Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 149: Trustworthy Comrades (1)

‘It has been a while since I’ve seen his face.’

I had been focused on clearing Demon Caves for almost a year now.

It made me think about Kaldera as well. She was someone whose beauty overwhelmed even Shione’s beauty.

Of course, I didn’t think she was that beautiful anymore.

This was bad. My perspective of beauty has gone up quite a bit since meeting the High Elf. Will I even be able to get married at this rate?

Anyway, I managed to reach my desired level after working hard for a year.

‘Status window open!’

[Kang Hwi Ram Level 400]

Dexterity: Advanced Level 8, 95%

Strength: 400

Agility: 1,803

Stamina: 101

Intuition: 145

Magic: 201

Vitality: 41

Mana: 770

HP: 848

Endurance: 41

Reinforced Toughness: 150

Guard Point: 3,598

Intelli Point: 3,256

Spirit Energy: 396

Level 400 wasn’t necessarily that high. The Dwarf Goonto was already past level 500.

However, this should be enough to safely enter the Southern District. My greatest strength is the fact that my skills allow me to attack with strength way beyond my actual level.

[Combo (Under 40%): Advanced Level 4, 7%]

[Drake’s TBSA: Advanced Level 3, 57%]

I have been working to raise my combo’s proficiency. Combo becomes stronger the higher you raise it.

And, after a long time, I finally managed to reach Advanced level 4.

The exponential damage increased from 26% to 28% at advanced level 4. This means that the damage will double every 3 hits.

Then I should be able to hit a monster with at least 10,000 damage with just a 30-hit combo. That would be 170,000 at a 40-hit combo and 2,000,000 at a 50-hit combo.

It is damage that cannot be created with just strength, agility, or magic.

Most importantly, I have reliable comrades. I have Goonto and the Dwarves, as well as Harrison’s forces that also had Bernard.

“I think we’re all done.”

Shione’s voice brought me out of my thoughts.

The rest of the team had cleared the remaining monsters once I took down the Golden Troll.

My slave Rohas played a pivotal role. He showed off his overwhelming abilities from the moment we entered the Demon Cave, and he showed us his strength in the final battle.

Seeing him fight like that made me wonder how I had managed to take him in as a slave. I couldn’t help but wonder about it.

Shione’s level should have gone up a lot as well. She also had built up a lot of experience participating in the Demon Cave Clearing Squads with me.

She’ll help a lot if she goes to the Southern District with me.

It was now time. I needed to tell Shione about it as well.

“I gathered the final piece of the map.”

Shione’s beautiful eyebrows slightly twitched.

This was the secret code we had determined a long time ago. It meant that we were done with the Demon Cave Clearing and that it was time to prepare for the restoration of the Batoru Kingdom.

Shione’s expression turned bright.

“That’s great. Let us leave.”

We went through the portal and headed out of the Demon Cave.

The bishop looked as if he was going to cry after hearing that we completed the map of the Church of the Sun.

“Oh, we can finally restore peace to the continent!”

‘Peace to the continent?’

That was too extravagant of an expression. All we did was figure out the location of the Church of the Sun’s headquarters.

Although the headquarters is important, the fact that there are over a few thousand of branches of the Church of the Sun throughout the continent made it so that they would not accomplish much by just taking the headquarters out.

It would just allow the Ameri Kingdom’s strength to grow a bit. Finding the Church of the Sun’s headquarters meant that they can figure out the location of the Altar of the Sun and develop stronger forces.

However, even that would be impossible. There was no way that they would be able to climb the Peria Mountains.

But that was none of my business. I just needed to take my reward.

“Then is the quest completed?”

“Ah, the quest! Reward! O, of course!”

The bishop seemed to have forgotten about it for a bit.

I guess it made sense since it has been close to a year.

However, the quest does not disappear, regardless of how long you take.

The bishop put his hand on my head. I soon heard a wonderful reward message.

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Proofreader: Borderline Masochist

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