Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 162: Demons’ Mine (1)

I created a portal at the cave entrance. The red portal was created in less than 3 seconds and the others soon came through from the other side.

The brave Dwarf Goonto was naturally in the lead.

“What took you so long? I was so bored.”

The other Dwarves soon arrived before Rohas, Harrison, Shione and the others all showed up.

“Huh, why did your numbers go down?”

Two of Harrison’s group had died. There were 71 when I left them but only 69 came through.

“Do you think we were chilling in some kind of paradise? There were so many monsters.”

“We couldn’t even sleep properly because they appeared at night.”

“Ahaha. Didn’t you sleep all you want during the day?”

I understood what happened.

I did leave them in the middle of the Western District that was known as one of the most dangerous areas.

“But where is this place?
Is that perhaps……?”

Goonto glared at the large cave entrance.

He looks like he would be slow, but he seems to be quite sharp.

“You’re right. That is the Demons’ Mine. You’ve been taking good care of Chubach’s Solar Blade, right?”

“Of course.”

Goonto touched his scabbard. He had brought his own solar blade that he had made along with Chubach’s Solar Blade to hunt the monsters.

“Then let’s get started. I will lead the way. Goonto, you stick behind me with all of them.”

Goonto finally turned his head to see the group of Kobbits.

There were approximately 60 of them. We had started with over 100 Kobbits, but they had kept dying along the way.

The Kobbits became stronger due to the demonic aura, but they were still less than level 200. On the other hand, Dwarves were the warrior race that were known to be strong.

The Kobbits all flinched as the Dwarves glared at them.

“Why do we need these weak ass monsters?”

“Pathfinders. They are from the area.”

That was enough explanation. Goonto nodded his head in understanding.

“Then let’s hurry up. I want to finish this and head home.”

That was my plan as well.

But I still needed to put some precautions in place.

The Shadow Fox’s Leather Armor should make it difficult to find me in that dark cave.

However, it would still be better to put another set of eyes in front of me.

‘Guardian Elemental, lead the way.’

A shining orb popped out of my clothes as I gave the order.

The Guardian Elemental uses a bit of Spirit Energy. That was why I might not be able to use Spirit Energy in a time of need if I kept it active for a long period of time.

But I really needed it right now for safety reasons.

I was able to see 20 meters ahead of me thanks to the Guardian Elemental.

I quickly started to move after confirming it was safe. Goonto, Harrison, and the others placed magic lights on their foreheads and followed behind me.


Two Hell Spiders suddenly popped out from behind a large boulder. They seemed to have been waiting to strike.

They were aiming directly at my face.

“Watch out!”


I heard Goonto and Harrison’s concerned shouts coming from behind me.

However, they had no choice but to gasp. Goonto’s Twin Blades moved as soon as the Hell Spiders popped out.


The two Hell Spiders quickly turned into corpses and fell to the ground. I had sliced them in one hit.

“What is going on? You easily took care of the sneak attack earlier as well.”

“Did you know that the monsters were here?”

Of course I knew. Why else would I be using Spirit Energy in order to keep the Guardian Elemental in front of me?

But there was no reason to let them know about the Guardian Elemental. I just told them it was a floating magic light.

As for how I was able to notice these sneak attacks?

“I already told you. I’m a bit special.”

It wasn’t really telling them how, but they just nodded their heads. I had shown them enough surprising things for them to not question this.

“What are you doing? We still have a long way to go.”

I took the lead once again.

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