Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 147: Even Politicians Have Their Use (1)

‘W, what the? What happened?’

Robert’s jaws could not help but drop.

This would be a difficult shot based on distance and environment, even when he was in regular condition. That was why Robert had expected the ball to widely miss the fairway and fall into the forest.

However, the results were completely opposite to his expectations. The swing was clean and the impact was perfect. Furthermore, Kang Hwi Ram had accurately calculated the wind as well, making the ball create a beautiful parabola and land on the green.

It was such a clean shot that he even wondered if it would end up being an albatross.

‘Is he just lucky?’

He could not think of any other explanation. Kang Hwi Ram had not had such an accurate shot when his condition was in perfect condition yesterday.

Furthermore, was Natasha a regular woman?

Robert and Natasha had known each other for two years now.

Although they only slept with each other every so often, he had personally felt Natasha’s scariness each time. She was like a succubus who you couldn’t help but fall under her magic after tasting her once.

Kang Hwi Ram probably had all of his energy sucked dry last night as well. (TL: Energy he says…pfft)

There was no way he could maintain such perfect conditioning after such a night.

‘Yes, he just got lucky! It’ll be terrible starting from his next shot.’

Robert consoled himself and focused on his own play. It wouldn’t matter even if Kang Hwi Ram did terrible if he did not do well.

However, the situation did not change, even during the second hole. Kang Hwi Ram attempted another risky shot and the result was a perfect birdie.

The third and fourth holes were the same.

In fact, Kang Hwi Ram was in the lead after 5 holes with a score of 6 under-par.

Robert had done pretty well and had 3 under-par, however, his score looked terrible compared to Kang Hwi Ram’s amazing play.

This continued on as Kang Hwi Ram continued to hit amazing shots. Robert even got chills while watching Kang Hwi Ram play. He had faced many experts in the past, but there was no one like Kang Hwi Ram.

‘Did Natasha lie to me?’

There was no way. Natasha had always properly carried out Robert’s orders. There were many tournaments he had won by relying on Natasha’s charms.

That meant that there was only one conclusion.

‘That monkey has that much stamina?’

Regardless of the reason, Robert had failed. Kang Hwi Ram’s showtime had continued throughout all 18 holes and ended the day with a great score of 11 under-par.

He had a total of 37 under-par after three rounds.

This was also a new record for the PGA. No, even outside of the official PGA tournaments, this was probably the lowest score in history.

That was how amazing this score was. It was so amazing that it made Robert lose any desire to do something about him.

He had no choice but to accept it. This tournament was a platform for Kang hwi Ram. He was the lone main character while himself, as well as the others, were just extras in the back.

‘Damn it, I shouldn’t have participated in this tournament.’

* * *

Clap clap clap.


‘Kang Hwi Ram, hooray!’

The gallery could not stop their cheering. It was so loud that he could not even hear the announcer’s voice.

Flash! Flash!

The cameras continued to flash as well.

Thanks to that, the interview ended up being twice as long as usual.

The celebration continued after the interview, to the point that I only managed to leave the golf range late in the evening.

One of the men on my security detail got into the driver’s seat. I could finally let out a deep sigh.

‘Haaaa, it is harder to deal with everything afterward than actually playing golf!’

I leaned into the comfy seat of the chair. The ride was smooth, probably because it was an expensive car.

However, it looked like I would not be able to rest today either. My phone started to go off less than 5 minutes after we left.

Riiiiiing- Riiiiiing-

‘I wonder who it is.’

It was Chairman Jung Man Yong from the Golden Dragon Group.

Although he was not physically here, his gaze was probably locked on Jeju. He probably saw me win while achieving a new record for the lowest strokes day after day.

He probably slapped down on the table with joy each time because I played with the Golden Dragon Group logo on my cap. This tournament was broadcasted worldwide and I was at the center of it.

Most importantly, my records were so amazing that they would go down in the history of golf, making it big news abroad as well.

In terms of PR, this was probably worth over ten billion won.

So how could he not think that I’m wonderful?

I welcomed Chairman Jung’s call as well. He should have finished what I requested him to do by now.

“Hello, Chairman-nim! I hope you are doing well!”

– Of course I am doing well. I feel like I am ten years younger now thanks to you. Congratulations.

“It is all thanks to your support, Chairman-nim.”

– You are being overly modest, unlike your usual self. I deserve such praise from our Golden Dragon Kids, but not from you. Anyway, let’s grab a meal together.

“I think it will be difficult today. I have already reserved a plane to Cheongju International Airport in order to visit my house in Daejeon.”

– Of course, not today. Open up some time tomorrow evening.

He really was the Chairman of a giant corporation. He expects anybody to make time if he asks for it.

He seems to be looking down at me, even after I’ve told him how much I am worth.

However, was there a reason to make things difficult? I’ll benefit from this discussion as well.

“I understand. I will head up to Seoul tomorrow for dinner.”

The call ended but I got another call right afterward.

It was my friend Kim Jong Suk this time.

Just looking at his name made me start to smile.

My wealth had expanded to close to 9 trillion won. Approximately 5 trillion of it was from stocks, 2 trillion from real estate throughout Korea, and 2 trillion in the Sodium-Ion Battery factory and the Vietnamese Company. (PR: 9 trillion won is a bit under 8 billion dollars. To put things in perspective, Bill Gates is worth 97.4 billion dollars and Trump is worth 3.1 billion dollars.)

I was still gaining about 100 billion won a day.

The person who made that possible was Kim Jong Suk. His AI Stock program was bringing in a lot of money.

That was not all. I recently created a fund company with Kim Jong Suk and his colleagues as the core.

I personally invested 3 trillion won and left the remaining 2 trillion won to the fund team.

However, their profit rate was not bad. Although it had been only about three months, they were making approximately 10 percent profit every month.

This was all thanks to Jong Suk.

“Hey Jong Suk!”

– Congratulations.

I had a good chat with Jong Suk. Jong Suk sounded happy as well since our profits were averaging 3 million won a day.

This made both of us excited.

My phone rang again after I finished my call with Jong Suk.

I couldn’t help but sigh.

‘It looks like I’ll just be answering phone calls until I go to bed.’

But I couldn’t turn my phone off.

I was currently using two phones. One was a number that had been given to most people while the other was a phone number just for important people that I could not ignore. However, it was this second phone that continued to go off.

I guess I networked quite a bit until now.

‘Let’s just deal with it today.’

“Hello President Kim.”

I arrived at Daejeon while answering call after call. I received so many calls that my throat was parched.

However, I started to relax after getting close to home.

‘Let’s get a good night’s sleep tonight.’

However, that did not seem possible. Forget sleeping, I couldn’t even rest properly from the moment I arrived at my home. There were people camping outside my house.

The majority of them were reporters.

I was swamped with questions and flashing cameras once again.

That was not it. I had been responding to questions for a while, but I did not see my mom or sister.

I didn’t see Lee Man Bok’s family either. The house seemed to be empty.

There was apparently a reason for that.

“Ah, they are all at the middle school field. There is a celebration going on.”

It was my next door neighbor. I was wondering why he was standing by while I was giving the interviews, but I guess he did that so that he could tell me where my family was.

“A celebration?”

“How can we not do anything when such an amazing thing happened in our neighborhood? Hurry on over.”

There were a ton of banners up everywhere.

[Congratulations! Daejeon Banseok-dong’s son, Kang Hwi Ram, has taken over the world with golf!] (TL: Banseok-dong is the neighborhood)

‘My goodness. Who came up with that?’

Just looking at it was making me embarrassed.

However, I could not take down this banner that my neighbors had worked hard to create.

“What are you doing? Let’s go. They are all waiting for you.”

The ahjussi started to pull my arm.

“I understand.”

The middle school was approximately 500 meters away from my house.

It was chaotic around my house, but it was even worse by the field. I had expected some of it, but it was even bigger than I had expected.

‘Just how many people are here?’

I never knew that so many people lived in our neighborhood.

“Wow, oppa! Congratulations!”

My sister Minji noticed me first and ran over.
My mom soon followed.

“Aigoo, my son! I’m so proud of you! You did great!”

“Haha, thank you mom. What is up with all of this by the way?”

“I couldn’t help it. The mayor-nim got involved and it became this big.”

“The mayor-nim?”

Was she talking about Daejeon’s mayor, Ahn Jung Hee?

I don’t really like politicians, but there were a few that I did like.

The most representative of the group was Daejeon’s mayor, Ahn Jung Hee. Although I had never met him in person, the information I had heard about him made me feel like, ‘that type of person is a true politician.’

I heard that he had helped out a lot when I was creating the Dandelion School as well.

Of course, he could be so sly that he created this image for us to see.

Either way, the citizens had a good image of him. He was good at his work and had a high approval rate that people even talking about him running for president in the future.

I presume he’ll be our next president or the one after that.

I haven’t had a chance to meet him, but I guess I can see his face today.

‘But where is the mayor?’

A middle-aged man in a suit walked over and reached his hand out to me as I looked around.

“Congratulations. I am mayor Ahn Jung Hee. Thank you very much for letting our Daejeon shine so brightly.”

I had seen his face on TV before. His character and political decision making were good, but he was a handsome man as well, making him have a lot of female supporters.

Even a man like me felt good while looking at his face.

“Ah, yes. Thank you very much. I’ve always wanted to meet with you. I heard that you helped out a lot with the creation of the Dandelion School.”

“Haha, I just did what I should do as the mayor. In fact, I should be the one to thank you for giving me such an opportunity to help.”

He also knew the right things to say.

Most importantly, mayor Ahn had a warm smile. Although he could have learned this as a politician, his smile seemed very genuine.

That was why his next words came across as very sharp.

“But it seems to be as I expected.”

“Expected? What do you mean……?”

“The Dandelion School. I had suspected that teachers Lee Soo Bong and Lee Man Bok were probably not the founders. I had often wondered who the true founder could be.”

I could feel my heart drop.

Of course, it wouldn’t be too bad if it was revealed that I was the founder. In fact, it was something I had to reveal in the future. That was the only way for me to benefit from this Dandelion School that I had struggled to create.

However, I was just waiting for the right moment. Revealing it now would only end with, ‘Kang Hwi Ram is a good person.’ In other words, I was not prepared to use that good image.

That was why I was working hard to prepare it. I bought a company that had potential but had financial issues and was currently bringing in experts to put them to use as needed.

If I reveal the information that I founded the Dandelion School after that, the PR will be amazing. The Dandelion School will soon become a world-renowned Educational Institution in the near future.

That was the reason I needed to hide the fact that I was the founder.

But Ahn Jung Hee had figured it out.

‘How should I deal with this?’

Just flat out denying it would not be good. The fact that I had such a conversation with Ahn Jung Hee would also gather quite a lot of interest.

Then it would become a big issue and people would ask me about being the founder every time I have an interview. It isn’t like I could lie to them in such a situation.

I needed to avoid it if possible.

But Ahn Jung Hee was a sharp person. He started to laugh as soon as he saw my expression and shook my hand.

“Haha, I do not know who the founder is, but I’m sure they have a reason for not revealing themselves. Anyway, the founder is an amazing person.”

In other words, he was saying that he knew the truth but had no plan on revealing it if I did not wish for him to do so.

I knew I liked this guy. I felt like good things would happen if I got to know this man.

Translator: Miraclerifle

Proofreader: Borderline Masochist

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