Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 152: Trustworthy Comrades (4)

That was already determined. Shione had delivered the message of their decision.

He will probably only bring the most talented individuals within his forces. He needed to do so because only those who are partied with me can climb the Altar of the Sun and learn how to use Spirit Energy.

“It will end up that way. If it fails……”

I did not finish that sentence.

If that happened, hundreds of soldiers would lose their lives for no reason. The revitalization of the Batoru Kingdom would take much longer as well.

I don’t see this happening, but there was one thing that I was worried about. I was worried that there might be an issue getting Shione out.

If that happens, things could get a bit complicated.

I could only hope that they arrive at High Village with Shione.

“Anyway, I will take care of that. All you have to do is take care of things based on our timeline. I’m sure that you are already aware, but timing is the most important thing. If we miss the timing, we will lose more than we gain from this plan.”

“Of course.”

“And please take this.”

I handed a magic bag to Humbley.

“What is this?”

Humbly was about to open the magic bag, however, he stopped after hearing my response.

“A Golden Troll’s blood.”

“Excuse me? Did you just say a Golden Troll?”

“I luckily ran into it while clearing Demon Caves. I heard that Golden Troll blood was more useful than regular troll blood.”

“Quite a bit. But you are fine after running into a Golden Troll? The heavens must have helped.”

What is he talking about? I’ve even hunted a Golden Bone Dragon before. It was a bit difficult to hunt a Golden Troll, but it was nothing compared to the Golden Bone Dragon.

Well, there was no need to flaunt that in front of Humbley.

“I debated selling it to the Shapir before thinking that Humbley-nim would be able to put it to better use. Please consider it a small gift.”

“Excuse me? You are giving me this precious item?”

Money didn’t mean much to me anymore. I had over 4 trillion won at the Magician’s Tower, and more was flowing in.

I also had one of the main colossi of the continent with me. With our partnership, Humbley’s money was pretty much my money.

“We’ve gotten on the same boat anyway. Humbley-nim needs to do well in order for me to have stronger support.”

Humbley’s expression brightened up. It seemed to be his way of showing his joy for working together with me.

“I understand. I will use it in a way that is beneficial for your plans, Kang Hwi Ram-nim.”

20 days later.

“So this must be High Village!”

Goonto looked around before starting to frown.

It was not just Goonto. All of the other Dwarves were frowning as well. They frowned the most while looking up at the sky.

“This really is an eerie place.”

It was bright without a single cloud. This exact type of weather continued every single day. In fact, it was like this 24 hours of every single day.

The sun remains at the apex and does not move even 1 millimeter. That was why there could be no night nor seasons.

However, the temperature was not very high. A thermometer would show that it was approximately 40 degrees Celsius.

That itself was very hot, but it was cool if you considered the fact that the sun was up all the time.

“But is this it? Isn’t it too much to go to the Western District with just this small group?”

The Dwarves seemed to have some fear about the Western District as well.

However, there was no need to worry.

This was not it.

I happened to notice some people looking at us at that moment. They were all hiding while looking at us with concerned expressions.

But they soon revealed themselves.

I couldn’t help but smile. It was because some familiar faces were in the front.

I started to speak in order to calm the Dwarves down.

“They’re here. They will be heading to the Western District with us.”

It was Harrison’s group. There were approximately 100 soldiers, as well as Bernard.

Shione was next to Harrison as well. She had taken off her white priestess robe and was now wearing a gray robe. Seeing her safe made me let out a sigh of relief.

“You’re here.”

“It took some time getting Shione out.”

“I’m sure that it must not have been easy.”

“It was thanks to you sharing the layout with us.”

Shione smiled brightly before I continued to speak.

Anyway, I was relieved.

“Everybody is here. Please come this way. The rest of the party is waiting for us.”

“You have others as well?”

“Just a few of them.”

Harrison’s soldiers moved to the shade underneath the building. I started to walk with the others. We headed toward a building not too far away.

Since the sun is so strong, it looked as if the other side of the shade was a completely different world. The atmosphere changed as soon as you headed into the shade.

It wasn’t an issue for me, but others felt as if this side was too dark, to the point that you could not even recognize people.

Five people were waiting inside of the building. Maybe it was because they were weird, but none of them were talking.

However, that silence had to be broken.

“Ah! Dark Elf!”

It was Harrison. He had taken out his sword in shock. Bernard also started to chant a spell.

However, they soon stopped moving. It was because everyone other than Harrison’s group was abnormally calm.

I guess I still need to explain it a bit.

“He is my slave, so……”

You really get better at things if you keep doing it. I could quickly explain the Dark Elf situation now.

Thanks to that, Harrison and Bernard could stop being anxious.

However, their shock did not end that quickly.

“By the way, is that person perhaps……?”

He really is famous! Harrison and Bernard easily recognized Kaicher.

Of course, Goonto and the Dwarves had no idea who he was.

With that going on, Chief did not draw much attention. If you took a good look, it was actually Chief who did not fit in the most.

However, they would all soon know about him. They will quickly learn how important Chief is to this Western District mission.

My other slaves, Jul Goo and Eruni, were pretty much just baggage. (PR: Well that is rude to Eruni. To Jul Goo that is perfectly true.)

“Then shall we get started?”

“Sure. There is no reason to waste time here.”

That was how our group of over 130 people headed toward the West.

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