Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 169: The Fairy’s Orb (1)

I called forth the Fairy Energy within the twin blades as I slashed a monster. I was trying to make it so that I could feel it in my hands again.

However, it failed once again. The movement of my twin blades was stellar to the point it could be called, ‘One with the Sword,’ however, I couldn’t feel the Fairy Energy again until the end.

All of the monsters quickly died. I used to be able to get a decent feeling of hunting with a level 200 mid-sized Demon Cave, however, it went by almost too quickly this time.

I didn’t even feel like I got a good warm-up completed.

That showed the effectiveness of the upgrades to my equipment.

No, the changes to my sword art were probably the reason. My swords felt as if they were moving on their own. It was like the sword was making me move instead of my making the sword move.

I debated opening another Demon Cave before deciding not to do that.

My Spirit Energy was full anyway. I didn’t think much would change by practicing with monsters.

I guess it is now time to face off against the Demons.

“Shall we go find the Fairy’s Orb?”

“Let’s go.”

It was Harrison’s group who got up first this time. The quest to save Akto’s soul had to do with the Dwarves while the Fairy’s Orb quest had to do with Harrison’s group.

All of them looked ready to go.

We all moved deeper into the Demons’ Mine. I was naturally in the front along with the Guardian Elemental.

We walked for about 1 km like that.


A group of Demons suddenly popped out. It felt as if they knew we were coming and were hiding in order to surprise us.

However, neither the Dwarves nor Harrison’s group were shocked. They quickly put up their shields in a wall and got into a defensive position as if they had been expecting it.

It was because I had given them the signal in advance. The Guardian Elemental had let me know they were hiding there in advance.

There were only three Demons.

I didn’t want to waste my Dragon Fear that had such a long cool time for these idiots. I instead used the Horn Flute of Darkness that I had prepared in advance and threw five of the Sand Warrior’s Voices.

They were enough to tie the Demons down. I should be able to easily hunt them if I called forth the Stone Elves.

But I did not call them out. I opened a Demon Cave scroll and personally ran toward them with Goonto’s Twin Blades.

‘500 Spirit Energy to agility!’

The impact of 500 points to agility was amazing. I was so fast that my body did not feel like my own body. In fact, it was so fast that it was hard to control.

Even still, the sword did not shake even a tiny bit. Now that I had reached the One with the Sword level, the sword was automatically finding where to go.

The Demons were running wild at high speed but it was enough to catch them.

The damage was significant as well. I was reaching 20,000 damage at just a 20-hit combo, probably because my base damage increased by 500 percent.

I needed at least 100,000 damage to make it through the Demons’ defense.

I reached 120,000 damage at 27-hit combo. I used one of the special skills imbued within the twin blades at that moment.

[ Nullify 30% of Enemy Defense! ]



The Demon took over 60,000 damage. Lightning damage was added as well.

The Demon became stunned with one hit and lost its neck after the second attack.

There were only two left.

There were still many monsters nearby to serve as stepping stones. I was confident that I could easily kill any of them with one hit if I hit properly.

The Demons seemed to have realized that as well. They were quickly retreating as if they realized that getting away from my range of attack was the best decision.

It might also be because they felt fear after seeing that I was even quicker than them.

However, I was faster than them because of all of the Spirit Energy I put into agility. I approached them faster than they could retreat.

My combo had also continued without stopping.

But then I felt something weird in my palms that were holding the twin blades. How do I put this… I guess I thought that I could feel the will of the blades? Or maybe the will of the Fairy Energy within the blades?

It was squirming around. There were no voices that spoke into my mind, but I felt its strong desire to quickly burst out of the blades.

‘Why are they suddenly acting like this?’

I was afraid. I thought that all of the fortifications might be lost if the Fairy Energy burst out of the blades.

‘Please don’t do that.’

However, the Fairy Energy did not care about what I wanted. It just continued to show its desire to leave the blades.

The desire was so strong that I was almost convinced enough to let it out. Trying to avoid the Fairy Energy’s will like this for a long time will probably break my concentration and not allow me to fight properly.

‘Fine! Get out and spread your wings!’

I no longer forced the Fairy Energy to stay inside the blades. I swung the blades with a strong force to help the Fairy Energy leave.

The Fairy Energy shot out like a ray of light through the tip of the sword before slamming into an empty wall of the cave.

But the results of that slamming was unexpected.



There was a large scratch on the wall. It was as if my blades were guns that had shot Fairy Energy as bullets.

The more shocking thing was that my twin blades were still full of Fairy Energy. The amount of energy did not even decrease.

‘Then what is it that I shot through the blades?’

There was something that came to mind.

‘Is it perhaps Spirit Energy?’

I couldn’t check in my current situation. My Spirit Energy was going up every time I killed a monster to keep my combo going.

I couldn’t tell if Spirit Energy was being used because I couldn’t compare the before and after amounts easily.

‘Let’s try it once again.’

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