Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 163: Demons’ Mine (2)

The amount of times we ran into monsters became more frequent as we went farther into the cave. The difficulty level of each group of monsters went up as well.

Honestly speaking, I was thankful for that. I had used up a lot of Spirit Energy in order to maintain my Guardian Elemental, so the monsters appearing every so often allowed me to refill my Spirit Energy.

However, I did feel burdened by them starting from some point. It was because monsters like the Stone Golems started to pop up.

It would have been fine if they had showed up along with weaker monsters for me to use as stepping stones for combo, but the Stone Golems tended to move on their own.

My level was higher and my weapons were fortified, however, my strength is still low such that there is a limit to the damage I can do without using combo. My current situation was that I could barely leave a scratch on the Stone Golems without using combo.

I stepped back whenever a Stone Golem appeared while Goonto and the Dwarves stepped in to fight.

Dwarves really were strong. This was especially the case for Goonto, who had reached the level of One with the Sword, who was using his personally crafted Solar Blade in order to cause significant amounts of damage.

Because of that, Harrison and the other humans were kind of useless. Only Bernard could do something by using support magic to help Goonto and the Dwarves.


The final Stone Golem broke down.

Goonto wiped some sweat off of his forehead with his sleeve.

“Damn bastard. He kept coming back alive every time we broke him apart.”

That really was the case. They would use strong attacks to destroy it into pieces, but those pieces would just gather together in order to create another Stone Golem.

It revived at least twenty times like that.

“It won’t revive again, right?”

“Let it try. I’ll completely turn it into dust this time.”

The Dwarves continued to swing their swords at the destroyed remains as if they were venting their anger.

The sounds of their swords clanging echoed throughout the cave each time.

But something was weird. I could hear something else along with the clanging noises.

“Hold on! Be quiet for a moment!”

The Dwarves stopped their swords after hearing my shout. The others became tense and looked around as well.

The entire area was filled with silence for a moment.

I could hear the sound more clearly now.


It was the sound of a monster.

However, I was not familiar with this cry. I had faced a significant number of monsters through the Demon Cave clearings, but I had never heard this type of cry before.

Furthermore, it was not just a cry.



That was definitely monsters talking to each other. Those noises were also quickly approaching us.

I couldn’t help but become nervous. I guess I should say that I could feel the power of darkness?

Anyway, it was a creepy feeling. I was certain that they were monsters that were at a different class than the ones we’ve faced until now.

It could even be those bastards.

“Battle formations!”

The others seemed to have gotten the same feeling.

It made sense since all of them have also spent their lives fighting against monsters. Their survival instincts probably developed even without them noticing it.


We picked an area where the cave narrowed to put up a wall. The Dwarves took out large shields from their magic bags in order to create the shield wall while Harrison’s group took out long spears to point between the shields.

The horde of monsters were now visible to us. They were not at a distance where the magic lights could reach them, however, I could clearly see them with the help of the Guardian Elemental.

My heart sank the moment I saw them.


Goonto who was next to me with a shield up urgently asked after hearing me mumble.

“What is it? What kind of monsters are they?”

I didn’t need to tell them. They moved extremely quickly and had gotten much closer in the short duration it took Goonto to ask me those questions.

Now they were at a distance where the magic light could reach, making Goonto and the others able to see the monsters.

But I guess I should answer the question since I was asked.


In simple terms, they were not monsters. Demons were different than monsters, similar to how humans, Dwarves, and Elves were different than deer, dogs, tigers, etc.

In simple terms, you could say that they were a different race that was supposed to live in the Demon World.

I guess I should have expected them to show up. This cave was called the Demons’ Mine after all. I also met some Demons in the Western District when I played the game.

That was why I knew that I would eventually run into them.

I just never expected to meet them so early like this.

“Demons? Then we need to capture them. What are you doing?”

Goonto raised his voice.

It allowed me to come back to my senses.

Honestly speaking, I was a bit afraid of the Demons. I had died quite a bit hunting Demons in the game. That happened when I was close to level 500.

But my current level was barely over 400. I must have subconsciously thought that it would be impossible to hunt the Demons with my current abilities.

However, it wasn’t something that could be avoided. As Goonto mentioned, we needed to fight and win, or at least go out fighting.

Furthermore, I had reliable party members unlike during the game. I also had Spirit Energy that I did not have in the game.

‘Alright! Let’s do it!’

Thankfully, there were not many Demons. There were only four of them.

I had decent information about the Demons. I knew their strengths and weaknesses. It was because of how many times they killed me in the game.

Their most dangerous trait was their speed!

“They are fast! Be careful!”

I shouted as loud as I could. The Demons seemed to want to prove what I had just said with their bodies as they closed the gap between us at extreme speeds.


However, their movement was even faster than I had expected. They were running on the walls as if they were defying the laws of gravity. Some of them were even walking on the ceiling as if it was the floor. Doing that didn’t slow them down at all either.


“What the! What the fuck are those?!”


“These bastards!”

Goonto and the Dwarves moved their shields toward the direction of the Demons. Harrison and the humans were attacking with their spears as well.

Bernard was in the back shooting Fire Arrows toward the Demons. For Bernard, who was extremely talented in fire magic, Fire Arrow was the strongest attack in his arsenal.

However, none of the attacks could cause any damage to the Demons. How could they when all of them missed because the Demons were too fast?

But they still had some effects. The Demons could not properly launch attacks as they were trying to dodge our attacks.

The wall made by the Dwarves’ shields was especially sturdy. The Demons would be stabbed by the spears at least twice if they tried to sneak in through the gaps.


The Demons moved away from us as if they were performing a strategic retreat.

However, they did not stop their attacks. They were glaring at us from a distance. They seemed to be talking to each other about how they could effectively attack us.




“What the fuck are those bastards saying?”

How would I know? I had nothing to respond back.

“I have a bad feeling for some reason. Should we just go up and get them?”

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