Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 163: Demons’ Mine (2)

The Dwarves seemed a bit nervous. I knew that their personalities were like fire, but this seemed more like wanting to move out of nervousness rather than because of their personalities.


“Why? Do you have a solution?”

“I’m thinking about it right now.”

I brushed aside Goonto’s question and started to think.

There were not many strengths and weaknesses about the Demons that I knew about. I didn’t face them too many times in the game.

However, I definitely have experience hunting them. That experience alone would allow me to come up with a plan to defeat them.

First of all, Demons have extremely high magic resistance. Spells related to fire, ice, or light cannot cause them any damage. I’m certain that they would have been completely fine even if they were hit by Bernard’s strong Fire Arrows.

But I think I remember that Lighting magic worked on them. However, it was only enough to make them flinch.

‘What were the Demons weak against……’

‘Right! The only thing that worked was overwhelming strength!’

The only successful method to defeat Demons in the game was when my party members and I had suppressed them with overwhelming strength.

And one more thing.

‘Spirit Energy!’

Spirit Energy and Demonic aura were opposing forces, so pure Spirit Energy should be able to cause them damage.

However, there was nobody here who could use Spirit Energy. I could use Spirit Energy to change it into stat points like strength or agility, however, I could not use pure Spirit Energy either.

Those were the only options. I needed to use those two facts to come up with a way to defeat the Demons.

Let’s increase the strength of my party members first.

“Kaicher. Take this.”

I took something out of my bag and handed it to Kaicher.

“What is it?”

Kaicher had a confused expression as he received the item. He was so shocked after looking at it that he almost jumped.

“This is……!”

‘We will talk about it later. Put it on for now.”

‘The Warrior’s Ring!”

It was a ring specifically made to fend off darkness. Any abilities related to the Ares Temple would increase by 60 percent as well.

Kaicher would benefit significantly by using the ring.

Kaicher did not ask more questions. He quietly put the ring on as he agreed that dealing with the Demons was the biggest issue right now.

I then felt an odd aura coming out of Kaicher. His divine powers seemed to have been activated to fight against darkness.

I’m sure that the Demons must have felt it as I could feel it. They suddenly stopped talking and started to glare at Kaicher.

‘Kaicher might be in a bit of danger.’

On the other hand, it meant that I could use Kaicher as bait. It was kind of dangerous, but anything we did right now would be dangerous anyway.

“They will aim for Kaicher. Protect him.”

The Demons started to move even before I could finish speaking.

As expected, they were aiming for Kaicher. They were all running toward him. They seemed to have agreed that they needed to get rid of Kaicher first.

But how are they so fast?!

But I at least had a plan.

“Bernard. Other spells will not work. Only use lightning magic. Or just support from the back.”

Bernard responded with his actions. He changed his attack from Fire Arrows to Thunderbolts.

Honestly speaking, support magic would be more helpful, but Thunderbolts were decently helpful as well.

Crackle- crackle-

The Demons had to change directions every time a Thunderbolt charged toward them. It forced them to slow down.

It was my turn now.

I first opened up a Demon Cave scroll. It was a mid-sized Demon Cave under level 100. We shouldn’t feel any pressure from the monsters coming out of a Demon Cave if it is this low level.

Harrison shouted in shock as the Demon Cave opened up.

“What are you doing?!”

I didn’t have time to explain. Every second was important right now.

Now it was time to lower their abilities. This was the case for the Demons as well as the monsters coming out of the Demon Cave.

I put a significant amount of Intelli Points into my magic.

I wanted to put all 3000+ points into magic, but that was impossible. The maximum amount you could use at once was 50 percent of the total. There was also a cap of 1,000 points at once.

But that was not it.

‘Put Spirit Energy into magic as well!’

Thanks to that, my magic stat was raised by close to 2,000 all at once. This should be enough.

I tightened my core and pulled out as much mana as possible.

[Dragon Fear: Intermediate Level 4, 21%]


The Demons had made it past the gaps of the shields at some point and were charging toward our formation.

However, they all stumbled after hearing my Dragon Fear that was at least five times stronger than normal. The ones running along the walls and ceiling fell to the ground as well.

The problem was that my party members were affected as well. They weren’t as shocked as the Demons because we were on the same side, but they seemed to have blanked for a moment at the sudden shout.

I needed to hurry. They will only be affected by Dragon Fear for a moment.

There would be no chance of victory if I missed this opening. Dragon Fear’s cooldown time is so long that it would be difficult to get another opportunity like this.

The Demons were already squirming and starting to get back up. They seemed to have already overcome the effects of Dragon Fear.

“Bernard! Thunderbolt!”

Bernard quickly snapped back to his senses. He then raised his staff and launched more Thunderbolts.

Crackle- crackle-

He really is a talented magician. His cooldown time was so short that he launched four Thunderbolts in less than two seconds.

He then continued to launch more Thunderbolts. The Demons who had barely managed to overcome the Dragon Fear buckled once more after being hit by the Thunderbolts.

Is it my turn now?

However, I heard an odd shout coming from next to me.


It was Kaicher.

I could not help but smile.

‘It’s finally here! The real Kaicher, the Warrior of Light is finally here!’


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