Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 161: Still on top of Buddha’s palm (2)

“Kiroorooroo. Kiroo. Kiroo.”

His finger was pointed at my equipment in the distance. He was probably telling them to stop me before I got my hands on Goonto’s Twin Blades.

But I was much faster. It was a bit away but only about 30 meters away total. I instantly shortened the distance.

Some of the Kobbits got in my way but they all flew away with a single punch. I then got my hands on Goonto’s Twin Blades.

I was finally fully confident. I could indeed defeat these Kobbits without Goonto’s Twin Blades, but there’s a big difference between having these and not having these.

‘Great! Shall I show them what they got themselves into?’

[Drake’s TBSA]

I charged in toward a group of Kobbits and started to swing Goonto’s Twin Blades.

It was a one-sided massacre. They just became massacred faster and faster when more of them gathered together.

Over 300 Kobbits had turned into corpses within 2 minutes. It was over half of the visible Kobbits.

The Kobbits finally seemed to have figured out how urgent this situation currently is. They could no longer approach me and slowly started to back away.

I didn’t have any need to catch any of the other ones. I only needed two of them.

One was the Kobbit Chieftain.

He was still unconscious. The other Kobbits didn’t seem to have the luxury of trying to save the Kobbit Chieftain.

Then there was just one Kobbit left that I needed.

‘Chief, you bastard! Now it’s time to come back!’

Chief really was a witty one. He had already started to run after seeing the atmosphere around the fight become one-sided. He was about 100 meters away from me.

Meh, only 100 meters.

I kicked off the ground again and charged toward Chief.

The shocked Chief ran toward the forest. He became invisible as he ran.

‘Invisible magic.’

I was expecting this. It was a pretty effective method. I could see through the darkness with my Owl’s Eyes but I could not see through invisible magic.

But no worries. There’s a way to look through the invisible magic.

‘Guardian Elemental! Go!’

A bright orb inside my chest shot out.

I used the Guardian Elemental’s eyes instead of my own to look around.

The Guardian Elemental uses the flow of mana to see things instead of using light. And invisible magic is unable to hide the flow of mana.

I could soon see where Chief was standing. His silhouette was very hazy as I was using mana to look. However, I could at least be certain that he was there.

He was hiding behind a large tree. The tree was surrounded by tall grass as well, making it so I would never be able to find him with my eyes.

I put my hand inside my bag. I grabbed something squishy. It was the paint that I used in the Northern Mines to hunt Chief.

I threw my body toward the grass behind the tree where Chief was hiding. Chief started to run in shock.

I could faintly make him out as he ran. I threw the paint toward where he was running.


The paint hit him and now I could see him without the Guardian Elemental’s help.

Chief stopped moving once he saw what happened. He removed the invisible magic and revealed himself. He then looked toward me and kneeled.

“Caw! Master, please don’t kill me!”

I didn’t have any plans on killing him. I needed Chief to make it easier to complete the remaining Western District quest. Furthermore, it would make it easier to make this Western District mine.

I needed Chief to be my slave again for that.

“So that you can betray me again?”

“Caw! I will never betray you ever again. I will serve you forever and be your loyal slave, master! Please give me just one more chance.”

The first and second times really were different. I heard a lot of different messages the first time I took Chief in as a slave, but this second time was too simple. There wasn’t anything to gain from it either.

“Fine. I will give you one more chance.”

I heard a message once I agreed to it.

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