Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 164: Demons’ Mine (3)

This Kaicher was different than normal. It was similar to a volcano that had been gathering its energy for a long time suddenly exploding.

It was pure yet violent. He had both unbelievable speed and extreme strength that made me feel like he could even slice a boulder in half.

I’m sure it was thanks to the Warrior’s Ring. Kaicher’s strength seemed to have increased to at least twice the normal level thanks to the ring.

He had also put all of the Guard Points he had into strength and agility as well.

In addition, he even activated Life Suction, which is a unique skill that only Warriors of Light can use. With Life Suction, he can increase his strength or agility by sacrificing his HP.

Maybe that was the reason. He seemed to be much stronger than even Goonto, who was the strongest of the Dwarves who were known as the warrior race.

Kaicher caused a gust of wind as he charged toward the Demons.

The Demons flinched at the pressure coming from Kaicher. However, they quickly recovered and then twisted their bodies to dodge Kaicher’s attacks.

Kaicher swung his body following their movements.

However, the Demons really were strong. They did not seem to be being pushed back even though Kaicher was giving off such pressure.

In fact, I was even feeling that Kaicher was in danger after jumping in between four Demons.

It really was time for me to step up. I needed to do something to protect Kaicher.

“Stone Elves, come out!”

I activated the souls of the Stone Elves. They were connected to my mind thanks to my friendliness with the fairies, so all I needed to do was think in order to summon them.

Crrrrrrrr- Crrrrr-

The boulders by the walls of the cave started to twitch before twelve Stone Elves appeared.

The rest of the people with me pointed their swords in shock.

“Aah! Stone Golems!”

Such idiots. Did they not hear me just shout for the Stone Elves?

“They’re on our side! Stone Elves! Catch those guys!”

I calmed the others down while giving a command to the Stone Elves.

‘Squash them with your bodies like last time!’

I didn’t need to tell them out loud. They could read my mind, so they started to move toward the Demons as soon as they appeared.

The Dwarves quickly figured out the situation. They started to charge toward the Demons to squash them as well.

Harrison and the others were not just chilling either. They were using their long spears to stab the Demons.

However, the Demons had very strong defenses. They could not cause a serious injury no matter how hard they stabbed.

Goonto swung his Solar Blade with all of his strength as well, however, the Demons’ bodies were as hard as rocks.

That was why I had opened the Demon Cave. The only way to quickly and effectively destroy these Demons was to hit them with an extremely high amount of damage at once.

I put my remaining 260 Spirit Energy into agility. I then activated the strong weapon in my arsenal.

[Combo (Under 40%): Advanced Level 5, 57%]

[Drake’s TBSA Advanced Level 4, 35%]

I started to create a combo using the monsters of the Demon Cave as stepping stones.


Drake’s TBSA that had risen to Advanced Level 4 could now hand up to five critical hits within one second while combo being at Advanced Level 5 increased my damage by 30 percent every hit.

Thanks to that, I had a combo of over 40 hits in less than 10 seconds that could cause over 500,000 damage per hit.

I don’t know how strong the Demons’ defense and toughness may be, however, I doubt they can handle over 500,000 damage.

I quickly charged toward the Demons.

“Move! Bernard!”

These party members had been working with me for over two years already. We traveled through this Western District with strong monsters together.

They quickly understood my intentions once they heard my voice. The Dwarves and the Stone Elves who could read my mind all quickly moved out of the way.

The Demons instantly became free as they moved away.

However, they could not dodge my combo. It was because Bernard launched a thunderbolt at the right time.


I poured my combos on the Demons at the same time.


48 hit combo, 49 hit combo, 50 hit combo, 51 hit combo……






The damage really shot up exponentially. It was only at 500,000 at the 40 hit combo, but it was over 5 million damage at the 50 hit combo.

Based on how it was affecting the Demons, it seemed as if their defense was slightly over 400,000.

However, their vitality was not very high. Their bodies split into two without being able to resist a single hit beyond 400,000 damage.

I heard a refreshing voice as soon as a Demon died.

Demon Slayer.

What kind of expression would people have if I revealed this title in front of them? I’m sure it would be much more shocking than even the Gold Bone Dragon Slayer title.

Anyway, my gains were quite awesome. I received a Stone Elf’s Soul that I thought I would only be able to gather once I got past the Wall of Grief, and most importantly, Reinforced Toughness went up by 10 points.

However, it wasn’t over just yet. I only managed to get rid of one of them so far.

I did not stop my combo.

Bernard was continuously casting spells to hold the Demons in place while I continued to swing Goonto’s Twin Blades at about one swing per 0.2 seconds.

All four Demons were killed in an instant.

It seemed like an overwhelming victory, but honestly speaking, there were many dangerous moments that made my heart beat wildly. The Demons were still moving pretty quickly even with Bernard launching thunderbolts as fast as possible.

The situation was so serious that I didn’t even have time to blow the Horn Flute of Darkness. I could have lowered the Demons’ strengths by 10 percent if I had managed to blow it.

I was only able to overcome the Demons’ agility because of the Spirit Energy I put into agility.

I couldn’t help but sigh in relief.

I was not the only one. Everybody let out sighs as they plopped down on the ground.

This was the same even for the Dwarves who were known as the battling race.

“Huuu, I never expected to meet Demons here.”

“By the way, your twin blade sword art gets more amazing every time I see it. Did you say that it was called Drake’s TBSA? I want to learn it too.”

What nonsense.

Each person has sword arts that are suited for them. Drake’s TBSA is something only suited for people whose agility is at the max. The Solar Blade suits a warrior like Goonto, whose stats have focused on raising his strength.

“Just focus on what you already know. Anyway, it is probably best to step back for a bit.”

I started to head out of the cave.

Goonto looked at me with a confused expression.

“Uhh, why?”

Kaicher was trying to catch his breath as he looked as me as well.

“I think the Wall of Grief is right in front of us.”

“Then we should go forward. Are you thinking about giving up now?”

Of course, that wasn’t the case. Our goal was right in front of us.

I just wanted to buy us some time. It would be too dangerous to go up against any more Demons in our current state.

Honestly speaking, we didn’t have many casualties during this battle thanks to luck. We would have lost if our teamwork was even slightly less perfect.

We also don’t know how many more Demons might be inside. We might even have to go up against tens of Demons at once.

I would have raised my level to 500 if I knew this would be the case.

However, we have to see to the end of it since we came all the way here. Of course, we need to find the safest method possible.

“We will come back after devising a plan to handle the Demons.”

“You think you’ll be able to come up with a good plan?”

Even I had no idea if I could do so. I wasn’t sure if the Royal Roader draft plan had any information on the Demons.

I knew it wasn’t in the Monster draft plan at least. However, information might be located elsewhere since they were different than monsters.

“Just give me four days.”

Then I should be able to return to the human world. I would have found out the Demons’ weaknesses by the time I return if they exists.

“Sure. Nothing will change because we wait for four days.”

“Fine. Let’s move first. They might appear again if we stay here.”

I took the lead and headed toward the opposite side of the cave. I then took a look at the Demon’s Ring that I received after killing the Demons. I was full of anticipation that it would be good since they were so hard to kill.

It definitely lived up to my expectations.

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