Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 145: Kang Hwi Ram Show (2)

Just listening to them made me laugh. I thought I showed just who I was in this past year, but they still did not seem to know me well.

Then I should make it very clear this time.

I could not be satisfied with the lowest score. I will make a new record for the lowest score ever.

However, the course really was difficult like the broadcasters were saying. You needed to hit at least 330m to aim for a two-on, but the fairway was as narrow as an ant’s waist from there. Furthermore, there was a large hill as well, making the entire distance at least 560 meters.

However, I was confident. It was because there was a spot you could aim for. That area was narrow as well, but it was possible as long as I used a driver skill with high accuracy.

Furthermore, the Jewel of Luck was still in effect.

I was the owner of this hole as well.

I walked up to the tee box and swung the driver around for some practice swings.

The gallery started to notice my actions.

“Oh! That swing form means he’s aiming for a long-distance shot.”

“You’re right. I remember he hit over 370 meters every time he used that swing form.”

The gallery seemed to be decently skilled at golf. They were able to tell my intentions by looking at only my practice swings.

But I guess it is easy to notice. There was a significant difference between my regular swing and my 370 meter long distance swing. My body was straight for my regular swing while my long-distance swing had my body leaning to the right a bit as if I was playing baseball.

Now shall I finish this show-time?

I finished my practice swings and finished my address.

* * *

Lutz could not believe it.

‘He is a monster.’

Distance, accuracy, putting, and even stability, almost all aspects of his golfing were close to perfect.

He recalled what Robert had told him.

[Apparently, he’s always hitting under 60 strokes. He recorded a 26 under-par for 36 holes last competition and had 25 under-par in the competition before that.]

It meant that he was not doing so well right now because he was lucky. Kang Hwi Ram showed this level of skill in every competition he participated in.

It gave him the chills. This could even be the moment that the greatest golfer in history was born.

Not only that, but this guy was also handsome.

He seemed to be the perfect person to become a star.

He also had guts.

A par at this hole would let him tie for the lowest score but he was aiming for something even bigger.

In a difficult course like this.

‘I guess he doesn’t know the definition of fear.’

That was what Lutz was most envious about. It was something that he did not have.

The reason Lutz was able to succeed in the PGA was because he limited unnecessary risks. He always chose the safest route, even if it meant that he would end up adding an extra stroke to his score.

Thanks to that, he was able to put his name in the upper ranks of the PGA but he did not have any outstanding scores. He was always either second or third.

That was why he had a bit of a complex about his lack of an adventurous mentality.

It was no wonder that Kang Hwi Ram would seem wonderful to him. It was to the point that his thoughts about suppressing and stepping all over Kang Hwi Ram were starting to melt away like snow.

No, those thoughts had already melted away a long time ago. It was because, after these two days, Kang Hwi Ram had an overwhelming lead at 23 under par.

In comparison, he had a total of 12 under par. Although there were still two rounds left, the atmosphere made it almost impossible to flip the script.

This was also the case for Robert who was in second place. He had done pretty well in the second squad today but he was still at only 14 under par. That was a great score on its own, but Kang Hwi Ram’s score was so overwhelming that even 14 under-par seemed terrible.

That momentum would only continue from here. The PGA might even end up becoming Kang Hwi Ram’s world.

He started to get greedy once his thoughts reached that point.

‘I want to have Kang Hwi Ram.’

There were many ways for someone to gain fame. You could make a name for yourself with your own abilities or you could do so by taking such talented individuals as your disciple.

Kang Hwi Ram’s teacher.

That title might end up becoming a more popular title than his current title as one of the, ‘Four Horsemen.’

‘Yes. Let us fly together. I will become your teacher and open up your path to the PGA for you.’

This shot would determine everything. If Kang Hwi Ram was able to record at least a birdie in this hole, he’ll be able to earn a teacher named Lutz.

‘Please do well. Do it for your future. And do it for me.’

Lutz watched Kang Hwi Ram’s shot with a gaze that was full of anticipation.

Kang Hwi Ram stepped up and swung his driver.


A clear noise.

At the same time, the gallery cheered as if they already knew the results.


Lutz could anticipate the results as well. It was landing exactly at the fairway 370 meters away where it was slowly getting wider.

Lutz could not close his mouth.

‘Unbelievable! That means he was aiming for that spot. He was able to accurately determine the direction and distance for that far away spot? He really is a monster.’

* * *

“Wow! That was so cool.”

Han Sul Yi stuck close to me and continued to share her amazement as we walked over to the second shot location.

I was lucky. I thought that it might end up in the rough because the fairway was really narrow, but it landed accurately on the middle of the green. It was a great location to hit my second shot.

I’m sure it was thanks to the Jewel of Luck.

However, it was not yet time to get shocked.

To be honest, the second shot was the one that I was looking forward to. It was because the remaining distance was less than 160 meters. Hitting it 160 meters should land it right by the cup because of the uphill slope.

160 meters is one of the iron skills that I am most confident in.

[5 Iron 160 skill: Intermediate Level 7, 22%]

There should be almost no error with the distance.

The important thing was the direction. How accurately I predict the direction would determine the results of this shot.

I carefully calculated the direction.

The luck was on my side as there was barely any wind. It would only be a max of about 50 centimeters if the ball was affected by the wind.

I stood behind the ball and created an imaginary line from the ball to the cup. I then stood perpendicular to that line.

‘Direction is set. Please don’t get windy.’

I lightly did a practice swing before activating my skill.


The swing had no choice but to be perfect. This was because there was no chance for errors with the skill.

I completed my swing and turned my head toward the direction of the ball. The ball created a low parabola as it started to fly.

There was no influence from the wind. It did not tilt to the right nor left as it continued to fly straight to the front. I had a good feeling about this. I even got chills knowing that it was a good shot.


However, things could still change. The ball’s direction may change if there is an uneven area in front of the green or if it hits the edge of the green.

The ball could be much farther from the cup than expected if something like that happens.


The ball landed on the fairway in front of the green and made a large bounce as it continued to roll forward. It did not tilt to the side. It directly went on top of the green.

I could not see what happened after that. However, I was pretty certain that it was aiming directly for the flag.

The gallery should start to respond by now.

“Wow! It’s going in!”

“What is this? Is it that?”

“Omo. Oh my gosh!”

I couldn’t help but think that I did it. ‘It worked!’

A moment later, Han Sul Yi shrieked and started to jump up and down.

“Wow! It went in! It is an albatross!”

I raised my hands in the air. Although this was not my first albatross and I had even landed a hole-in-one during this rounding, I had never felt such a thrilling sensation before.

It was disappointing that this was not the Royal Roader world. If I was in Royal Roader, I would have gotten a, ‘new record,’ message.

Han Sul Yi took the spot of the message as she explained the significance of this shot.

“That means that your record today is 17 under par for 55 strokes. You know that is a world record, right?”

Of course I do.

I just smiled back at her.

However, Lutz approached me and started to speak.


This much English was something even middle schoolers would understand.

I was now confident enough with my English that I could watch Hollywood movies without subtitles now. Although my pronunciation still needed some work, reading and listening were easy.

But why did his attitude suddenly change?

His gaze was cold at the beginning of our rounding. It was as if he was telling me that he was going to teach me a lesson today.

It was that way at the last hole as well. He seemed to be shocked that I continued to hit great shots, but his gaze was cold whenever we made eye contact.

However, his gaze was warm now. It was as if he was saying, ‘I approve of you!’

It really didn’t matter to me what he did.

Although Lutz was famous as one of the PGA’s four horsemen, he was just a so-so golfer in my eyes. Rather than a mountain I need to eventually climb over, he was just a loser that I had already stepped over.

I just needed to give a short response.

“Thank you!”

I lightly responded and turned away.

However, Lutz pulled my attention back to him.

“I think you have potential to be great. What do you think about being my disciple and properly learning golf?”


What kind of bullshit is this?

Ah. That must be the reason!

Lutz’s plan was obvious to me. He could tell that I would succeed as soon as I made it into the PGA, so he wanted to get on the tiger’s back and earn some benefits as well.

To be honest, I would not lose out from doing this. Learning from an expert like Lutz would make my skills increase at a much faster rate.

However, I had no reason to do it either. I had enough confidence to do well in the PGA even without learning from Lutz.

Then the question becomes what I can earn from him outside of golf. That needed to be greater than what Lutz would get by riding on my coattails. Only then would it be balanced.

It was not something that I could decide on a whim. I had no way of knowing what I could earn from Lutz right now.

“I’ll think about it.”

Our conversation could not be long. Although I had finished my rounding with the albatross, Lutz and the other players still needed to hit a few more shots.

Flash. Flash. Flash.

Cameras were flashing all around me. They were so bright that it was difficult to even open my eyes.

I could not help but feel respect for the announcers who could continue the interview without even having a change in expression.

“How do you plan to use the prize money for hitting a hole-in-one?”

It was an obvious question. How would a selfish person who planned to use it for themselves respond? Would they have to lie?

Of course, I was thankful to get this question. I would have had to bring it up myself if they didn’t ask.

My answer was obvious.

“I am donating all of it to the Dandelion School.”

“Omo. You’re doing that again? I believe that you have given away all of your prize money to the Dandelion School. Isn’t that right?”

“It somehow ended up that way.”

“Then are you planning to donate all of the prize money to the Dandelion School if you happen to win this tournament?”

Of course. That was one of the reasons I played golf.

However, I would not be satisfied giving a simple answer of, ‘yes.’ Such a short answer would not live up to their expectations.

I needed something a bit more captivating. Something that would excite them and raise their expectations.

I suddenly came up with a response.

“There is no, ‘happen to win.’ I give you my word that I will be victorious. Then I will deliver the prize money to the Dandelion School. If I somehow do not win, I will donate twice the amount of the prize money out of my own pocket.”

This should be exciting enough, right?

The announcer’s pretty eyes opened wide as if she had heard an unexpected but wonderful promise.

“It is wonderful to see such confidence. I also think that you have the skills to back it up. I really hope you win.”

“Thank you very much.”

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