Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 165: Akto’s Reward (1)

“Everybody, gather around.”

All of them quickly gathered around me.

I thoroughly explained the traits of the Demons. What kind of Demons there were, as well as unique appearance traits of the different Demons. I also explained how to defeat the Demons.

It was not very hard. It would be a problem if more than three different types of Demons were together, however, the Demons’ Mine only seemed to have the Battle Demons, so I focused on them.

The explanation was extremely detailed but difficult to remember after hearing it once, so I repeated myself three or four times.

I left the most important weakness that all of the Demons shared until the end.

“I can shake them up. However, it will not last even one minute, so you need to aim for that opening.”


“Is there anything else you have questions on?”

“That much is enough. Everybody just needs to do their part properly.”

I nodded my head at Goonto’s comment. I then looked back toward Harrison.

“That is indeed the case. What do you think? Can you do it?”

“We have no choice. But how do you know so much about the Demons?”

It’s only natural for them to be curious. No humans have fought against Demons since the great war against the Demon World 1,000 years ago.

Few people probably know anything about Demons at all.

However, you could find information if you looked for it. There are historical texts in Royal Roader as well. Someone was bound to leave some records behind.

“I read it in a book. I purposely looked it up while thinking that we might run into Demons here.”

“Oh, there’s such a book? Where did you find it?”

I didn’t expect for him to dig so deep. I’ll need to keep lying to answer his questions, but that might end up coming to bite my ass later.

Let’s cut it off here.

“I borrowed it from a traveler while I was going through the Ameri Kingdom. I was lucky. Now then, is everybody ready? How about we head out now?”

“Let’s go. My body has been itching for a while.”

“We can finally stretch a bit. Hahaha.”

The Dwarves were naturally the first to move. Harrison, who wanted to ask more questions, shut up and got up as well after seeing me getting up with the Dwarves.

We headed back into the deep parts of the Demons’ Mine.

Of course, I was in the front. I felt like I was wasting Spirit Energy, but I made my Guardian Elemental go in front of me just in case.

We kept our presence hidden as much as possible. It slowed us down, but it will allow us to move as safely as possible.

We walked for quite a while. It happened once we walked about one kilometer farther than where we fought against the Demons last time.

‘Something’s here!’

I wasn’t certain about it, but I had a feeling.

I raised my hand and crouched down, making the others behind me quickly crouch down as well.

It was extremely silent.

I tried to focus as much as possible. I could faintly hear the voices of some Demons in front of us.

It was so faint that I could not determine how far they were. However, they were at least within 200 meters.

I needed to make a decision now. Will we stealthily approach where the Demons are and ambush them? Or will we set up in an area with advantageous terrain and draw the Demons there?

It will probably be difficult to stealthily approach them. The Demons ran more than one kilometer last time in order to attack us. That showed that they were very sensitive.

It would be fine if I was on my own, but we probably could not even reach within 50 meters of them if we all moved together.

“Let’s find a spot.”

Harrison responded back to me in a quiet voice.

“What about that spot we just passed by?”

That was the spot I was thinking about as well. It was an area where it became extremely narrow on all sides.

We should be able to last a while if we stand in that area and block with shields even if my methods don’t work.

“Let’s go over there.”

We moved back about 50 meters.

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