Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 168: Akto’s Reward (4)

[Jewel of Fortification: Fortification Index 22%]

‘As expected!’

It went up to 22%. A fortification index of 22% was the highest value I had ever seen.

I did lose 2% in the fortification process, but the fortification index is so high that I can’t even consider that to be a loss.

I suddenly became greedy.

‘Is an even higher fortification index possible?’

The strength of the equipment goes up along with the percentage of the fortification index. The slightest difference in strength could be the difference between life and death.

If possible, it is best to use multiple Jewels of Fortification to create the highest fortification index before using it. It would be beneficial to attempt it even if it only goes up by 1%.

I tried it once again. I used a low 6% fortification index with the 22% one in front of me.

However, the results were not good. It did not even go up by 1% from the 22%. I just ended up wasting a 6% Jewel of Fortification.

‘I guess 22% is the limit.’

But this was already amazing. Nobody else in the world should be able to raise the fortification index this high.

I combined the other Jewels of Fortification as well.

The results were all the same. The loss from fortification was only around 1% and the highest fortification index was 22%.

As I continued, I was able to create Jewels of Fortification with 22% fortification indexes every time I combined three jewels together.

‘But this is a bit odd.’

I already created five Jewels of Fortification with 22% fortification indexes. Since I needed to combine twice to make one, I had already combined a total of ten times.

I should be feeling a bit tired by now. The fatigue goes down as the Jewel Alchemy skill goes up, but I had felt extreme fatigue after 20 consecutive combinations in the past.

But I was fine right now. I didn’t feel tired at all. In fact, I was feeling refreshed as if I had just woken up.

If it continues like this, forget 20, I should be able to combine 200 times in a row without any issues.

‘I wonder what the reason is.’

There was only one thing that came to mind.

Akto’s quest. The secrets of Jewel Alchemy I learned as a reward. My Jewel Alchemy rose to Advanced Level 3 thanks to that.

Thinking up to that point made me think about shaking hands with Akto’s soul in the end.

It was a very odd experience. I couldn’t touch it when I tried to grab it, but Akto’s hand felt realistic when I focused like I do when I combine jewels.

Akto had said that was the hidden secret of Jewel Alchemy.

‘Ah! In that case……!’

I finally felt something. Rather than just raising the skill level, it would be raising the entire Jewel Alchemy to a whole new dimension.

I felt like I knew how to confirm this as well.

‘Let’s try it!’

I tried to combine two Jewels of Fortification once again. I thought about my handshake with Akto as I did that.

‘I can feel it! I really can feel it!’

If my suspicions are correct, I should be able to feel the Fairy Energy inside the jewels similar to how I felt Akto’s hand.

Is it possible?

No, I couldn’t doubt it. I worked hard while telling myself that it was definitely possible.

It was not easy. I tried over and over but I continued to fail. I succeeded in the combination but I didn’t feel the Fairy Energy……


I felt it. It was very faint, but I felt something light on my hand.

That was the beginning. That sensation became stronger the more I focused, with the sensation becoming clear at some point.

‘It feels like a squishy jelly.’

The combination continued as I did that. I had already made thirty Jewels of Fortification with 22% fortification indexes.

I did not stop combining them.

I didn’t have a reason to stop. I pretty much combined 60 times already and I did not feel tired at all.

It seemed as if the fatigue penalty had disappeared completely.

‘Just a bit more realistic!’

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