Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 161: Still on top of Buddha’s palm (2)

#Still on top of Buddha’s palm (2)

I finally woke back up. I could hear a lot of things I couldn’t understand.


“Kweh. Kikikoo. Kiroo. Kirooroo.”

“Kwellrooroo. Kikoorookookoo.”

‘Why is it so loud?’

However, I didn’t open my eyes to look around. I had a pretty good idea about who they were.

I’m sure they were being wary of me right now as well. Especially Chief.

I opened my eyes just slightly to peek around.

The first thing I saw was an extremely tall cliff.

There was a wide plaza at the bottom of the cliff with tents that seemed to be made with long grass.

I could also see Kobbits walking to and from.

Phew. A lot of things were different compared to the story in the game, but this part seemed to be following the story properly.

That meant that everything from here was as clear as if it was happening on top of my palms.

However, there were a large number of Kobbits. I could see at least 400 of them when I peeked out. There were probably close to 1,000 total Kobbits.

‘The Kobbit Village is bigger than I expected.’

I cautiously looked around.

A bonfire was burning right next to me. I then found Chief.

Chief was observing me at that moment as well. He seems to have remained alert as he knew how dangerous I could be.

Chief jumped up in shock as soon as we made eye contact.

“Kirooroo. Kirookookoorookoo. Kirookirook. Caw!”

I felt something prick me by my waist again. My mind then started to fade away.

I guess they used the poison again.

But why is it affecting me so much? I wasn’t this weak against poison in the game.

‘Ah! That’s actually not the case!’

My consciousness quickly came right back. I seemed to have quickly become resistant to the Kobbit poison. I was fine after less than one minute.

The ropes around my hands and feet weren’t very strong either. I put some strength into it, and it seemed ready to break.

This meant that I could easily break out whenever I felt like it.

But where are my stuff? The fact that my body felt so light meant that they moved my magic bag and Goonto’s Twin Blades. I didn’t have my Shadow Fox’s Leather Armor on either.

But I wasn’t in much danger.

Kobbits are barely at level 10.

Of course, the Kobbits here were different than normal Kobbits. They were stronger because of the demonic aura. If you compare them in terms of levels, they were probably stronger than regular Kobbits at level 100.

That was why Chief could not defeat them and was kicked out of here.

But it didn’t matter. My level reached 450 as we crossed through the Western District to get here. In terms of abilities alone, I should be able to easily handle monsters up to level 500.

So, would a level 100 Kobbit be dangerous? It was no problem even without my weapon or armor.

But I just quietly waited. My goal was not to obliterate the Kobbit herd. I needed to use them to complete the Western District quest.

I needed to meet their leader to do that. The Kobbit leader had the Warrior’s Ring that I needed to complete the first quest.

He would hide elsewhere if I acted too early, making it difficult to find him again.

‘Where are you? Hurry up and show yourself.’

I continued to wait.

I felt a prick at my side or butt every so often. The Kobbits seemed to be using the poison on me at regular intervals.

Thanks to that, my resistance to their poison continued to grow quickly. Now my mind didn’t even feel hazy after getting pricked.

I just didn’t like the feeling of being pricked over and over.

A moment later.

“Caw! Kiroogoroogooroo.”


The Kobbits started to act weird. They seemed to be a bit excited.

I peeked out to see what was going on.

The fire next to me had gotten much stronger than before. The Kobbits were all gathered around the fire and jumping up and down as they moved around it.

Some of them came over and picked up the log that I was tied too. They then put me directly on top of the bonfire.

‘These punks are trying to roast me?’

I scoffed. They were thinking lightly about a Best Blacksmith recognized by Lord Volcanus.

Naturally, I was fine. This kind of bonfire was nothing compared to the heat of the cedar tree coals. It didn’t even feel hot.

However, I pretended that it was hot. I twisted my body and pretended to be in pain. That was the only way for me to move my body and look around without causing any suspicions.

‘Where is he? Is he still not here?’

I noticed a Kobbit that was dressed differently at that moment. He was dressed fancily almost as if he was a shaman.

He was also much bigger than the other Kobbits.

‘It must be him! I got him!’

It was now time to cut the ropes tying me down.

But I didn’t even need to put in any effort. The large bonfire gobbled my body up, burning the ropes in the process.

They loosened easily with a short noise. I was almost right above the fire once I did that.

I tensed my entire body up.


The ropes that had burned from the fire instantly ripped. I was completely free now.

I grabbed the log with both hands and did some acrobatics as I threw my body out of the fire. The Kobbits all jumped back in shock.

I didn’t have time to pay attention to the others. I rushed toward the Kobbit Chieftain who was wearing that fancy outfit.


The Kobbits started to urgently speak to each other as I made my move.



“Kiroo. Kiroo!”

Poison darts started to fly toward me at the same time.

Of course, the majority of them could not hit me. I was using my extremely high agility to move around very quickly.

Some of them did hit me but didn’t affect me at all. I was already completely immune to that poison.

The Kobbit Chieftain started to run. He didn’t even try to fight against me.

However, it was useless. The Kobbit Chieftain looked like he was crawling like a baby in my eyes.

I instantly narrowed the distance between us and grabbed him by the neck. I then shouted toward Chief. At least Chief was able to understand human language.

“Chief! Tell them to surrender! Otherwise I will twist this punk’s neck off.”

Chief and the other Kobbits flinched. They started to talk to themselves.

Of course, they were talking in the Kobbit language I did not understand.



“Kiroo. Kiroo!”

What the hell are they saying?

I think I could tell based on the atmosphere. They were full of anger and seemed to want to challenge me rather than being afraid or concerned. They started to tightly clench their sticks or axes in their hands which showed me I was probably right.

‘They’re just asking for a beating, huh?’

It wasn’t like I didn’t have a method.

I could also see some things to the side that I was happy to see. I could see my magic bag, Goonto’s Twin Blades, and the Shadow Fox’s Leather Armor. They were a bit of a distance away, but all of them were gathered together.


The Kobbits seemed to have made up their minds. They all started to charge toward me.

I broke the Kobbit Chieftain’s arms and legs. I then punched his head with my fist.

I controlled my strength enough that he wouldn’t die. Otherwise, I would have received a message that I acquired the Warrior’s Ring in his possession.

He’s just fainted.

It wouldn’t matter even if he woke back up. He won’t be able to escape quickly even if the other Kobbits helped him because I broke both his arms and legs.

Now it was time to show these bastards some pain.


I quickly started to move.

Chief saw me and shouted in shock.

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