Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 150: Trustworthy Comrades (2)

“Normally we are not allowed to let a Dark Elf enter, however, we will make an exception for you, Kang Hwi Ram-nim.”

In simple terms, my high fame, involvement in the Demon Cave Clearing Squad in Huksen, and the fact that I was granted an audience with his majesty allowed them to give me special treatment.

“Thank you very much.”

I entered the temple with Rohas.

Thankfully, Kaicher was inside the temple.

Kaicher was also wary of Rohas. Maybe I should leave Rohas behind next time I go anywhere.

However, I was able to calm Kaicher down with a shorter explanation than the priests at the entrance.

“I see! Anyway, long time no see. Have you been well?”


He really has not changed at all. His handsome face that makes me jealous, the flawless skin, and even the priest robe and the length of his hair had not changed at all.

I guess it has only been 2 years. He should be taking the Immortality Potion every so often, so these two years to Kaicher would be no different than just a few days or a few months, at max.

His expression and tone were the same as well. He was the type who would not speak unless there was something he needed to say. He would just look off to a distant mountain, thus making it difficult to figure out what he was thinking.

Maybe that was why, but it felt as if we had just said goodbye yesterday.

“Did you make your preparations?”

Kaicher turned toward me and looked confused.

“I told you that you’ll need to go to the Southern District for a quest with me in a few years. Did you forget about it?”

Kaicher was still silent. The fact that his expression didn’t change much should mean that he remembers my comment. Does this mean he didn’t think I meant it?

Was my presence that low at that point? I thought I had made a decent impression on him by then.

It didn’t matter. There was nothing for Kaicher to prepare. I just needed him to be healthy.

“Get ready. We are leaving in half a month. Oh, where is the bishop-nim?”

“Are you really heading into the Southern District?”

It’s so hard to get him to talk.

It was my turn now. I ignored his question in order to give him a taste of his own medicine.

“Is he over there?”

This was not my first time in the Avanguarde Ares Temple. I clearly remembered the last time I was here, and so I confidently started to walk toward the same location as last time.

Kaicher started to walk with me.

“Is it for the Blessings Quest?”

Keep eating this bitter medicine. Do you know how boring it is waiting for an answer that will never come?

But that wasn’t my style at all. It was hard for me to stay quiet whenever Kaicher asked me a question every so often.

In the end, I raised the white flag of defeat first.

“It will be hard to recruit people. The Southern District is too dangerous for just the two of us.”

“Don’t worry about that. I already have a lot of trustworthy comrades. All you have to do is follow me.”

“Trustworthy comrades?”

He would be shocked if I told him about it. It was extremely rare for a human to have Dwarves as comrades. Even if they did, it would usually be one or two Dwarves at max. Nobody would be like me and have twenty-ish Dwarves, with one even at the level of One with the Sword.

There was also Harrison’s group. They promised to only send the best warriors of the Batoru Kingdom when I told them about the Altar of the Sun and the Fairy’s Quest related to it.

But it was not time to reveal all of that just yet. It would not be smart to spread the news about traveling with Dwarves.

“You’ll see.”

Kaicher’s eyes were full of curiosity.

However, he could not ask further because we finally saw the bishop.

Kaicher seemed to want to ask something before he closed his mouth.

Instead, the bishop approached me and asked a question.

“You are the one who received the Blessings Quest! It doesn’t look like you have completed the quest yet, so what brings you to the temple?”

“I am about to head to the Southern DIstrict to complete the quest. That is why I wish to make a request to you, bishop-nim?”

“What is it?”

“I wish to take priest Kaicher with me.”

Kaicher might be my most trustworthy comrade. Goonto is probably stronger than him, but Kaicher can use his divine powers to help us in many other ways.

The bishop looked toward Kaicher, who walked in with me, while Kaicher was looking at me with a slightly deep gaze.

The bishop did not contemplate it too long.

“There is no reason that he cannot go with you. However, the Southern District is such a dangerous place that I cannot force him to do so. Priest Kaicher, the decision is your own to make.”

Do I need to convince Kaicher again? I do have a few strategies I have prepared, but I don’t know if any of them will work.

However, there was no need for me to do so. Kaicher answered almost immediately once the bishop gave him the power to decide for himself.

“I will go.”

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