Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 139: The Demon Lord’s Relic (2)

The High Elf, as well as the rest of the Elves, all looked shocked.

“Omo! How……?”

“A human managed to hunt a Bone Dragon?”

“Is that …… even possible?”

It is not surprising that they find it to be impossible.

Honestly speaking, it is not impossible to defeat a Bone Dragon. If thousands of people were trained to work well together, humans could definitely hunt a Bone Dragon.

However, you cannot earn this title by doing something like that.

There is only one way to earn the ‘Bone Dragon Slayer’ title. You need to hunt a Bone Dragon on your own.

You can receive support magic and get some help, but you will not get the title if you do not play a pivotal role in defeating the Bone Dragon.

That is almost close to impossible for humans. Of course, the story changes if you know the Bone Dragon’s critical weakness.

Anyways, this should be enough to give the Elves some hope, right?

“I will hunt it down, but I need your help. It is definitely possible with your help.”

“What do you need from us?”

Success. The High Elf as well as the rest of the Elves had a different look in their eyes. All of them seemed ready to give it a go.

That was enough.

“Please gather around. I will give all of you a role.”


“Close it!”

I shouted while rushing between two Stone Elves. The Stone Elves moved their shields together to close the ‘door’ they created for me.

The herd of Hell Hounds that were rushing behind me rammed into the shields. There was a loud bang each time they rammed into the shields, making the Stone Elves move back little by little.

The strength of the Hell Hounds was scary.

However, the Stone Elves were still stronger. They were able to maintain their position with their feet firmly on the ground.


The Elves who were positioned behind the Stone Elves stabbed their spears between the Stone Elves at my command.

The Elves were not very strong, but they were talented in using Elemental Energy. They made the tips of their spears sharp with the Elemental Energy to cut through the Hell Hounds’ tough hides.


The Hell Hounds started to roar in pain. They were ramming into the Stone Elves with less strength too.

“Haeph! Horn Flute!”


It definitely had a different result with a High Elf using the flute. It may have something to do with her friendliness with the Fairies, but the monsters instantly became weaker as soon as they heard the noise.

“I’m going in! Cover me!”

I jumped on top of a Stone Elf’s shoulder and rushed back into the herd of Hell Hounds.

The Hell Hounds did not notice me because of Stealthy Approach until I got to the middle of the herd and started to swing Goonto’s Twin Blades.


One of the Hell Hounds swung a rusty Falchion to attack me.

However, I quickly dodged and continued to increase my combo, hunting the Hell Hounds one by one.

Haeph was using point magic to amplify my attacks.

Thanks to her help, I managed to kill all of them in less than 20 minutes.

“Huff. Huff. Huff.”

I didn’t notice it while I was moving, but my breathing was very rough. My heart was beating like crazy as well.

We had been at it for two hours. I would go lure a herd of monsters for us to kill before heading back to lure another herd of monsters.

But our efforts paid off as we managed to hunt most of the monsters in the hall. There should be less than 1,000 monsters left.

Maybe that was why, but we did not see any more monsters coming out even when we blew the Horn Flute of Darkness and had the Stone Elves banging on the ground.

We just continued to hear the Dragon Fear used by the Golden Bone Dragon every so often.


A Golden Bone Dragon’s Dragon Fear was different than the regular one. Even someone like me who could also use Dragon Fear felt a bit of fear.

It was worse for the Elves. They all plopped down on the ground every time Dragon Fear was used.

But they were much better than humans. They were able to get back up in about 30 seconds.

It was thanks to their ‘endurance’ stat.

Anyways, it was now time to go for the final battle.

We had plenty of time to rest. The Elves recover quickly so they just had to wait for me.

“Is everybody ready?”

The High Elf as well as the rest silently nodded their heads.

They were a smart race, so I was confident they did not forget about our strategy.

Furthermore, they are also a race that doesn’t have much fear. They will not give up their role because of fear.

“We will rush in 30 seconds after the next Dragon Fear.”

We only had about 5 minutes because a Golden Bone Dragon’s Dragon Fear only had a cool time of 5 minutes. We will have too much losses if we get hit by a Dragon Fear while we are in the hall.

The Elf Brigade knew about that as well. They all had looks of determination on their faces.

Our attack started a few minutes later.



The Elves dropped to the ground with another round of Dragon Fear.

However, they quickly got back up.

It was now time to go!


Haeph blew into the Horn Flute of Darkness as soon as I shouted.


That was our signal.

The Stone Elves took the vanguard position as we planned. The Elves followed behind them, with Haeph and I rushing in at the end.

Bang. Bang.

Clang clang clang-

The Stone Elves and the Elves banged their weapons against each other to draw the attention of the Golden Bone Dragon and the other monsters. While they did that, I used Stealthy Approach to move to the rear of the Golden Bone Dragon.

Haeph supported me from a distance, but I did not need it thanks to Stealthy Approach.

A few moments later, I successfully reached the bottom of the Golden Bone Dragon.

The Golden Bone Dragon finally seemed to have noticed me as it started to flail around.


It was roaring while flailing around to get away.

However, it did not give us any shock as it was not a Dragon Fear.

I was also much faster than the Golden Bone Dragon. I continued to increase my combo as I rushed toward the Golden Bone Dragon’s chest.


The Golden Bone Dragon suddenly dropped to the ground.

It felt like it was trying to squash me with its entire body. Thanks to that, the sound of the Golden Bone Dragon crashing to the ground echoed in the hall.


If that was the plan, it was a good one. I also got crushed.

However, I managed to survive thanks to my high agility. I quickly rushed in to a gap between the Golden Bone Dragon’s ribs to avoid getting killed.

All it managed to do was hurt itself. It crashed to the ground so hard that a couple of its ribs were cracked or broken.

However, that was only temporary. A Golden Bone Dragon’s recovery rate was at the level of a troll. I could see the broken ribs quickly healing.

The Golden Bone Dragon continued to crash to the ground. It seemed to know exactly where I was hiding as it moved its body around to try to crush me.

Boom! Boom!

‘This is getting dangerous!”

The broken ribs made me lose places to hide. The Golden Bone Dragon will get its wish and crush me if I stay in the same place for too long.

‘It’s all or nothing now!’

I used the moment the Golden Bone Dragon raised its body again to move to a new location.



Thankfully, I was a bit faster. I just barely managed to hide in a new gap.

I continued to use that method to move forward little by little.

After doing that a few more times, I could see the Golden Bone Dragon’s beating heart.

I rushed forward without any hesitation and stabbed the heart with Goonto’s Twin Blades.


A Dragon Fear shot out right after I did that!

However, it was too late. Blood started to pour out of the stabbed heart and the Dragon Fear quickly lost power.

I also heard a noise at the same time.

< Your level has increased.

You have hunted a Golden Bone Dragon on your own. You have earned the title of Golden Bone Dragon Slayer. Your fame has increased by 200. The title can be displayed or hidden based on the user’s will.

Your Dragon Fear’s effect has significantly increased.

You have gained a Dragon’s Eye.

You have gained the Demon Lord’s Relic. >

‘I did it!’

I was quite satisfied with the rewards. However, this was not the time to focus on that. I would probably never meet another Golden Bone Dragon.

I quickly took out a magic bag and started to gather the Golden Bone Dragon’s blood.

I only managed to gather a bag’s worth of blood again. It would be easy if it poured out like a faucet, but it was not easy to gather when it was spurting in all directions.

But I still managed to gather one bag.

I carefully tied the magic bag that was now full and put it back into my bag. However, I could not rest. There were still monsters to take care of in the hall.

I once again flung my body toward the monsters.

A similar phenomenon occurred like last time. The Golden Bone Dragon’s blood on my body made the monsters run away from me. They did not dare to come attack me.

I could not use this properly because Shione was with me last time, but it was different this time.

I continued to rush toward the monsters while turning left and right.

The monsters could not help but retreat as I did that.

‘Good! Move that way!’

The monsters continued to get pushed back to one location. It was the smallest corner of the hall.

“Surround them!”

The Elf Brigade finally seemed to have figured out my plan. The Stone Elves surrounded the monsters with their shields up while the Elves used their long spears to attack.

There were monsters that managed to get out of the barricade every so often, but the Elves quickly hunted those monsters down as well.

We were almost done dealing with the monsters in a few moments. The rest were cornered and unable to get out from the Stone Elves’ shield barricade.

At the same time, the effects of the Golden Bone Dragon’s blood disappeared as well. The monsters were no longer afraid of me.

However, I still had a card up my sleeve. This would give a slightly different type of fear than the Golden Bone Dragon’s blood.

[Dragon Fear!]


This was not a noise that was made with your mouth. It was a vibration of mana sent out from the body.

Of course, it was nothing like the Golden Bone Dragon’s Dragon Fear. My Dragon Fear was only at the beginner level.

But this was already strong enough.

The monsters that were rushing toward the Stone Elves with their fangs out all curled up in fear.

Some of the stronger monsters did not curl up, but their movements definitely slowed down. It was like they had stiffened up in fear.

They say that people need to relax when they work out. For example, golf requires a smooth swing instead of a powerful one to send the ball a far distance.

However, the monsters were all stiff now. They could not move properly anymore.

This was a chance that would not come again since my Dragon Fear had a cool time of 10 minutes.

I rushed in toward the monsters as soon as I used Dragon Fear. I used Drake’s TBSA and instantly raised my combo to over 50 hits to destroy the remaining monsters.

The Elves actually became more confident after hearing my Dragon Fear. This was because Dragon Fear had a different effect on enemies and allies.

It was like how the Golden Bone Dragon’s Dragon Fear made the Elves scared but raised the morale of the monsters.

That was the reaction the Elves had right now.


They set up teams to take down the monsters. The number of monsters quickly started to go down until we got rid of all of them.

The moment the last monster was killed by my blade, the Elves raised their arms in joy.

“We won!”

“The Demon Cave is cleared!”

The High Elf approached me and bowed.

“Thank you very much. Peace will return to Peria Mountain thanks to your help.”

“We are not done yet.”

“…Excuse me?’

The High Elf’s pretty eyes opened up even wider as if she was confused.

I opened my bag instead of responding and took out one of the rewards from hunting the Golden Bone Dragon.

The High Elf took a few steps back in shock.

“That is ……”

“Yes. It is the Demon Lord’s relic.”

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Proofreader: Borderline Lazy Boy

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