Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 169: The Fairy’s Orb (1)

I first confirmed the amount of Spirit Energy I had.

[Spirit Energy: 984]

The Fairy Energy in the blades were still running wild. They seemed to want to run out of the blades at any moment.

I had nothing to fear. I experienced it once already.

I looked toward a Demon. He was running around dodging my attacks even as his soul was in pain because of the Sand Warrior’s Soul.

I swung Goonto’s Twin Blades once again. The only difference was that it was pointing at a Demon instead of the wall this time.


I felt some type of spark that I did not feel before.

I guess it was the feeling of something leaving? It felt like a rotting tooth finally getting pulled out.

The energy shot out through the tip of the blades at that moment. I couldn’t see it with my eyes, but I could feel it.

The Demon received a big shock and fell backward as well.


I quickly checked the changes to my Spirit Energy.

[Spirit Energy: 784]

‘It decreased!’

It had decreased by exactly 200 points. That verified that the energy shot out through the end of the blades was Spirit Energy and not Fairy Energy.

The Demon who was hit by the Spirit Energy was quickly getting back up.

However, his movement was slower than before. He seemed to have received quite the shock.

The attack using 200 Spirit Energy even when my combo was canceled had this much impact.

What would happen if I shot this while a combo was still active? Would the increased damage thanks to the combo effect this as well?

I’ll find out once I try.

I used the stepping stones monsters to recreate my combo. Drake’s TBSA is such a fast sword art that I had reached 18-hit combo in less than 3 seconds.

I wasn’t greedy to reach an even higher combo. This was just a test after all.

I swung Goonto’s Twin Blades toward a Demon after reaching 19-hit combo. I felt like the Spirit Energy was almost visible as it shot out without making any noise.

My enemies will probably want to label me the Silent Killer if they were killed by the Spirit Energy.


The Spirit Energy accurately hit the Demon again. It moves so quickly that I doubt that anyone could dodge it.

However, the damage did not meet my expectations. The Demon fell backward again but was able to get back up easily, just like last time.

‘I guess the combo damage does not get included.’

It was disappointing, but there was nothing that I could do about it. It’s not like everything in the world would go my way. I needed to follow the laws of the world.

This alone was already extremely useful. It was a strong enough shock that even a Demon with high toughness was flung backward. That means that some monsters might even be killed by it.

It would also be very useful during the Demon hunt as well.


Like this!

I shot the Spirit Energy toward a Demon without creating a combo.

I summoned some Stone Elves at the same time.

‘Crush him!’

The Demon that was hit by Spirit Energy flung backward again and could not move for one second.

That was enough time for the Stone Elves. They quickly rushed over and crushed the Demon, giving me time to create a 20-hit plus combo and finish him off.

Goonto, Harrison and the others all gathered around me once the final Demon was killed and all of the monsters from the Demon Cave were destroyed.

“What was that just now?”

“What happened? Did you shoot mana from your sword?”

There probably wouldn’t be any issues with telling them, but there was no need to tell them. I didn’t feel bad because Harrison probably had more secrets than I did.

I just unsummoned the Stone Elves and lightly smiled.

“I heard that everything has a place and time. I will explain it to you in the future if the opportunity arises.”

“Tsk! You’re being so secretive!”

Goonto clicked his tongue as if he was disappointed.

Honestly speaking, Goonto should have a decent idea about what I did. He was someone who has reached the ‘One with the Sword’ level as well. In fact, he got there before I did.

However, he seemed to just be keeping the information to himself after seeing that I didn’t want to reveal it.

Akto was the same. He had an odd smile on his face but he did not say anything.

“Shall we keep moving?”

We all moved deeper into the Demons’ Mine.

Demons were hiding every so often as Akto had mentioned.

Most of them were never alone. They moved in groups of at least three and large groups had over ten Demons moving together.

However, hunting Demons were not that hard anymore after learning how to shoot Spirit Energy from my blades. The only thing to keep in mind was to make sure that my Spirit Energy didn’t deplete completely.

We met another group of Demons and hunted them in the same fashion.

The Stone Elves and I pretty much dominated the hunts. The Dwarves did their best to help but they weren’t that useful.

But they still were not bored. Demons were not the only things in the Demons’ Mine.

“Leave those bastards to us!”

“We can’t just sit back and watch the whole time.”



Goonto’s group and Harrison’s group almost seemed as if they were competing with each other any time hordes of monsters appeared.

Of course, I didn’t relax either. I needed to use these opportunities to absorb Spirit Energy. Otherwise, I would have to use up my remaining few Demon Cave scrolls.

We ended up hunting another group of Demons after that.

“Shall we rest for a bit?”

Goonto and the Dwarves naturally gathered around me to sit once I sat down. It was as if they were treating me as a Dwarf and not a human.

It forced Harrison’s group to sit at a distance. We had been working together for over two years already, but there was this invisible wall between Dwarves and humans.

That wall was difficult to break.

“But how far do we need to go inside?”

The other Dwarves also chimed in once Goonto started.

“Are you certain that Fairy’s Orb or whatever is really in here?”

These funny punks. Their hero Akto is right next to them. Even though he only had his soul left, wasn’t he still one of the Dwarves’ role models?

Akto was the one who had said that the Fairy’s Orb was in the Demons’ Mine. But they were still suspicious.

I felt that Akto’s pride might have taken a hit.

I peeked toward Akto.

He was surprisingly stoic. He was looking at somewhere else as if he had not even heard the statement.

I was the one to ask Akto this time.

“Akto. Where do you think the Fairy’s Orb is located?”

“All I know is that it is in here. I don’t know the exact location. But I think you should be able to tell. Your friendliness with the fairies is much higher than mine, isn’t it?”


Now that I thought about it, something did feel off since a bit earlier.

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