Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 158: What they want and what I want (1)

I picked up the call.

However, it was someone with an unexpected set of skills.

– Representative-nim. What should I do about this person who says he has a big influence on China’s Communist party?

China was a place that was still full of corruption. No matter how well you follow their regulations, it was difficult to survive if you got on the Communist party’s bad side. On the flip side, nothing you did could get you in trouble if you had good relationships with the Communist party.

In Chinese, they call it guanxi.

That is why having a big influence on the Chinese Communist party was a significant thing.

“How big is his influence?”

– He’s mentioning names like Li Peng and Jin Cuoqiang and, according to this person, he is apparently close to one of the directors of the party. That person is supposedly seventh in command.

He must be talking about State Councilor Jin Cuoqiang that is seventh in command of the Communist party.

Honestly speaking, I have some connections with the Chinese Communist party as well. It was important to build those connections as I was trying to take control of a Chinese company, so I used my fame as a golf player as well as a lot of money in order to buy that connection.

The most important one of those connections is Li Xiang Nan.

She is an actress. However, that alone is not enough to explain Li Xiang Nan.

She debuted at the young age of 12 and received the nickname of the, ‘nation’s younger sister,’ which helped her grow.

She has never lost her popularity ever since her debut. She has been the most famous celebrity in China for over 30 years.

The source of that was her connections with China’s most influential people. She used her stunning beauty, excellent conversation skills, and her intelligence to build some extremely amazing connections.

She was now one of the hidden power players in China.

In simple terms, she was the most loved woman of Wang Kun, the first ranked Vice Premier in the Chinese Communist party.

I was able to connect with Wang Kun as well as many other influential people thanks to her.

Jin Cuoqiang was one of those people.

However, he wasn’t a very reliable connection. Although I was pretty close to Li Xiang Nan, I was not that close with the others. I barely had time to get to know them better.

Basically, Li Xiang Nan is like my fan while the others take care of me every so often because of her.

That was why someone who was close to the high-ranked individuals in the Chinese Communist party would be very helpful for me.

That is, as long as that person is not bluffing.

Well, I was planning on going to China soon for the golf competition on Hainan Island. Li Xiang Nan asked me to participate during early February and I happily agreed to do so, knowing that it was a chance to expand my connections.

I can figure out this person’s level of influence at that time.

“I plan on participating in the Chinese Hainan competition at the end of the month. Please ask him for a list of people he can introduce me to at that time.”

– I understand.

I got another call as soon as I ended that call.

It was Fulfill’s executive director, Kim Sang Bin. Although Fulfill is a startup support company, it is also responsible for the acquisition of other companies as well. All of the experts were gathered within Fulfill.

I had been waiting for this call. I had given him some tasks related to the acquisition of an Electric Car Company almost immediately after discussions with Chairman Jung Man Yong went terrible.

Kim Sang Bin is a cold person. He just gave a brief greeting before getting right down to business.

> We have a meeting with the Chinese Hanam Motors.

“That’s great. The meeting with the US GM is in four days, right?”

> That is correct.

“I will participate in that meeting as well. Please send me over the related documents.”

> I will e-mail it to you right away. You should be able to open it in about 10 minutes.

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