Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 140: I’ve Always Been A Bit Special (1)

The shape looked the same as a Spirit of an Elemental, however, the color was different. This was a black jewel. I would have thought it was a Spirit of an Elemental if it was red.

The aura it gave off was completely different as well. It felt so evil that just holding it in my hand made me want to frown.

It was probably even worse for a High Elf like Haeph, a race that were known for their purity. She kept her distance, as if she feared coming near me.

“But why have you not destroyed it yet?”
“I would like to, but I do not know how.”
“Wouldn’t it break if you slam it down on the ground?”

I had already tried that. I tried to destroy it as soon as I got it.

But it had no effect.

I didn’t want to explain it, so I demonstrated for her.

“Like this?”

I threw the Demon Lord’s Relic as hard as I could toward one of the walls. However, it did not even leave a scratch.

“Or like this?”

This time, I put the relic down on the ground and smashed at it with a large boulder. I made sure to get the largest and strongest boulder to demonstrate.

However, the boulder just ended up breaking in half while the relic was still flawless.

Haeph finally nodded her head.

“It really is not a normal item. Then please take it to Peri Mountain. The fairy-nim will be able to teach you how to destroy it if you take it there.”

‘Oh! Fairy! Can I finally meet with a fairy?’

“I will do as you said.”

A normal Demon Cave would have created a portal for us to leave once we defeated the Boss Monster.

However, that was not the case with this one.
Of course, I would have gone back the way I came, even if a portal had opened, since I had someone to pick up on the way.

The Dark Elf Rohas.

My second monster slave and the one I plan to put to good use for a while.

I quickly started to leave the Demon Cave with the Elf Brigade.

We ran into some monsters on our way back, but they were not even strong enough for a warm-up exercise. We moved about three or four times faster than we had when entering the Demon Cave.

I could finally see the Dark Elf Rohas after walking for a while.

Rohas was still imprisoned the way I had left him. He was just sitting there like a statue with his eyes moving around.

I took out the orb of natural power.

It was almost completely transparent now, such that I questioned whether I would even be able to release Rohas.

But thankfully, it still had some power left. The seal was removed once I touched Rohas’s body with the orb.


It must have been difficult, as Rohas let out a deep sigh as soon as the seal was removed.

“Stop your whining. Let’s go.”

The Elves and Stone Elves headed their own way once we returned to Peria Mountain. Only the High Elf Haeph remained by my side to guide me higher up the mountain.

The Dark Elf Rohas was calmer than I expected. I thought he might try to make a run for it, but he didn’t seem like he intended to do that.

There was not much change to his loyalty either. In fact, it went up by a bit even though I didn’t do anything.

It seemed like he started to accept that he was now my slave.

The three of us walked together for a while.

Our destination was the supposed location of the fairy. The thought of finally being able to personally meet the Fairy made my heart start to beat faster.

‘But I wonder how much farther we have to walk.’

Did she read my mind? Haeph suddenly stopped walking.

“It is right here.”

‘Wow! There’s a lake this high up the mountain?’

It reminded me of Heaven Lake on Mt. Baekdu. It was a large lake located on top of the mountain peak.

It looked to be very deep as the water was clear, but I could not see the bottom.

“What a beautiful place.”

“It is the Fairy-nim’s residence. Please put the Demon Lord’s Relic on the altar over there.”

I could see a pile of rocks to the side. It looked more like a rock tower than an altar, however, that was the only thing here that could be considered an altar.

I walked over and placed the relic on the pile of rocks.

‘Will the Fairy appear now?’

However, the Fairy did not show up. Instead, I could hear a voice in my head.

<You have completed the Peria Mountain’s Demon Cave Clearing Quest. Your friendliness with the fairies has increased by 500.>

The reward was excellent. My jewel alchemy should have increased by another level with this reward.
But that was not the end.

<You have received the Fairy’s Quest.
The only item that can destroy the Demon Lord’s Relic is the Fairy’s Orb. Please recover the Fairy’s Orb that was lost in the Southern District.
You will be given command over High Elves should you succeed.>

‘Huh? That’s it? The Fairy didn’t even show up?’

I was a bit disappointed.

However, something that I just heard was enough for me to get over my disappointment.

‘Command over High Elves!’

It meant that I would be able to make a High Elf my subordinate.

I’ve already confirmed the abilities of a High Elf inside the Demon Cave.

Their physical strength was not very high. Although they were much stronger than Elves, it did not seem enough to be reach the level of the Chief of the Elves.

However, their support magic was amazing. It was impossible to compare it to the abilities of a human.

Even the magic genius Shione would be an ant in front of a High Elf. Shione at level 600 would not even be half as competent as a High Elf.

That was how great a High Elf’s support magic was.

That wasn’t it either.

The High Elf was the leader of the Elves. An Elf Brigade was bound to follow behind a High Elf.

That would give me a strong army that would be as strong as thousands of human soldiers.

Furthermore, this quest was related to the Southern District.

I was planning on heading to the Southern District anyways. I just need to catch another Golden monster first but now that was done.

But that’s that.

There was something I needed to ask since I was meeting with a Fairy. Although I could not see them, I knew they were around here somewhere.

“Fairy-nim, may I ask for a favor?”

But would she answer my request? Would I be the only one that can go?

<Please speak.>

Thankfully, I heard the Fairy’s response.

I quickly stated what was on my mind.

“I have human companions who wish to climb Peria Mountain. They wish to use the Altar of the Sun to learn how to use Spirit Energy. Could you allow them to enter?”

<Only Fairies are allowed to enter into Peria Mountain. However, if you are trying to get to the Altar of the Sun, I am able to allow the humans to enter as part of a quest.>

I was relieved. The fact that the possibility was still there was important.

“Thank you very much. But what quest would I need to complete?”

<You must gather the Stone Elves’ souls. Anybody you share the quest with will be able to enter Peria Mountain, but it will be limited to the number of Stone Elves’ souls that you are able to acquire.>

‘The Stone Elves’ souls?’

I still did not know how to gather those. However, I should be able to figure that out easily because I have the Royal Roader draft plan.

“Thank you very much. I will gather a lot of the Stone Elves’ souls.”

<I wish you luck.>

I left the Demon Lord’s Relic on the altar and backed away.

The High Elf was waiting for me with a bright expression. She was already extremely beautiful but seeing her smiling so brightly made it feel like I was being purified.

I almost wanted to just blankly stare at her face for a while.

My heart jumped thinking about how this beautiful race could be my subordinate once I complete this Fairy’s Quest.

However, I needed to focus. I could not forget my reason for coming to Peria Mountain.

I still have not accomplished that goal yet.

It was because I still did not manage to approach the Altar of the Sun. I could not get through the demonic aura around the altar even with the Demon Lord’s Relic in my hand.

But it should be different now.

“Haeph-nim. Do you think we can approach the Altar of the Sun now?”

“The Demon Lord’s Relic will be sealed by the Fairy’s power for a while. The demonic aura around the Altar of the Sun should be gone as well.”

“Then I wish to head there right away.”

“I will guide you there.”

I followed Haeph toward the Altar of the Sun.

Everything was fine as Haeph mentioned. The invisible force that was pushing me away was no longer there.

The two of us got close to the Altar of the Sun.

Once we got there, I noticed a string of words that I could read.

[Only the permitted can climb the altar.]

“Whose permission do we need to get?”
“You’ll find out once you go up.”

Haeph pushed me forward instead of answering my question.
I assumed she knew what she was doing.

I cautiously climbed up the altar.
This Altar of the Sun reminded me of the Incan pyramids. It was a square pyramid base with a stone staircase at the center.

There was an altar for rituals at the top.

I slowly climbed the stairs one by one.

There was no resistance. Nothing stopped me until I made it to the top.

I heard a voice in my head once I approached the altar at the top of the pyramid.

<You who have received the permission of the Elemental Lord. Kneel in front of the altar.>

I guess you needed the Elemental Lord’s permission.

Then there was just one question left.

Some of the Church of the Sun believers were using Spirit Energy. Based on how the Demon Cave was connected to the Altar of the Sun, I would guess they earned their power from the altar.

But how was that possible? There was no way the Elemental Lord would have given them permission to approach the Altar of the Sun.

But that was not very important. What was important was that they were able to use Spirit Energy.

Anyways, I kneeled as the voice indicated.

<The protection of the Elemental Lord will be with you.>

‘Huh? That’s it?’

I thought there would be some big changes because I was getting access to a strong power, but there wasn’t anything other than that one line.

I waited for a moment just in case, but nothing happened.

I needed to verify it worked.

‘Status window open!’

[Kang Hwi Ram, Level 359]
Dexterity: Advanced level 7, 67%
Strength: 340
Agility: 1,561
Stamina: 96
Intuition: 126
Magic: 180
Vitality: 39
Mana: 728
HP: 766
Endurance: 33
Reinforced Toughness: 150
Guard Point: 2,516
Intelli Point: 2,429
Spirit Energy: 300

*Available Points: 40

‘Oh! There was a change!’

I didn’t need to see anything else. The only thing I could earn from the Altar of the Sun was Spirit Energy.

That definitely changed.

My basic Spirit Energy was at 50 and only went up to a maximum of 124 when I hunted the believers of the Church of the Sun.

But now it was at 300.

This was probably the base level. It would go up if I hunted monsters.

I wonder what the maximum value was.

Logically speaking, since the base went up to six times the original, the maximum probably went up about the same to a bit over 700.

But I would not know until I tried it out.

Anyways, I finally completed my original reason for coming to Peria Mountain. Now it was time to go back to the Shapir and have them reinforce my equipment.

That shouldn’t take too long.

I climbed back down to see Haeph smiling as widely as I was.

She really was beautiful. I could not get used to it even though we’ve spent a lot of time together already.

She reached her hand out to me as I continued to enjoy her beauty. Her flawless hand seemed to be holding something.
“What is this?”
“Many Elves were saved thanks to you, Kang Hwi Ram-nim. This is a reward for your help.”

A reward from the High Elf. I was wondering what it could be.

Haeph put some small red jewels in my hand.

The information appeared as soon as the jewels landed in my hand.

[Stone Elf’s Soul]

You may summon a Stone Elf’s Soul and turn a nearby rock or boulder into a Stone Elf.

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Proofreader: Borderline Half Awake

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