Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 155: It’s Time (1)

The next evening.

“Huu, China really is better than the US.”

I checked my balance after finishing with my day trading.

[Balance: 1,056,485,764,537 won]

[Balance: 12,766,486,342 yuan]

I was trading in the Korean, Chinese, US, and Japanese stock markets at first, but I’ve only been focusing on the Korean and Chinese markets these days.

There was the time difference with the US market, but more importantly, the profits were not that high. On the other hand, there were many stocks that raised and fell significantly daily in the Korean and Chinese markets.

This was especially the case for the Chinese stocks.

Thanks to that, I was able to rake in over 70 billion won average a day.

It isn’t that high if you consider how my total seed money is 3.4 billion won, but there isn’t much I can do about it. Even if I have a lot of money, the amount that I can actually invest with is less than 2 billion won.

That is why I handed over money to the funds team whenever I had too much money. They buy any decent real estate, regardless of the nation, and invest in any promising items that come up.

Thanks to that, my total net worth was currently over 11 trillion won.

The seed money for the stock that I personally traded was 3.4 billion won, while the fund team worked with about 3 billion won. I had about 3 billion won worth of real estate and 2 billion won in promising startup companies.

‘Shall I head over now?’

Chairman Jung Man Yong should have left to meet me by now as well.

He wore a spiffy outfit and headed out of the house.

The Golden Dragon Group.

Chairman Jung Man Yong had arrived first. He opened up his arms and gave me a hug as soon as I entered the Chairman’s office.

His personality really was interesting.

“Let’s sit down. Bring some tea.”

A pretty female secretary placed a cup of red ginseng tea in front of me once I sat down. We drank tea and chatted about all sorts of things.

However, both Chairman Jung Man Yong and I were busy people. We cut the chatter short and got down to business.

Chairman Jung Man Yong started to speak first.

“There is one month left in the contract. Is there a need to be this difficult every time? Why don’t you make it easy and just sign on for five years?”

That’s only easy for you.

My value will only go up from here. I also don’t like being tied down to one place.

“Five years is too long. I can do up to one year for you.”

“I can’t do anything if that is what you are thinking.”

This was unexpected. With his personality, I thought he would try to convince me at least three or four times, but he is giving up too easily.

But there was a reason for that. Chairman Jung Man Yong had a completely different thing he wanted to discuss right now. It was something that was larger and even more important than my contract.

“That’s that. By the way, I heard that you have a lot of the shares for Energy One. Is that true?”

I suddenly felt my heart drop.

I never expected to be asked about my Energy One shares here. No, I didn’t even know that Chairman Jung Man Yong was interested in Energy One.

‘How did Chairman Jung know about it?’

The more important thing was that Chairman Jung Man Yong knew about President Kim In Hwan’s Sodium-Ion battery.

That meant that he would be greedy to own it. If he could take that process for himself, then creating the world’s greatest company would not be just a dream.

And just as I expected, Chairman Jung Man Yong continued to speak as I did not say anything.

“I will give you a good price for it. Can you sell some of those shares to me?”

Too bad for him. I had no intentions of making any deals with Chairman Jung Man Yong regarding Energy One.

No, I had no intentions of making a deal with anyone. It was a company with such a bright future that selling even one share to anyone else meant that I was making a loss.

“I did not come here to talk about that today.”

“Then shall we set a date to talk about that in detail? I’m fine with any time. When is good for you?”

He really is persistent if you don’t tell him, ‘no,’ directly. Then I can only do it his way.

“I have no intentions of selling any shares of Energy One to anyone.”

“Come on. Do you think I am such a tactless person? I told you I will pay you well for it. You paid 200 billion won for 50 percent of the shares, right? I will give an additional 500 billion won, but I will only take 30 percent of the shares. You and President Kim can have 70 percent, while I have 30 percent. Isn’t that a fair deal?”

He can talk about 500 billion won so easily.

Well, he is the Chairman of one of the top three companies in Korea after all. What amount would be an issue when you are certain that they would succeed? He probably would have no issues paying trillions for it either.

But he even knows about how much I paid for these shares.

Did he speak directly with Kim In Hwan? He might have already made a deal with Kim In Hwan.

I could not understand that part.

Why would Kim In Hwan want to bring Jung Man Yong in? Was 200 billion won not enough? If it was, I could have easily invested more money.

It sounded as if I needed to speak directly with Kim In Hwan.

Anyway, there was only one response I could give to Chairman Jung Man Yong right now.

“I cannot think of any reason I would want to share the Energy One shares with anyone else. How about we stop talking about that?”

Chairman Jung Man Yong’s expression stiffened up. The gentle and smiling expression instantly turned cold, making it feel as if the surrounding area was turning colder as well.

Was this Chairman Jung Man Yong’s charisma? If any of his subordinates saw this change, they would probably pee their pants.

But it did not affect me. I was confident that I could fight him without being on the losing end now. (PR: Knowing his personality, I can’t tell if he means this literally or figuratively, lol)

Chairman Jung Man Yong glared as if to threaten me. It seemed as if he was saying that it wasn’t fun if I didn’t budge like this.

However, he smiled again after seeing that I didn’t make a move.

“Hoho, you really are brave. What a man. You are probably the only one who can act so confidently in front of me.”

What useless nonsense. It wasn’t as if I’d give up on my Energy One shares for that reason.

He would try to do anything to get those shares if he knows the true value of Energy One. He is starting with asking for 30 percent now, but he will definitely try to get more than 50 percent in the future.

If being nice didn’t work, then he would try to offer an enormous sum that I couldn’t turn down, and if even that didn’t work, then he would turn to some unsightly means.

Chairman Jung Man Yong was already showing his true colors.

“Then I can’t hand over the electric car company. Same with the company in India as well.”

What a disappointment. That’s the only cards he can play to pressure me?

Is Golden Dragon Autos the only electric car company in the world? There are numerous other companies in the world. His just happened to be nearby and a Korean company, which was why I had asked about it.

If he says no, I just have to turn my sights elsewhere.

If I start building electric cars through other factories, then Golden Dragon Autos’ electric cars will start to do terribly in the market. There will be nobody who wants to buy it, even at a steep discount, once that happens.

Then who would be making a loss?

Jung Man Yong should be expecting such a situation as well. Even without thinking much about it, his instincts should tell him that.

But I still can’t turn the situation to the worst possible scenario. Although I have a decent amount of money, I am still not fully prepared to take on the Golden Dragon Group.

I need to keep the mood decent, even if we can’t make a deal.

I let out a short sigh.

“Huu, I can’t do anything about it if that is your will, Chairman-nim. It looks like I will need to look for another company then.”

Chairman Jung Man Yong’s expression slightly stiffened up. He quickly hid it, but I did not miss that quick change.

“You think that will be easy? You’ll be lucky if they don’t steal your technology and push you away.”

He’s exaggerating for no reason.

“Thank you for worrying about me. I will make sure to keep that in mind.”

I spoke as if I truly as thankful for his advice.

However, Jung Man Yong should know the true statement I was saying internally.

‘In your dreams!’

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