Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 152: Trustworthy Comrades (4)

Change in term: It finally clicked in my head for some reason that it was west and not south. It will be called the Western District from here on instead of the Southern District.

“Then what is your goal?”

“I plan to develop the dead mine into an underground city.”

“An underground city?”

“Why build something like that in abandoned land……?”

“I’ve actually been curious for a while. I didn’t say anything because I assumed you had a reason, but I’ll ask since it was brought up. Why are you even developing High Village? That place is covered in demonic aura, so people cannot live there.”

It is difficult to live there because the sun never sets, however, it will not be difficult to live there for only a couple of years. It will be even easier if we build the city underground instead of above ground.

That was why I was planning on developing the dead mine into a city. There were no better people to develop the dead mine than these people here.

“I cannot tell you the details, however, a large number of people will flock to High Village soon. Furthermore, the veins are not completely dry. There will be a decent amount of mining profit as well.”

“I really don’t get it.”

“Me neither. I don’t know what you are trying to say.”

I was frustrated as well. I really wanted to at least tell Jonnan the secret information.

However, that would not be beneficial for Jonnan.

And someone like Jonnan wouldn’t need me to explain to follow me. Goultan and Batoom should be the same.

At least I hoped that was the case.

“Anyway, the decision is up to all of you. Whoever wants to stay can stay and whoever wants to go to High Village can go. Of course, I will give the first ones there the best positions.”

“I already told you. I will go with you no matter what.”

It was Jonnan, as expected. He raised his hand before I even finished my statement.

Batoom and Goultan soon followed.

That was just the beginning.

“Me too.”

“Hyung-nim, me too.”

“And me……”

Huh? What’s this? Over 200 miners were here and they all wanted to go with me. Nobody said, ‘No thank you.’

With all of them going there, I probably won’t need to worry about High Village.

Well, it wouldn’t have been an issue if the miners did not come with me I guess. Humbley is putting a lot of money into it.

* * *

Knock knock.

I opened my eyes after hearing the knocking.

It was still early morning. Jonnan wouldn’t normally wake me up this early.

“Come in.”

The door opened and Jonnan came in.

“You have a guest.”

“A guest? At this hour? Who is it?”


“Ah! Humbley!”

It had already been 5 days since I met with Kaldera. I planned on heading to Avanguarde in the evening in order to see him, but it seems that he’s saved me the trouble.

“I will be right out.”

I did a quick wash and got dressed.

I then walked down the stairs.

This was Jonnan’s house at the edge of Titan Valley. He sold off his old house that looked ready to crumble at any moment and bought this new three-story house.

My slaves Jul Goo and Eruni also stay here on their off days twice a week.

I could smell something delicious being cooked.

I then heard Humbley’s voice as well.

“Long time no see, Kang Hwi Ram-nim!”

“Why did you make the difficult trek? I was planning on coming to see you today anyway.”

“I wanted to see you sooner. Hahaha.”

Kaldera was with Humbley as well. She was in her usually tidy outfit. Damn, she really was born a beauty.

“Please sit. Food is ready.”

Jonnan’s wife Amelia walked up to the stairs and guided me to the table.

There was a feast set up on the table.

“You didn’t have to do all this. I’m always causing you more work.”

“Not at all. You are our savior. I’m just happy that I can repay the favor like this.”

“Thank you for the meal.”

We all sat down and started to eat.

Humbley took a bite before complimenting Amelia’s cooking.

“Oh! The food tastes amazing!”

He wasn’t just trying to be courteous.

Humbley, Kaldera, and I were all people who traveled a lot of the time. It was only natural that we had been to many famous restaurants and tasted delicious foods.

However, this food was just as good as those meals.

The more amazing thing was that these dishes were cooked by Eruni. I was so shocked when they told me about it.

“I think Eruni was born to cook. Her cooking skill is already past Intermediate Level 6.”


This is probably Humbley and Kaldera’s first time hearing about her. Eruni, who was wearing an apron and serving from the side, blushed as if she was embarrassed as soon as their gazes landed on her.

“She is Kang Hwi Ram-nim’s slave.”

“Ah, I see. She is very talented for someone who looks so young.”

It was because of how hard she worked in the Northern Mines. Her skill went up without her knowledge because she was responsible for cooking meals for all of the miners.

She also went to the Titan Valley library and learning about brewing in her free time. Thanks to that, she is able to brew alcohol that gives you a small temporary stat boost.

The pretty girl continues to do pretty things. [ref] This is the literal translation, I kept it because of the repeated use of pretty. Basically, it means that she does things that are praise-worthy. [/ref]

We headed to the side building after the meal. It was just a small building off to the side, but it was a good location to have a private chat.

Only Humbley and I were in the building.

We could finally get down to business.

I asked the first question.

“Are the preparations going well?”

“We have done as you asked and hired 3,000 men who have worked as miners for over 10 years each to train. They are all leveling up quickly and all have reached close to level 200.

200 levels in one year. That was an amazing speed.

Of course, it was because I created a good environment for them.

“They should be able to participate in battles in about a year. We need to raise their levels as much as we can until then.”

“I understand, but we do have a problem. I do not think we have enough Demon Cave scrolls.”

I had given all 15 boxes of Demon Cave scrolls we got from the Church of the Sun to Humbley. That should add up to approximately 3,000 scrolls.

Harrison’s group had taken even more boxes. Putting those together, there should be no reason that they do not have enough.


“Harrison-nim seems to be using the Demon Cave scrolls in order to train soldiers as well. I offered to buy them at almost any price, but he would not sell me any of them.”

“Ah, I see.”

People really tend to think similarly. Harrison must have also realized that he could use the Demon Cave scrolls to train soldiers as soon as he saw them.

It was fine since Harrison’s forces were pretty much my forces as well.

“Then there is nothing we can do about it. It seems that it is time to start our plan. Is the defense line properly constructed?”

“There are five defense lines, just as you asked. All of them are fortresses with natural barriers, so it should be stable no matter how strong the Jeppi tribe’s attacks are.”

“Perfect. Then I will head to the Western District within this month. You should be able to start as soon as Harrison-nim leaves.”

“But will Harrison-nim really leave?”

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