Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 156: It’s Time (2)

# It’s Time (2)

I had no desire to discuss the shares of Energy One.

Chairman Jung Man Yong seemed to understand my intentions. He started to smile.

“Looks like we’ll have to end our conversation for today.”

Talking with Jung Man Yong anymore would be a waste of time. It would just increase our dislike for each other.

“I will be heading out now. I am currently extremely busy preparing for the Masters Tournament in a week.”

Chairman Jung Man Yong did not say anything. He just quietly looked at me. It was as if he was trying to pressure me or something.

Whatever, it didn’t matter to me.

I lightly bowed my head and left the office.

Driver Han was waiting for me in the parking lot. He peeked toward me when I got into the car.

“Shall I take you to your house, sir?”

It was not time to rest at home right now.

Chairman Jung Man Yong’s power was still greater than mine. Much greater than mine.

I needed to move at least one step ahead of him in order to be capable of taking him on.

The most important thing was Energy One.

I could not talk about secretive information on the phone. I’m sure that Chairman Jung Man Yong has not reached everywhere yet, however, it doesn’t hurt to be careful until I am certain about the secrecy of the situation.

“Please take me to Eumseong.”

“Yes sir.”

Driver Han started the car.

I called President Kim In Hwan in order to ask him where he was right now. It was possible that he was not at the Eumseong Factory.

– Me? I’m at the Eumseong factory research lab. Why?

Thankfully, he was at the factory.

But what does he mean, ‘why?’

The only explanation for Chairman Jung Man Yong having so much information about Energy One was his having talked to Kim In Hwan.

Then isn’t it normal to think about Chairman Jung Man Yong as soon as he got my call?

I felt as if things were going in an extremely weird direction.

“I had some time so I wanted to have dinner with you hyung-nim. I will head to Eumseong right now.”

– Dinner? Hoho, how does someone who will be playing in a major competition in the US next week have time to come here? Well, alright. I don’t know what is going on, but we will chat once you get here.

He didn’t seem to be hiding anything regarding Chairman Jung Man Yong. It was as if he didn’t know anything about that at all.

Did that mean it was not Kim In Hwan?

I guess I’ll find out once I meet with him.

I ended that call and called someone else.

“Department head Yim. We need to increase our security team. Please make it quick.”

I’ve actually been preparing for that for a while. I have a lot of things to protect now.

I was just increasing the speed of it.

– When you say increase, how much are you thinking……?

“Enough to easily protect everything, even if the Golden Dragon Group comes at us with everything that they have.”

– Haaaaa, something at that level will take a lot of money, sir.

“Please don’t worry about the cost and instead just prepare a plan and send it to me. We might as well not be cheap and go for the best if we’re going to do it.”

– I understand sir.

Next up was to call the Stepping Stones Co. financial team leader.

My Stepping Stones Co. mainly focuses on financial support for startups. However, it was just as important in maintaining my wealth.

The financial team is responsible for that.

– Yes, representative-nim.

“I may need to withdraw a large sum soon. Please prepare for it in advance.”

– Approximately how much should we prepare for……?

To be honest, there would be a lot of things that I will need to spend money on in the future. I’ll need to buy an auto company, a cell phone battery company, as well as build artificial meat factories around the world.

The security team issue would be like buying a pack of gum in comparison.

“I’m thinking approximately 4 trillion won.”

– I understand.

I also called the Stepping Stones Co.’s venture capital team leader as well.

“You said that there were a lot of applications from obesity management and diet-related startups?”

– Yes, sir. There were 11 startups in Seoul alone and over 100 startups if you include the international ones. We plan on choosing two to support as a test.

“Please increase it to 10 companies. However, focus on the companies that will target the affluent community. Please look into the international ones focused in the United States and Europe as well.”

– I will do so.

I also called MBS station’s Director Han Sung Taek and Director Ji Sung Joon one by one.

“Hyung-nim. You have a lot of reporters you are close to in the press, right?”

– Of course. Why? Do you have a good story?

“I have something I wish to quietly spread to the press. I don’t know the origin and it hasn’t been verified yet, but it is 100% the truth.”

– How interesting. What is it about?

“I want to slip the name of the Dandelion School’s founder to them.”

– Oh! That is big news. But why are you suddenly willing to reveal it when you have been hiding it for all this time? Did you have a fight with the founder?

Both Han Sung Taek and Ji Sung Joon knew that I had strong ties to the Dandelion School. It was because I donated to the Dandelion School so much.

However, they did not know that I was the founder. As Han Sung Taek just mentioned, I have been keeping my lips shut on that one.

I wanted to pop the champagne at the best moment. Preferably when I had the world’s attention gathered on me.

Only then would the thrill be higher and allow me to draw in others with similar goals to join my team.

But now that I thought about it, it was about time.

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