Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 159: What they want and what I want (2)


A large limousine honked at me when I came out of the Hainan Airport. The car and the windows were all black, making me unable to see inside.

However, I walked toward the limousine without any hesitation. The middle door opened and a beautiful woman’s face became visible.

“Mr. Hwi Ram. Long time no see.”

It was Li Xiang Nan.

I quickly entered the limousine and sat across from Li Xiang Nan.

“Long time no see, jiejie. You seem to have gotten even prettier. Are you really the jiejie? Are you sure you’re not her younger sister?”

Li Xiang Nan really liked me calling her jiejie. It means older sister in Chinese.

Seeing me sucking up like this made Li Xiang Nan start to giggle in joy.

But it really was amazing. Her face should show some signs of her forty-two years of life, however, she still looked to be in her twenties. No matter how much medical help she may have received, it wouldn’t be possible without having some natural beauty from the start.

Her actions were lively and full of energy as well. Chatting with her always makes me feel like she’s full of knowledge.

It’s no wonder the leaders of the Chinese Communist party go crazy for Li Xiang Nan.

“Then how about we have a drink together tonight?”

Someone with Li Xiang Nan’s level of beauty could get any guy, regardless of her age. I wasn’t an exception.

However, I can’t do it with her. Li Xiang Nan was not just any woman.

I have to consider the powerful people behind her. Doing something wrong with her would make me end up on those people’s bad side and cause me to need to close up shop in China.

“How could I show myself in front of Vice Premier Wang Kun-nim if we did that.”

“Hoho, fine. I set the appointment for ten days later. You should be able to meet about four days after the tournament.”

“Thank you very much, jiejie.”

“I should be thanking you. Thanks for participating in this tournament. I saved a lot of face thanks to you.”

“Please let me know if you need my help in the future. I can happily do it once or twice a year.”

“Hoho, thank you.”

The Hainan PGA Tournament started four days later.

But it looks like I’m pretty famous in China as well. There were a significant number of people in the gallery. I had expected some fame, but it was much more than the number I had expected.

It was not just the gallery. All of the press had just followed me around while asking for interviews.

I felt like I was a top star even though I had only been a pro golfer for less than a year.

Actually, I suppose I am a top star. I’m already am ranked 15 in the world ranking. I’ve won a Major Tournament well.

Most importantly, I’ve participated in 14 tournaments and lifted the Winner’s Trophy fourteen times. I have a 100 percent success rate. I had an overwhelming record.

It did lead to some issues with famous players trying to avoid the tournaments that I was playing in. They knew that first place would be impossible if they played with me.

That made me wonder if I should control my stroke count to a decent degree. Maybe I should control my stroke count in not as important tournaments and be satisfied with second or third place.

I haven’t done that yet, but it might be necessary for future success.

However, I couldn’t do that in this Hainan Tournament. Li Xiang Nan will be watching. I also needed to make more Chinese people know my name.

* * *

I played my hardest until the end of the fourth round.

We finally arrived at the 18th hole on day 4. It was a 399 meters par 4 hole. It was a wide fairway with green trees on the side that left you feeling refreshed.

Now I was going to make that refreshing feeling even more intense.

[ Driver 400 Skill: Intermediate Level 7, 31%]


There was some wind blowing sideways, but I hit my shot while considering the wind. The ball flew slightly toward the left, but turned right toward the fairway by following the wind.

It then fell in front of the green before bouncing and rolling onto the green.



The gallery started to cheer.

The ball stopped 1.5 meters away from the cup. I finished the tournament off with a clean eagle putt.

I had a total score of 43 under par after four rounds. I was once again breaking the lowest stroke record that I had set at a previous tournament.

Flash! Flash!

Bang! Bang!

I heard the sounds of flashes and celebratory confetti going off. I also saw reporters running toward me as if they were competing with each other.

I was too used to this sight by now.

* * *

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