Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 148: Even Politicians Have Their Use (2)

The next evening.

I headed into a luxurious restaurant in Seoul. They took me down a fancy corridor to a beautiful room, but it was empty. I seemed to have arrived first.

Chairman Jung Man Yong arrived about five minutes later.

A man and a woman who both seemed like secretaries followed him into the room, but I didn’t pay much attention to them.

“Oh, you are already here? Haha!”

Chairman Jung gave me a big hug right away as if we were family members who had not seen each other for a long time.

“Thank you very much. The image of our Golden Dragon Group shot up thanks to you.”

It didn’t seem real.

I just had their logo on my cap while I played. Furthermore, I only won one PGA tournament in the country.

Of course, I became the focus of the world every time I established a new record, but I didn’t think that was enough to raise the image of a global corporation like the Golden Dragon Group significantly.

It felt as if he was giving me lip service.

But I didn’t care. Chairman Jung wouldn’t try to cheat me, so I’ll gratefully take the compliment and say thank you.

“I need to return the favor for you doing something big for our group. That is why I wanted to see you today. You two can put that on here and wait outside.”

The pair of secretaries left a tablet on the table before quickly exiting the room.

“When you say return the favor……?”

“Check for yourself.”

Chairman Jung pointed toward the tablet with his chin.

The power was on, so I could immediately see what was on it.

There was an eye-catching title in the background.

[Dandelion School Documentary]

“It is already completed?”

“What do you mean already? It has been a few months.”

I guess it is long considering how it would have been a special order from Chairman Jung himself. But the documentary production team would have worked their butts off to make sure it was a great piece after knowing who wanted it done.

The short time it took to produce it shouldn’t affect the quality because of that.

But I should still check the documentary for myself.

I started the video.

It was 50 minutes long.

Chairman Jung started to laugh once I clicked play.

“Haha, what is the rush? Are you planning on watching the whole thing now and forget about me?”

“Ah, I apologize.”

I wasn’t really curious about the contents since I knew that it would be well-made.

Chairman Jung seemed to have ordered in advance, as food started to come out as well. I pushed the tablet off to the side.

“Let me know if you ever need something like that again. I can make as many of those as you want.”

I could do it as well if I spent some money.

But his name has more clout than mine right now. Using his name would make sure that the final product is a high-quality item.

Of course, that will change in the future.

The Dandelion School would significantly expand in the near future. It would start recruiting production and acting students, as well as develop a curriculum for agriculture, massage therapy, martial arts, electrical engineering, and architecture.

Then we will go on to build satellite campuses in China, Vietnam, India, and Russia.

By then we should have over 100,000 students in total.

All of this was still flexible. It could end up being bigger or slightly smaller as well.

However, the Dandelion School was certain to have a positive future. By then, I will not need Chairman Jung’s help at all.

“I understand. Thank you very much.”

“But keep the Golden Dragon Group logo on your cap. That is the condition.”

That’s a bit complicated. He wants to keep using my image with just one documentary?

Shouldn’t I use him some more?

There was actually something I needed to get from him.

“I will do so. But I will add a condition as well.”

“What is it? Is it related to that punk Joon Yul?”

Why would you bring up Hwang Joon Yul’s name during this important meeting? Do you really think I am hellbent on getting revenge for something that happened in middle school?

He’s looking down at me too much.

This world is one where money is power and influence.

How much money do I have? Someone like Hwang Joon Yul is far down in the food chain of society. Chairman Jung will soon be under me as well.

So why would I offer revenge on Hwang Joon Yul as the condition?

There were still a lot of things that I needed to do. My net worth will be close to 10 trillion won soon. How I use that money would change my future for better or worse.

One of the things I need to do was to develop a proper company. Chairman Jung has one of the companies that I have my eyes on.

Well, it is more accurate to say that it is the company that President Kim In Hwan has his eyes on. It is a company that would work perfectly with the Sodium-Ion battery.

“I wish to purchase one of your companies.”

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