Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 157: It’s Time (3)


I sat up as soon as I heard my phone ringing. It was because it was Energy One’s President Kim In Hwan.

Kim In Hwan had been extremely cautious these days as well. He contacted me using a new phone that he purchased in secret rather than using his original phone.

Of course, my phone was a separate newly made phone as well.

“Yes, hyung-nim.”

– I think we did it. That employee submitted his resignation as soon as he came in this morning.

That meant that he must have taken the bait.

However, we can’t relax just yet.

“Please drag it out as long as possible. You need to almost beg for him to stay in order for him to not question those files, hyung-nim. The Golden Dragon side may question things if it goes too easily.”

– I will do that. Oh, and congratulations. I was 100 percent certain that you would win, however, it was thrilling to watch.

“Haha, thank you very much.”

It was already a wonderful afternoon. However, both my body and mind felt even better after the call with Kim In Hwan.

‘What a beautiful day!’

It was a nice spring day. I could also see heat shimmers in the yard.

The thing that made me feel even better was the laughter of children. Eun Kyung, who was now in fourth grade, had brought friends over and they were running around that yard.

Just watching them filled me with energy.

However, the thing that made me feel the best was, of course, my mother’s voice.

“Isn’t it still a bit cold? You’ll catch a cold like that. Come inside.”

“It’s not cold at all because it is sunny. I’ll come inside in a bit.”

Now that I thought about it, the sun was shining brightly today. It was the perfect weather to read the newspaper.

I sat down on a chair and opened up a newspaper.

I could easily see all of the hottest news on my smartphone, but reading a newspaper was more entertaining. It was nice to feel the pages in my hands and it wasn’t bad for my eyes either.

Every single newspaper had articles about me on the front page. Some were all over the front page, while others had extra pages because the front was not enough.

It was thanks to the PGA tournament that ended a few days ago. After winning the Masters Tournament which was one of the major tournaments, I won another competition as well, making it impossible to not talk about me.

The information on them was pretty similar. They were all made with the information I sent around or from the interviews.

There was nothing about golf because there was nothing fresh about my golfing anymore. I participated in two or more competitions each month and won every time.

The reporters had already written about that plenty of times.

That was why they had been looking for something to write about me other than golf.

So, it was no wonder that they bit onto the information I sent around.

[Everything about Kang Hwi Ram.]

[He is the founder of the Dandelion School. However, he has not meddled in the administration of the school after creating it. Talented culinary mastermind Mr. Lee Soo Bong, as well as other experts, have full control to run it.

In order to be transparent about the foundation’s use of funds, they display all donations and expenses on the website. This was also an idea that came from Kang Hwi Ram.

Kang Hwi Ram is also the owner of many businesses.

The one that stands out the most is a Vietnamese food ingredient company called AFC. He invested 230 billion won last year in order to gain 60 percent of the shares of that company.

He has also invested heavily in startup companies, having shares in over 20 promising small businesses.

The following is an interview with player Kang Hwi Ram.]

> What is your secret to being able to own so many businesses when you are so young? You are not even 30 years old yet.

“There is no special method. Whether it is stocks or real estate, I just happened to succeed wherever I invested money. All I can say is that I got lucky.”

> They said that you do not involve yourself in the administration of the Dandelion School at all. Will you continue to do that in the future?

“There was a reason I founded the Dandelion School.

“I wanted to get away from the educational system that train students to focus on getting into college.

“I wanted each student to be able to find their hidden potential and to teach them based on that potential. I also wanted them to learn something they could immediately use in the world.

“As long as the teacher stay true to that goal, there is no reason for me to intervene in the administration of the school when I do not know much about education.”
> I heard that you are continuing to buy shares in many companies. Do you have a goal in mind?

“Both talented individuals and promising businesses face the same issue of a lack of funds in the beginning. Even if they have amazing abilities, many of them fail due to a lack of funds.

“I hope to continue helping those businesses out if I am able to do so.”

> Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

“There are a lot of good people in the world, but also some who are not so good. There are people who approach you with bad intentions even if you try to help someone with good intentions.

“Many passionate businessmen end up getting hurt because of those people.

“I lack the eyes and knowledge to tell those bad people apart from the good.

“That is why I need a lot of advice and experts. I wish to team up with many talented individuals to pick out the bad intentions and support the passionate and determined entrepreneurs.

“I look forward to many recommendations from everyone.” ]

The conversation did not move away from how I had intended it to go. It seemed as if they had decided to be my hands and feet.

Maybe that was the reason, but I had heard that my startup support company, Fulfill, had been bombarded with calls ever since the article was released. There were people asking them to support them, as well as others who wanted to recommend someone they knew.

Fulfill’s head of human resources team contacted me immediately if any special individuals popped up. That was what I told them to do.


I got another call from Fulfill’s head of human resources.

I was always full of expectations whenever I picked up the call from him. He had called about five people so far, and they were all nationally known instructors.

They’ll play a big role in telling the duds from the jewels.

‘I wonder who it is this time.’

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