to be on guard.

I needed to take care of him now.


I kicked off the ground and rushed toward the direction of the Liche.

The Liche was still in my view thanks to the Guardian Spirit. It was observing him at a distance.

The Liche became shocked and tried to run.

‘Can’t let you do that!’

I changed my direction a bit to aim about 10m to the left of the Liche.

Thanks to that, the Liche stopped and started to observe the situation.

I can instantly close in on a distance of 30 meters or less.

I could finally see the Liche. He hid behind a pillar, but it was not wide enough to cover him completely.

‘Caught you!’

I changed direction and rushed toward the Liche. At the same time, I stabbed Goonto’s Twin Blade toward the Liche.

There was still some distance between us, but I had many skills I could use.

[Lightning Spear!]


Lightning Spear is not an AOE skill but a magic skill that focuses on a single point.

Of course, I could make the skill attack three to four targets at once, but the strength of the skill will go down if I do that.

Right now, I was aiming the skill at the Liche.

That made it so that the full impact would be felt by the Liche. Furthermore, it was a very accurate skill. A strand of light flashed and shot toward the Liche.

At the same time, the Liche started to shake and let out a scream.


But it was not over yet. It would not do enough damage since my magic stat was not very high. Even a human like Demetri only fainted for a short duration of time.

A Liche was a monster with very high magic resistance. It was not an existence that would be killed with a single Lightning Spear.

However, it was enough to stun him for a moment. The Liche could only stand there and shake in fear until the lightning wore off.

The Zombie Rats nearby started to turn chaotic as well. They didn’t know how to act after the strong power that was guiding them suddenly disappeared.

I did not miss this moment. I rushed toward the Liche with everything I had.

However, the Liche showed extremely fast recovery skills. He started to move in less than 2 seconds after being hit by my Lightning Spear.

However, 2 seconds was plenty of time for me. I shortened our distance and stabbed the Liche’s neck.


I didn’t stop moving my blade.


You couldn’t kill a Liche like this. The form in front of me was just an image made with the Liche’s power of darkness.

The Liche’s real body is a heart that he would have hidden somewhere. I cannot kill the Liche completely unless I find that heart.

However, I could make him lose his strength. It required a lot of power to maintain this image. If I turn this image into a mess, it would take him a long time to recover his power of darkness.

That should give me enough time to defeat the boss monster and destroy the Demon Lord’s relic.

That is enough.

Drake’s TBSA slashed through the Liche’s body tens of times in just a few seconds, leaving the Liche’s body looking like minced meat.

The Zombie Rats that lost their commander started to run wild. Some of them continued to try to attack the Elves and High Elf, but they were just moving based on instinct. The majority of them ran away in all directions while some of them even started to attack each other.

The Stone Elves started to attack them fiercely noticing the situation. I also helped hunt the remaining Zombie Rats.

Thanks to our efforts, we were able to destroy the remaining Zombie Rats in less than 5 minutes.

The High Elf took a deep breath. It must have been hard on her.


“Are you okay?”

The High Elf gently smiled. However, her smile seemed weak.

“I am okay. Just a bit tired.”

She had used a mana shield that required a lot of mana for a long time even though her energy had not recovered. It would be weird if she wasn’t tired.

“Please take a seat here and relax.”

I pointed to a large rock to my side.

However, the High Elf did not sit down. Instead, she got up and bowed toward me.

“Thank you very much. I was able to stay alive thanks to you.”

The other Elves then approached me and bowed as well.

“Thank you very much.”

I guess it really was true about how the High Elves are the Chiefs of the Elf race.

I gently smiled at them.

“Let’s save the thank yous for after we destroy the Demon Lord’s relic together. We should have enough people to do it, right?”

The High Elf seemed to be energized once I started to talk about the Demon Lord’s relic. Her eyes started to sparkle as she nodded her head.

“We definitely have enough. The reason we could not proceed any farther was because of the Zombie Rats. We did not have a solution for them. However, we seemed to have found a way now.”

It was more like you earned reinforcements by the name of Kang Hwi Ram. The Zombie Rats’ attacks don’t work on me.

Either way, it meant that there was hope. Now we just needed to recover our strength and push forward.

The High Elf recovered very quickly. She seemed full of energy after about thirty minutes. She was the first to stand up.

“I am ready now.”

“There is no need to rush. We can move after you have rested enough.”

“I have rested enough.”

I had nothing to say since that was her response. However, I still made the group progress slowly to give her some extra time just in case.

However, the deeper parts of the Demon Cave were full of monsters. The monsters did not work with me to give the High Elf time to rest.

But the High Elf really was skilled. She was like an upgraded version of the genius magician, Shione.

She was better than Shione in all aspects: accuracy, speed, strength.

At the same time, she was not lacking in physical strength. She had to dodge monster attacks every so often and I could see that she moved much faster than the other Elves.

It was just that her magic skills were stronger than her physical strength, so she just focused on assisting me with her magic.

Thanks to that, I was able to run wild. Most attacks were blocked by the High Elf’s point mana shield, so I could rush into the middle of a pile of monsters and use Drake’s TBSA.

I moved so much that I was running out of breath after less than 30 minutes. But we were able to quickly clear the monsters in front of us.

The High Elf approached me with admiration.

“You are so amazing. How is such a quick sword art possible?”

“Haeph-nim, you are more amazing. I would not have been able to fight so freely if it was not for your point magic.”

The High Elf smiled brightly at me.

She’s driving me nuts. Everything is fine but the way she smiles at me is too dangerous. I’m having more trouble with Haeph’s smile than the monsters.

I quickly turned my gaze away and looked at our destination.

“How much longer do you think we need to go for the Demon Lord’s relic? It seems pretty close based on what the Dark Elf told me.”

Haeph looked in the same direction and looked a bit nervous.

“We are almost there. It is near.”

“How do you know? You said you have never come this far.”

“I can feel that the Demon Lord’s relic is about 3 km away.”

In that case, it really was right in front of us.

That must be the reason all of the monsters were stronger than before. The majority of them were level 400 and above.

We lost a lot of the Elves because of that.

We especially lost a lot of Stone Elves. I had close to 300 of them when we rescued Haeph, but now, there were barely a bit over 150.

The Elves went down from 100 to 90.

However, there was a bigger issue than the lost party members. We still didn’t know anything about the boss monster.

Even Haeph did not know the answer to that question.

We couldn’t make any plans because we didn’t know the enemy’s identity.

I wish Shione was here. One of her abilities was using divination to anticipate the boss monster.

In the end, the only option was to find out myself.

“Shall we go?”

I got up and spoke to the group.

However, we needed to stop after taking a few steps. It was because the boss monster made his presence known through a loud roar. It was so loud that we could hear it from 3 kms away.


At the same time, the entire Elf brigade stopped moving. Haeph’s expression was not good either. She looked toward me and started to mumble.

“My goodness! It is a Bone Dragon.”

I could tell as well.

I recalled hearing the Bone Dragon’s roar before. Furthermore, it was not just any type of roar. The Bone Dragon was using Dragon Fear.

It left such a strong impression that I would never forget it even though I only heard it a few times.

But why were they all so stiff? I would understand if they were Dwarves that had a strong fear of Dragons, but Elves were not known to have that type of fear.

I soon found out the reason after Haeph explained some more things to me.

“It is not a regular Bone Dragon.”

I started to get excited at the possibilities.

“Then what……?”

“A Bone Dragon’s Dragon Fear only has a range of approximately 1 km. Something like that would not affect the Elves. However, the Dragon Fear we heard is clearly different. In my opinion …… it seems to be a Golden Bone Dragon.”

‘Oh! A Golden Bone Dragon!’

I had been praying for him to appear. It was because the Shapir promised to add damage reflection to my armor if I take the blood from a Golden Bone Dragon’s heart.

They can also add a 100% magic increase on Goonto’s Twin Blades if I take them the blood of two different golden monsters.

This is a chance that may not come again. When else would I be able to see a Golden Bone Dragon?

Furthermore, I was with the best assistance possible. No matter how strong a human may be, they would not be as useful as a group of Elves, Stone Elves, and a High Elf.

I don’t think I’ll get a chance to go to a Demon Cave Clearing with a group like this ever again. I was probably the first person to go clear a Demon Cave with other races.

The most important thing was ……

‘A Golden Bone Dragon is probably similar to a Bone Dragon.’

It was probably just a bit stronger and faster.

But it should still have the same weakness. I had a good chance of success if I have Haeph supporting me as I go toward the monster.

The important thing was to give the Elves some confidence. It was not as bad as the Dwarves, but they were all extremely anxious right now after hearing ‘Golden Bone Dragon.’ This was same for the High Elf as well.

But I had a method to deal with this!

I made the title that I had been hiding become visible.

[Bone Dragon Slayer]

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