Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 143: I’ve Always Been A Bit Special (4)

I then proceeded to fortify the Shadow Fox’s Leather Armor Set.

Since it was a set of five items, I needed to fortify each of them separately.

[Shadow Fox’s Leather Armor Set +2 Fortification]

Armor, pants, gloves, boots, and a helmet make the set.

Made with the Shadow Fox’s hide, as well as the Golden Alligator hide and Midnight Black scales.

Durability: 288/288

Defense: 156

Restriction: Level 324

*Agility +41, Strength +12

*Magic Resistance +132

*Reinforced Toughness +50

*52% chance of reflecting 31% of Damage

*Special ability: Stealthy Approach S-Rank, Evasion S-Rank, Stamina Reduction 20% Decrease, Damage Absorption 29%

*Special skill: Dark Force (Cool time 1 hour)

The armor didn’t change that much either. The basic defense, magic resistance, and damage absorption went up by a bit, but there were no changes to damage reflection nor reinforced toughness. I was hoping for those.

But I shouldn’t be too disappointed since I had expected it to be like this. Jewels of Fortification have restrictions to what they can improve.

Now it was time to allocate the extra stat points I had left. I had left about 40 stat points behind because Goonto’s Twin Blades could have required a much higher strength requirement with the fortification.

My current strength was at 340. In order to use Combo (Under 40%) with a weapon that has a strength restriction of 144, I needed to have over 360 points in strength.

‘I just need to put 21 into strength.’

I put 21 points into strength and put the rest into agility.

Two days later.

The bishop gave me the quest in front of the Demon Cave. The quest was given to all of the members of the Demon Cave Clearing Squad.

I could not help but be shocked.

‘Only the greatest contributor for the duration of the Demon Cave Clearing will be given Athena’s blessing?’

Even Shione was shocked at the details.

I didn’t expect for the Blessings Quest to be this easy. Even the Ares Temple, that had no problem giving me a Blessings Quest, was still having me clear the, ‘Southern District Quest,’ in order to complete it.

But the Athena Temple that had been so stingy with the Blessings Quest would give it to the greatest contributor in the Demon Cave Clearing Squad?

This was pretty much giving it out for free while saying, ‘here’s a blessing for you.’

I guess the Temple had no choice but to do so. They can’t proceed with the Demon Cave Clearing without me and doing this will make me have to stay until we finished everything so that I can be the greatest contributor.

I happily accepted the quest and headed toward the Demon Cave.

Shione soon walked up next to me and quietly asked.

“What happened?”

“What do you mean?”

“I have never seen the Athena Temple give a Blessings Quest to an outsider. That is restricted, even at the headquarters level.”

I guess the bishop did not tell Shione anything about the Blessings Quest.

It would be a long story if I was to explain.

Well, we’ll have plenty of time to chat once we are inside the Demon Cave. I’ll tell her then.

I’ll just give her a short answer for now.

“I’ve always been a bit special. Shall we go in?”

“…… Of course.”

I took the lead, with Shione and the others jumping into the Demon Cave behind me.

‘Please let it be another Golden Bone Dragon.’

* * *

“Hey Lutz, did you hear about it?”

“Hear about what?”

“The Golden Dragon PGA Cup that is taking place in Korea. Apparently, there is a super rookie among the monkeys participating.”

Lutz started to frown. He had no issues with Robert other than his racist mindset.

Robert hated all Asians, especially Koreans.

He hated Koreans for most of his life, however, it became even worse after seeing the Korean women succeeding in the LPGA these past few years.

“Is he Korean?”

“I think so. Damn cockroach bastards.”

Why are you participating in the Golden Dragon Cup if you hate Korea so much?”

“It still has the title of being the largest PGA tournament. I can’t let such mutts win such a competition.”

That was true. That was the reason Lutz was participating in this Golden Dragon PGA Cup as well.

Furthermore, it was a competition with the special title of Royal Road. The chance to earn that title was bringing golfers from all over the world to the Golden Dragon Cup.

How could Lutz, who was known as one of the four horsemen of the PGA, not participate in such a tournament?

“Did you say that monkey’s name was Kang? Anyways, he seems to be quite talented. He always records less than 60 strokes. The last tournament he had a 26 under par for a 36 hole and averaged 25 under par for another competition as well.

Lutz’s eyes opened wide. It was difficult to get 10 under par, even on an easy course. The PGA all-time record was 14 under par on an 18 hole.

But this guy was averaging 51 under par for 72 holes? That meant that he averaged greater than 10 under par every time.

“I’ll need to stay focused. Otherwise, I might end up being embarrassed by a monkey.”

Something like that really could happen.

However, the chances of something like that happening were low, especially since two of the PGA’s four horsemen were participating in this competition.

‘But I’m curious as to what kind of person this Kang is.’

* * *

Jejudo Masters Golf Course.

I finished my preparation and then looked through the body mirror to look at my full body.

It really was cool. Not me, but the uniform that I was wearing.

It was a uniform specially designed by Kim Soo Jung, who may become a world-renowned designer in the future.

Han Sul Yi was looking at herself while standing next to me as well.

Kim Soo Jung also designed Han Sul Yi’s caddie uniform. The dandelion design was naturally on both of them.

It was the perfect couples look together.

Maybe that was why, but rather than a golfer and his caddie, we looked like a pair of lovers.

“You look more handsome than usual today.”

“Miss Sul Yi, you are the one looking extremely beautiful today.”

“Hoho, thank you. Your cap seems to be a bit twisted.”

Han Sul Yi came over and fixed my cap.

The Golden Dragon Group logo was still on my cap.

Of course, that will change soon since my own company has been created.

The Stepping Stones Co. Ltd.

I decided on this name after debating it for quite a while as it was most representative of what I planned to do.

It was not known publicly just yet, but it will soon be revealed. The moment that it is revealed that I am the creator of the Dandelion School, Stepping Stones Co. will be revealed as well.

“Then shall we go?”


The two of us left the lounge together.

Fall was quickly approaching, with not a single cloud in the sky and the leaves slowly changing colors.

It was the perfect conditions to play some golf.

The only issue would be that the wind was blowing pretty strongly, but if you consider the fact that we are in Jejudo, it was not that bad.

Han Sul Yi was taking good care of me today. She kept brushing my shoulder in order to brush away dust that doesn’t even seem to be there.

“No need to be nervous. Just do what you have always done.”

But the funny thing was that her expression seemed to be stiffer than mine.

“Miss Sul Yi, you seem to be more nervous than I am.”

“Omo, really? Hoho. To be honest with you, it’s been a while since I last served as a caddie. I’ve also never caddied for a male player before. This is also the largest competition that I’ve ever attended as well.”

But she still seemed extremely nervous. She was much more nervous than me, the player.

Then why did she agree to be my caddie?

But she was still reliable. My biggest weakness is reading the green to putt, but Han Sul Yi was known as the best in the country when it came to reading the green.

We also worked well together.

I would have probably asked her myself if she didn’t offer.

After waiting for a while, the rounding finally started.

“Anyways, please take good care of me today.”

“I don’t know if I can be of much help, but fighting!” (TL: Fighting is a Korean way of hyping up before an event.)

We high-fived each other.

Many famed golfers were participating in this Golden Dragon Cup competition. Two of them, Lutz and Robert, are so skilled that they are known as part of the PGA’s four horsemen.

There’s a lot of focus on me because I continue to break all sorts of records, but it is still nowhere near the level of Lutz or Robert’s popularity.

That was why the focus was on Squad 1 with Robert and Lutz and not as much attention was given to my Squad 17.

However, things changed after about 30 minutes once I completed the fourth hole. No matter how popular Robert or Lutz may be, the person in first place was bound to get the attention.

* * *

“If it was me, I would not be greedy and safely cut. The spot behind the green is too short.”

Han Sul Yi couldn’t hide the concern in her eyes.

She didn’t have a very positive attitude.

To be honest, one of the caddie’s most important roles was to calm the player. They needed to tell the player things like, ‘you can do it,’ even in a difficult situation.

But for her to say such ominous things…

It was understandable. Han Sul Yi was not just a caddie, she was also one of my strongest fans.

But it looks like I need to show her my skills at least once.

“Miss Sul Yi.”


“I will listen to your advice on the green. Please refrain from giving me any advice when I have a driver or iron in my hand.”

“Ah, I’m sorry.”

Han Sul Yi seemed to have realized her mistake as she quickly stepped back.

I then got into my address.

Starting from hole 10, the course was extremely long until hole 13. It was impossible to land an on-green from a tee shot, so I had to safely cut across.

However, it was much more doable starting from hole 14. It was especially the case with this hole 14. There was a tailwind as well, so hitting it around 350m would put the ball close to the cup.

Of course, the fact that the back of the green was short made it possible to get an OB.

However, I was not too worried. My 350m Driver skill was at Intermediate level 9. It was very accurate.

I carefully calculated the direction.

[Driver 350 skill: Intermediate Level 9, 17%]


I could not lift my head until the swing was completed as that was how I set the skill.

I finally turned to look after the swing was completed.

It felt great when I hit the ball, so I knew that the ball flew out properly.

The question was how close it would end up by the hole cup.

A moment later, the cheering from the gallery let me know the results.

“Wow, it went on!”

“It seems to be within 3 meters. An eagle seems to be possible.”

“The Kang Hwi Ram show has finally started!”

Yes, the Kang Hwi Ram show.

I don’t know who said that, but it was nice to hear. I will show them a proper show from here on.

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