Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 166: Akto’s Reward (2)

# Akto’s Reward (2)

There were no more moving Demons.

I could finally let out a deep sigh.


“Vint, Karaman, Razel……”

Harrison and the others walked over to the corpses of their dead friends. They lamented over their deaths for a while.

However, they were not completely entrenched in their sorrows. This wasn’t the first time they lost people along the way. They all knew the dangers before coming here.

Most importantly, it was not done yet. We had gotten rid of ten Demons, but we were still not at the Wall of Grief where Akto’s soul is sealed.

I was certain that there would be Demons guarding that place as well. There might even be more than ten of them.

The fact that they haven’t appeared probably means that they plan on greeting us at the Wall of Grief.

We needed to worry about that battle right now.

“Let’s maintain our formation, but rest for 30 minutes.”

Everyone sat down and started to maintain their equipment.

[Kang Hwi Ram Level 453]

Dexterity: Advanced Level 8, 95%

Strength: 415

Agility: 2,015

Stamina: 103

Intuition: 148

Magic: 203

Vitality: 42

Mana: 802

HP: 873

Endurance: 41

Reinforced Toughness: 160

Guard Point: 3,598

Intelli Point: 1,956

Spirit Energy: 95

*Available Points: 50

My Intelli Points had decreased a lot. It was because I put it toward Magic in order to strengthen the power of my Dragon Fear.

My Spirit Energy fell to under 100 points as well.

There was an easy way for me to recover my Spirit Energy, but it was different for Intelli Points.

I only had enough left to use it two or three times.

But I had no intention of saving it. A mediocre increase in Magic won’t help much, so I plan on using a lot each time.

I still had about 80 Sand Warrior’s Voices as well. I should have plenty to use during this clearing.

If I end up using all of them, then I just need to go back to the Magman Continent and hunt some more Sand Warriors.

I now had 26 Stone Elf’s Souls.

The Stone Elves are actually much stronger than Harrison’s group in terms of strength and tactical benefits. Because of that, our overall strength went up even though we lost 10 people during this battle.

Thinking like that made me a bit sad. I was thinking in such a calculated manner when my party members had just died.

But I couldn’t help it. I had to do what I needed to do in order to keep the living alive until the end. I’m sure that’s what the dead would want as well.

‘But I wonder how many Demons will be guarding the Wall of Grief.’

I feel like the next battle will be a serious one. Unlike the other ones, the Demons will be prepared and we will need to go to them rather than have them come to us.

‘What should we do?’

I did have a method that came to mind.

But I didn’t know how it would go. Demons had very high intuition levels.

But I had no other choice.

“Shall we head out now?”

“Yes. Let’s go. We need to finish this.”

Goonto and the others all got up.

I first recovered my Spirit Energy.

It was simple. I just needed to open up a decent-sized Demon Cave and hunt the monsters. My Spirit Energy became full after hunting about 500 monsters around level 200.

[Spirit Energy: 1,564]

I cautiously started to walk.

We must have walked about 2 km. I could see anther group of Demons.

The Demons noticed us as well. They were all looking toward our direction and seemed wary.

However, they did not come charging at us. It seemed as if there was something there for them to protect.

‘That must be where the Wall of Grief is located!’

I should be able to rescue Akto’s soul if I got rid of those Demons.

Thankfully, the number of Demons was not as much as I thought. I could only see six of them over there.

Was it possible that others were hiding?

There were large pillars, so I would not be able to see them if they were hiding.

However, I could easily check that.

We first needed to create a formation. We would be at a disadvantage if we started to fight without a plan.

“Create the wall!”

The Dwarves put up their shields to create a wall.

“Maintain formation and move forward one step at a time.”

All of them followed my directions well. We slowly approached the Demons while looking as if we were pushing a castle wall made of shields one step at a time.

‘Guardian Elemental. Go take a look.’

I used the Guardian Elemental to check behind the pillars.

There were no Demons hiding behind the nearest pillars. The Guardian Elemental checked the other pillars as well, but there were no Demons.

Did that mean there were only six of them?

‘This could be easier than I thought.’

We still needed to be cautious. I cannot forget that a single Demon that made it through the formation had killed a lot of people.

I continued to move the formation forward. We were moving very slowly.

We got to a point where we were about 30m away from the Demons.

However, the Demons still did not move. They stood with a large pillar behind them and glared at us viciously.

‘Is that pillar the Wall of Grief?’

I could not confirm it here. I’m sure that I’ll see something if I take a close look after defeating the Demons.

“Shall we get started? Bernard!”

We had already discussed the plan. Everybody knew what they needed to do and when they needed to do it.

Shione used point magic to buff Bernard’s attacks. Bernard sent out fortified thunderbolts.


The Demons moved side to side to dodge the thunderbolts.

However, they did not move far from the pillar they were guarding. They seemed to be on a mission to defend the pillar no matter what.

Thanks to that, Bernard’s thunderbolts were hitting the Demons at least one out of three tries.

I took out the Horn Flute of Darkness and blew into it.


The Demons started to frown. Their movement speed slowed down a bit and Bernard’s thunderbolts started to hit fifty percent of the time.

However, they still did not move away. It seemed as if they were waiting for us to get closer.

I couldn’t let that happen. We didn’t have a reason to do that either.

We stayed in place as well. I played the Horn Flute of Darkness whenever I had a chance while Bernard continued to throw thunderbolts that were fortified by Shione’s support.

‘They’re still not moving?’

I knew they wouldn’t be sitting ducks forever. They seemed to have decided something needed to be done as Bernard’s thunderbolts continued to hit them, as they started to attack.

They were extremely tough once they started to attack. They were slamming away at the Dwarves’ shields as if they were venting all of their frustrations.

B, b, boooom-


I took out the things I had prepared as well.

I ripped up a level 100 Demon Cave scroll while putting all of my Spirit Energy into Agility.

I then used Dragon Fear and threw a bunch of Sand Warrior’s Voices toward the Demons.

‘Stone Elves, come out!’

The Demons looked like they were caught in a snare. They were waving their falchions in their slowed state to shake away the Sand Warriors’ Voices.

Yes! This was a trap for them indeed. I had verified the effectiveness twice already and saw how effective it was once again.

Twenty-six Stone Elves and many Dwarves flung their bodies toward the Demons. Harrison’s group were all attacking the Demons with their weapons.

The finishing touches were left to me. I created a combo and cut off the Demons’ necks one by one.


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