Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 146: Kang Hwi Ram Show (3)

“What am I going to do with that bastard? He’s driving me nuts!”

Robert was going crazy thinking about how this monkey that he did not even want to consider as a fellow human was beating him. Those damn Koreans who were sweeping the LPGA were now looking down on the PGA as well.

The thing that made him even angrier was the fact that things seemed like they would go exactly the way Kang Hwi Ram described.

Robert had recorded an eagle on the last hole today to have a combined two-round score of 16 under par. This would normally be a fabulous score.

However, he was still 10 strokes behind Kang Hwi Ram. He needed to gain 10 strokes in the remaining two roundings.

It wasn’t an impossible feat to accomplish.

However, that was not something that would happen if he alone did well. Kang Hwi Ram needed to do terribly in order for that to be possible.

The chance of that happening was low, especially looking at Kang Hwi Ram’s current condition. It was more likely that the gap between them would continue to increase.

But he could not just sit around and let that happen. He could not be shamed by an oriental bastard. (TL: Someone has got serious issues.)

Even if the LPGA was a lost cause, he could not allow the PGA to open its doors to these damn orientals.

There were many things he could do to resolve this issue. He had met many formidable opponents in the past and this method had resulted in positive results each time.

Honestly speaking, it felt like a waste to use this method against a stupid oriental.

However, you have to sacrifice the small things in order to earn the big things sometimes.

Robert started to frown.

* * *

“Thank you very much! It is such an honor to be able to be a caddy for someone like you, Mr. Hwi Ram! Wow! A new record for the lowest strokes!”

Han Sul Yi clenched the spoon in her hand as she put her hands over her chest. Just thinking about it again was getting her excited.

“It is an honor for us as well. A member from our Lions’ Club accomplished such a record. Thank you very much.”

The President of the Lions’ Club shared similar sentiments.

That was why the atmosphere around the table was great right now. Everybody was happy and smiling.

Five of us had a wonderful dinner like that.

“You just need to do well for two more days. Please head back and rest early tonight. Maintaining your condition is the most important thing right now.”

“I understand. Then I will see all of you tomorrow.”

I exited the restaurant and said goodbye to the rest of the group.

It was too early to go home, even if maintaining my condition was important. It was only 8 PM right now.

There is also something I did around this time every day as a routine. It would probably be worse if I broke my routine.

‘I’ll just do it for a bit.”

I headed to a nearby swimming pool.

There were a lot of people at this Jeju-do swimming pool. I preferred swimming in a crowded pool like this over an empty pool where I am by myself.

I changed back and forth between freestyle and butterfly as I cut through the water.

I was so used to swimming that I wasn’t tired, even after an hour. I continued to swim up and down the 25-meter swimming lane.

This naturally made me the focus of everyone’s attention.

There were not many people who recognized me though. Although I was more famous now, wearing goggles and a swimming cap made it difficult to recognize me.

“Omo! Look at that oppa!”

“Is he a competitive swimmer? How cool!”

I just ignored them.

A brave woman would hit on me every so often while I was swimming in Seoul.

I never responded to them.

It was because I didn’t want to reveal my identity. If one of two people started to recognize me, it would not be long before a lot more people go, ‘Ah, Kang Hwi Ram!’ and draw more attention.

There would be a lot of annoying issues if that happened.

I already had to switch swimming pools many times for that exact reason.

There was a brave woman today as well. She approached me when I stopped to rest for a moment.

However, it was a different style of woman than usual.

“Hello, Mr. Kang.”

She was not Asian, but a Westerner with beautiful white skin, radiating blonde hair, and beautiful blue eyes.

I subconsciously could not help but look at her. My natural instincts took over and I checked her out.


Her face and her body were stunning. Although she was not wearing a very revealing swimming suit, the way her swimming suit emphasized her voluptuous curves was amazing.

Maybe that was why, but, ‘beautiful,’ seemed to not be enough to describe her. Her beautiful face, slim figure, and the colors of her skin and eyes made it feel like I was looking at a High Elf.

Most importantly, her skin seemed flawless, unlike most Western women. You couldn’t see a single pore on her skin.

I would probably have ignored her if she was anybody else. It didn’t matter if they said I was rude. I needed to hide my identity in order to visit this swimming pool for a while.

However, I could not do that to this woman.

It was not because she was beautiful. The fact that she called me, ‘Mr. Kang,’ let me know that she already knew my identity.

“Do you know me?”

“Of course. I’m your biggest fan!”

‘Biggest fan,’ eh?

I couldn’t help but be suspicious. Even my friends would not be able to recognize me with my goggles and cap. How could someone I’ve never met recognize me?

Regardless of the reason, I was done swimming for today. Chatting here will make other people recognize who I am.

“Shall we talk outside? I don’t like people recognizing me.”

“I understand.”

I quickly changed and headed out. I had a cap and large sunglasses to cover my face.

The western lady was waiting outside. She seemed to have hurried to make sure she was out before me.

But it shouldn’t have been too hard, since, while she was wearing a swimming suit, she never actually went into the water.

But she really was beautiful. Maybe it was because of her white skin, but the red one piece she was wearing and the jewelry she had to compliment it made her look even more stunning than in the swimming suit.

But I needed to be careful. She was definitely a rose hiding her thorns.

The most beautiful roses had the sharpest of thorns.

“How do you know me?”

“I am a huge golf fan. I fell for you after watching you golf.”

I noticed this earlier, but she had a slight accent to her English. She didn’t seem to be a native English speaker.

Of course, she was much better than I was at speaking English.

Anyways, her reason was passable. There were many women who became my fans that way. There’s no reason that a foreigner could not become my fan for the same reason.

But there was something I did not understand.

“How did you know I was here? I’m sure it wasn’t a coincidence that we met here.”

The woman’s face turned pale as if I hit the nail on the head.

But it was only for a moment. She let out a short sigh before starting to smile.

“I’m sorry. To be honest with you, I followed you from the golf course. I was sitting in a nearby booth in the restaurant as well. Did you not see me?”

I did not see her at all.

Furthermore, the guards did not react either. I have a contract with a security company to have two guards around me at all times. They would have let me know if they saw someone suspicious nearby.

‘Are they not doing their job properly?’

Anyways, it was time to send her back now that I knew the reason.

“I did not. Thank you for being my fan. Would you like a picture?”

“Could we chat over wine instead? I flew over from Belarus to meet you, Mr. Kang.”


I had read about this country in the past. They are more famous for their nickname of White Russia. It is famous for having many beautiful white women.

That must be why her English has an accent.

“That’s a bit troublesome. I may not be a celebrity, but I still need to maintain my image. I can’t drink because I need to maintain my condition as well……”

“My hotel is not far from here. Wouldn’t that be stealthy enough? We can enjoy other things instead of wine if Mr. Kang wants.”

The woman put on a seductive smile and put a hand on my chest.

Now I was certain.

Of course, a beautiful foreigner could want to sleep with me, but the chances of that were slim compared to someone sending this woman to mess with my condition.

Who could it be?

I had a pretty good idea. There were only a few people who would benefit from my condition going down.

Especially when it came to people who were suffering because of my golfing abilities.

Anyway, how should I respond to such a situation?

I don’t know who sent her, but I should at least pretend to fall for their plan. If I don’t fall for this one, they will try something else. It could be something much more devious than just sending a woman after me.

Plus, I was drawn to this woman. I didn’t even know her name yet, but her entire body was exuding charm.

I had not slept with anyone for five days in order to maintain my condition. That might be why I was finding it so difficult to resist her.

Maintaining my condition?

Honestly speaking, my golfing did not rely on my condition since I used skills to do it. Although there might be slight differences, I doubt it would be by much.

Plus, shouldn’t I let out some pent up lust in order to prevent that from affecting my condition?

“Shall we head to my car first?”

The woman put on a bright smile seeing me respond positively.


We quickly got in my car that was nearby.

I secretly turned on the recording function on my cell phone. I always maintained evidence like this when I went to a hotel with a woman. They might accuse me of rape if I didn’t use this security measure.

“I am staying at Jeju Beach Hotel.”

She was staying at a pretty nice hotel.

But we will not go to that hotel. I still did not trust this woman. They might have done something to her room in advance.

“How about we go to my hotel? You don’t need to go if you don’t want to.”

“No, that is fine. I don’t mind where it is as long as I’m with you, Mr. Kang.”

Holy shit. She seemed to be turned on already. She moved her hand to my thigh as she said that.

Was this the difference between a Western woman and Eastern women? She’s trying to introduce herself with her body first.

But it wasn’t like I needed to know her name.

Anyway, I should increase the number of guards tomorrow since I don’t know what the person behind this might attempt next.

We immediately headed to my hotel.

* * *

[Natasha went into the hotel with Mr. Kang. They are not at Jeju Beach Hotel, but the RainBow Hotel that Mr. Kang is staying in.]

Robert smiled after looking at the text.

“All of these monkeys are the same. Both the males and females lose all rationality when they see a white person.”

Natasha would do well. Robert had promised to give her three times the usual amount of Kang Hwi Ram performs terribly tomorrow. Furthermore, Natasha’s beauty and her ability to seduce men would mean that Kang Hwi Ram would not get any sleep tonight.

However, Robert was still disappointed, as he had originally brought her to sleep with him.

Just thinking about Kang Hwi Ram rolling around while embracing Natasha’s naked body made Robert’s lower part go limp.

‘Should I have some fun tonight too?’

He longed for a woman today. The Korean women that he saw were extremely beautiful. There was talk about how they were all, ‘plastic beauties,’ but who cared about that? It was fine as long as they were beautiful.

Sleeping with a Korean woman right now would be fun in its own way.

However, he needed to control himself until the competition ended in a few days. His game always suffered when he slept with a woman.

‘I’ll wait until the competition is over. Then I will sleep with two, no, three women at once.’

But he was looking forward to tomorrow. He couldn’t wait to see Kang Hwi Ram start to break down.

The next day.

Robert observed Kang Hwi Ram as soon as he headed out to the field.

Kang Hwi Ram seemed to be tired, as he continuously yawned.


Robert couldn’t help but smile.

‘Pfft, Natasha did her job properly. I should reward her well.’

The rounding soon started.

Robert was in a squad with Kang Hwi Ram today.

The owner was Kang Hwi Ram. He picked up his driver and stood inside the tee box.

The first hole was a 400-meter, par 4 hole. The distance was 370 meters, but there was a slight uphill slope and a headwind, so you would need to send it at least 400 meters to do a tee shot on-green.

But Kang Hwi Ram’s practice swing was for a long-distance hit. He always hit at least 370 meters when he did this baseball-like swing.

The sound of the wind was loud as well.

Boooooong- Booooong-

Robert started to smile even more.

‘Stupid idiot, he doesn’t even know his limits. Yes, be greedy like that!’

Golf was a sport where it was hard to recover once you started to mess up. If you messed up on the first hole, you could even record a 20 over par by the end.

The chances of a beginner like Kang Hwi Ram doing that was even more likely.

Robert’s heart started to beat faster.

‘Yes! Hit it as hard as you can. Destroy yourself! Please! Then I will be the focus of this competition.’</p

Kang Hwi Ram finished his practice swing and swung his driver as Robert was thinking.

Booooong- tang!

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