Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 141: I’ve Always Been A Bit Special (2)

‘A Stone Elf’s Soul!’

I had already verified the strength of a Stone Elf in the Demon Cave. It isn’t the strongest out there, but they were quite useful depending on the situation.

They will be able to help me a lot if I use them properly.

I had twelve of these Stone Elf’s Souls.

It reminded me of the Fairy’s Quest. They would allow people into Peria Mountain based on the number of Stone Elf’s Souls in my possession.

I already had twelve of them.

And I’m sure this was just the beginning. As long as I figure out how to gather more Stone Elf’s Souls by looking through the draft plan, I should be able to get hundreds or even thousands of Stone Elf’s Souls.

I had a feeling that my future was bright.

“Thank you very much.”

“No, we should be the one to thank you. Kang Hwi Ram-nim, we will remember you forever.”

She talks like we’re never going to meet again. She doesn’t seem to know the contents of the Fairy’s Quest.

Not like she has a reason to know. Once I complete the Fairy’s Quest, this High Elf will have to be my subordinate whether she wants to or not.

By that point, she’ll get tired of seeing my face. I’ll let her enjoy her freedom until then.

“Then I will be on my way now. Rohas, let’s go.”

No response. He doesn’t know that a slave should respond ‘Yes, master!’ when his master gives him a command.

Is it because he is a Dark Elf? Acting all pompous like that. It feels like he’s trying to seem cooler than me, his master.

I’ll need to beat him up when I get to chance to teach him how to act properly.

Oolbat, the city of the Shapir.

I thought that the Shapir would be an amazing race, but I was filled with disappointment after meeting them once. They may be talented in magic, but they all act like kids.

It was that way when I showed them the Herb of Immortality, and even worse when I showed them the Golden Monsters’ blood this time.

“My goodness.”

“Is this really a Golden Bone Dragon’s blood?”

All of their jaws had dropped. They seemed to have never expected me to acquire the Golden Bone Dragon’s blood.

No, based on their reactions, I don’t think they’ve ever seen a Golden Bone Dragon’s blood before.

“Wow, to get to see a Golden Bone Dragon’s blood with my own eyes.”

“I heard you would be lucky to see it once in your lifetime.”

I guess I was right. They had never seen a Golden Bone Dragon’s blood before.

Hold on, then how will this work? I’m suddenly feeling uncertain about all of this.

“You said you’ll be able to add damage reflection magic on my armor if I brought back some Golden Bone Dragon blood. You’re certain about that, right?”

“Excuse me? Ah, of course. Please don’t worry about that.”

How could I not worry? How could people who’ve never even seen Golden Bone Dragon blood use it properly?

However, there was nothing I could do other than trust the Shapir.

“My armor is a set of five pieces. Is this one bag enough to add the magic to all of it?”

“It is enough.”

I was relieved to hear that. Now all that was left was to wait.

“Then please take good care of it.”

“We will return it to you as quickly as possible. Please get some rest while you wait.”

The Shapir provided the best possible lodging for me. They were nice to Rohas as well, which was surprising, because even though he is my slave, he is still a Dark Elf.

They treated me even better than when I had given them the Herbs of Immortality. That must be how precious Golden Bone Dragon blood was to them.

It made sense, since I never got to hunt a Golden Bone Dragon when I played the game. No, in fact, there were no users who managed to hunt a Golden Bone Dragon.

I saw some posts about how people ran into a Golden Bone Dragon, but everybody failed the hunt. All the posts talked about was how they died so many times that their levels dropped significantly.

That was how precious this ingredient was.


“Hooray! Success!”

I subconsciously raised my arms in the air and cheered.

[Jewel of Luck: Luck Index 22]

This was the highest luck index I ever received from using Jewel Alchemy to combine jewels.

But this was not the only one. I combined jewels twelve times in a row and all of them had luck indexes higher than 20.

Jewels of Luck with luck indexes higher than 10 were considered to be very high. So, it would not be an exaggeration to say this was the highest luck index ever.

Of course, getting a Luck Index of 30 will probably be possible once my skill proficiency goes up.

But that was not why I was so happy. The important thing was the reason that such amazing combinations were possible.

[Jewel Alchemy: Advanced Level 1, 0%]

My Jewel Alchemy finally reached the advanced level.

The difference between intermediate and advanced was like the difference between Heaven and Earth. Although intermediate level 9, 99% and advanced level 1, 0% only had a one percent difference numerically, the effects at the advanced level was at least three or four times greater than the intermediate.

That was why it meant a lot that the proficiency reached the advanced level.

First of all, I was able to fortify my equipment an extra time, which meant I could upgrade my weapons and armor another level, to the point that I could reach the point of being One with the Sword.

I wonder how it feels to be One with the Sword!

It naturally did not feel any different in the game. You just received a special skill or an increase in your damage. It was just numerical benefits once you reached the level of One with the Sword.

However, this was now reality. I would be able to feel it with my body.

Just thinking about it was making my heart beat faster.

But this was not the time to try it. My concentration was gone after doing twelve jewel combinations in a row. I need to get plenty of rest before I try it out.

Knock. Knock.

I heard a knock on the door while I was celebrating.

It was the Shapir.

“We have finished the alterations. Please follow me.”

The process of adding magic to my equipment took longer than I expected. It only took a day last time, but they took three days this time.

But thanks to that, I was able to raise my Jewel Alchemy level and chat with the Dark Elf, Rohas.

I called Rohas over from his room next door and headed to the Shapir workstation.

A Shapir magician handed me my sword and armor as soon as I got there. Unfortunately, only one of my swords were able to be upgraded.

[Goonto’s Twin Blades +1 Fortification: Personalized for Kang Hwi Ram]

This cutlass was made by Goonto, the current greatest blacksmith in the world. Two

blades were created as a pair.

Durability: 273/273

Attack strength: 119

Attack speed: 80

Restrictions: Strength 138, Agility 790, Level 273

*Attack strength is increased by 15% when used by Kang Hwi Ram

*30% chance of adding 230 lightning damage

*11% chance of causing Stun

*Increase basic Magic Level by 100%

*Special Skill: Nullify 30% of Enemy Defense (Use 50 MP)

[Shadow Fox’s Leather Armor Set]

Armor, pants, gloves, boots, and helmet make the set.

Made with the Shadow Fox’s hide, as well as the Golden Alligator hide and Midnight Black scales.

Durability: 260/260

Defense: 136

Restriction: Level 300

*Agility +41, Strength +12

*Magic Resistance +98

*Reinforced Toughness +50

*52% chance of reflecting 31% of Damage

*Special ability: Stealthy Approach S-Rank, Evasion S-Rank, Stamina Reduction 20% Decrease, Damage Absorption 21%

*Special skill: Dark Force (Cool time 1 hour)

Damn! I was a bit disappointed. I thought I would get other abilities, or the basic abilities would increase by a bit, but there was no change. All it did was add the magic increase and damage reflection magic.

I guess they would have added any other abilities the first go around if it was possible. Especially since I was dangling the Herbs of Immortality in front of them.

Either way, this was satisfactory.

If I fortify them once more using Jewels of Fortification, the effects will increase again.

“This is satisfactory. Thank you very much.”

“Kang Hwi Ram-nim, you are welcome here any time. But may I ask you a question?”

I doubt there are any other humans that the Shapir are so respectful to. Even the Emperor of the Ameri Kingdom probably does not get this level of respect.

“Of course.”

“How did you gather the Golden Bone Dragon’s blood? That is such a unique item that is difficult to find.”

To be honest, I was just lucky. I didn’t know Peria Mountain had such a Demon Cave or that a Golden Bone Dragon would be inside.

But I could not tell the Shapir about what happened in the Peria Mountain.

“That is an occupational secret.”

“Ah, I see. Kang Hwi Ram-nim really seems to be a special human. May we make a request?”

Is it a quest? I’m sure a Shapir quest would give a hefty reward.

“What is it?”

“Please gather one more bag of Golden Bone Dragon blood. Then we will add more magic to Kang Hwi Ram-nim’s weapon and armor.”

What? That’s it?

It was not that tempting of a reward.

But I had no reason to say no. It wasn’t as if there was a time limit or I absolutely needed to do it.

“I understand. I will hunt another one if the opportunity arises.”

I left Oolbat with Rohas.

Rohas was still quiet. He didn’t seem to be curious about where I was going as he didn’t ask any question.

I left Oolbat and immediately headed to Huksen.

My goal was the Demon Cave Clearing.

Of course, the map was finished. However, I needed to do a clear a few more Demon Caves to trick the Ameri Kingdom. That was the only way for me to get the right timing to announce that the map was completed.

My level was not satisfactory yet either.

My next destination was the Southern District. I would also need to fight against the Jeppi as soon as I get back.

I would be able to have easy battles only if my level was over 400.

“Oh! Kang Hwi Ram-nim! Welcome back! ……Hmm?”

The bishop rushed out after hearing that I had returned.

But he became shocked after seeing Rohas who was standing behind me. Although Dark Elves were called Elves, they were actually monsters.

Humans only saw them as monsters and not Elves as well.

Of course, different situations change things. Like right now.

“There is no need to be shocked. He is my slave.”

“Ehhh? A Dark Elf ……as a slave……!”

The bishop’s eyes turned wide.

Dark Elves were at least level 500. You needed overwhelming strength to take such a monster as your slave.

Even then, it was not easy to take a monster as a slave.

The fact that someone like me who was barely around level 300 when I left was able to make a Dark Elf over level 500 my slave was definitely shocking.

But he had to believe me since Rohas did not react negatively when I said that he was my slave.

“Did you complete the map?”

I asked, pretending not to know, even though I knew what the answer would be.

The bishop’s expression turned grim.

“To be honest with you, we have not been able to enter any Demon Caves while you were gone.”

“Ehh? Why not?”

“Priestess Shione was against it. She said the chance of failure was too high without Kang Hwi Ram-nim. IT was also difficult to gather members who would want to go in. We’re really glad to see that you are back.”

The bishop’s expression brightened up again. He seemed certain that they could start again now that I was back.

But you can’t decide things like that on your own. Did he forget what I said when I left last time?

Let’s remind him.

“Then did you think about it?”

“Think about what……?”

“The reward for the Demon Cave Clearing. I recall saying that I would participate until the map was completed if you would put a Unicorn’s Horn Flute as the reward.”


They still did not make a decision? Why is it so hard when you’ll agree in the end?

“Then I guess I came for no reason. I stopped by to check but I guess I really shouldn’t have come back. Then I must be on my way now……”

I turned around without any hesitation.

This scared the bishop and he quickly shouted out.

“However, we will give a reward that is similar in value.”

I guess a Unicorn’s Horn Flute really was not possible.

To be honest, I had no plans on stopping these Demon Cave clearings. We completed our goal already, but now I had a new goal.

I needed to be at least level 400 to clear the Southern District. And the place to raise my level the fastest was the Demon Caves.

Furthermore, I needed to go back into the Demon Caves to give Shione the excuse for when the map was completed.

I guess I can give in a bit at this point.

I turned around like I was curious.

The bishop looked like he was about to cry. IT was because he knew that they would not be able to continue if I just left like this.

His voice was a bit shaky as well.

“I asked the headquarters multiple times, but they continued to say that they could not give out a Unicorn’s Horn Flute as a reward. They do not have many of them left.”

I guess they really don’t have a choice.

“Then what is the reward of equivalent value?”

“We will give you a Blessings Quest. Don’t you already have a lot of Intelli points? You’ll be able to use it as bonus stats if you complete the quest.”


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