Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 166: Akto’s Reward (2)

The last Demon’s neck was cut away from its body.

Harrison’s group shouted in joy once that happened.


However, Goonto was different. He urged me on with a slightly excited expression.

“Let’s quickly finish the quest!”

Goonto had not forgotten. He remembered the reason we suffered so much to get here.

I was just as excited. I should get a pretty big reward for saving Akto’s soul.

The special secret related to Jewel Alchemy.

My Jewel Alchemy was already at Advanced level 1. It was frustrating since the level hasn’t moved at all since it hit Advanced Level 1, but someone at this level would normally need to have reached the One with the Sword level.

It felt as if I had hit a wall. I was thinking that I needed some kind of key to get past this point.

I was certain that the key to it was located here.

And I will verify that now.

I reached my hand out toward Goonto.

Goonto and I seem to be on the same page today. I didn’t even need to say anything for him to hand Chubach’s Solar Blade to me.

‘This should be the Wall of Grief, right?’

I’ll know once I break it.

I swung Chubach’s Solar Blade toward the thick stone pillar.

Clang- Clang-

It felt as if I was using a pickaxe on a rock.

What is this made of for it to be this sturdy? I couldn’t even leave a scratch even though I thought I was swinging the Solar Blade as strong as I could.

I tried to use every ounce of strength, but nothing changed. I even wondered if I would end up just breaking Chubach’s Solar Blade in the process.

Of course, a famed sword like this would not break that easily.

“What happened to all of that strength you used to fight against the Demons? Hand it over. I will try.”

That was possible because I had a combo going.

I could do the same if I used some monsters as stepping stones right now, but it was a bit complicated to use a Demon Cave scroll just for that.

I quietly handed Chubach’s Solar Blade to Goonto. Goonto should be much stronger than me when it came to physical strength and sword arts.

Goonto was an expert who reached the One with the Sword level after all.

“Ptooie. Ptooie. Haaaaaa!”

Goonto spit on his hands and then swung Chubach’s Solar Blade as strong as he could.

Clang- Clang- Craaaaack!

It really was different. The stone pillar started to crack as Goonto swung the Solar Blade.

The stone pillar suddenly crumbled into pieces after he swung a few more times.

The Dwarves let out a gasp as that happened.

“Woah! It’s a Dwarf!”

“Are you……?”

“Are you Akto-nim?”

I was shocked as well. I didn’t think a Dwarf would be imprisoned inside this kind of stone pillar.

He must have been stuck in there for a very long time. Hundreds, no, maybe even a thousand years.

But his outer appearance looked fine. It was as if he had just woken up from a long slumber.

Anyway, this made me certain. This stone pillar was the Wall of Grief and that Dwarf is Akto, one of the legendary Dwarves.

Goonto seemed to be shocked as well, as he stopped swinging the Solar Blade and took a few steps back.

Akto who was now free slowly looked around at Goonto and the others surrounding him. It was as if he was checking each person’s face.

He then focused his gaze on me.

“Are you the human who passed my test?”

“Yes sir.”

“How amazing. I gave you this quest knowing that you might just be able to do it, and you really did save me. I give you my thanks.”

Akto lightly smiled.

I then heard a voice in my head.

<You have completed Akto’s Quest.
You have earned the qualifications to learn the special secret related to Jewel Alchemy.
Please receive the reward directly from Akto.>

I started to smile as well.

The special secret related to Jewel Alchemy. I was certain that the secrets to reaching One with the Sword were hidden within that as well.

“I am happy as well.”

I did not urge Akto for the reward. However, Akto, like most impatient Dwarves, did not drag it out.

He reached his hand out as if he wanted to shake my hand.

“Come here and receive your reward.”

Is he going to transfer the secrets through my hand?

I’m sure Akto knows what he is doing. I just needed to eat what he gives me.

I quickly went over and grabbed Akto’s ha……!


Translator: Miraclerifle

Proofreader: Borderline Masochist

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