Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 17: You are My OOO (2)

The moment Deathworm opened it’s mouth, I threw the XL Weakest potion in there. I even threw three of them.

Since it was the weakest strength potion, the healing speed will be very slow. But since the size was XL, with enough time, it’ll heal it enough to keep acting as my sandbag again.

“Rest well and see you again tomorrow.”

I left Deathworm alone and left Tunnel 99.
It was only 5pm. I started at 8am, so other than the time I took to eat lunch, I played with Deathworm for about 8 hours.

There was still a lot of time before the day was over. I had some stamina left as well. What good will come from playing around?

‘Let’s just work two or three hours before resting.’
I also wanted to know if my new slave Jul Goo was doing well.

I immediately headed over to Tunnel 7.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

I could hear the continuous noise of the pickaxe. I also heard Jonnan shouting with it.
“Even if you are doing it once, you should do it properly. If you do it half-assed like that, you end up just wasting your strength.”

He was scolding the slave Jul Goo.

I stopped walking and looked at what Jul Goo was doing.
I could easily tell why Jonnan was getting angry at him. The way Jul Goo was doing it was terrible.

Slowly. Half-assed. Mediocre.

In other words, there was no desire. He didn’t want to work, but since he was told to do so by his master, he had to do it. As a result, he just pretended to put in the effort.

It was understandable.

This wasn’t a game. It was reality. In the game, the slaves would do as they are told and follow the system without any emotions, but isn’t the current slave a person with emotions just like me?
Even if I was Jul Goo, I wouldn’t want to work. There was no reason for me to push myself.
‘Then I need to give him a reason.’

If I use the carrot and the stick properly, Jul Goo’s attitude will change.
I will just look past it today.

“Did you work a lot?”

I made my presence known as I walked into the tunnel.

Jonnan happily responded as soon as he heard my voice.

“Oh! You’re here! You’re not hurt anywhere? I’m glad you are safe. I was worried all day.”

Jonnan is probably the person who worries the most about me. If I died, he would lose his partner for mining the minerals.

“You don’t need to worry about me. But it looks like Jul Goo is working hard.”
At the term ‘working hard,’ Jonnan stared at Jul Goo while complaining.
“Who is working hard? He just half-asses everything he does. I don’t think he is fit to be a miner.”
“Is that so? Jul Goo. Do you not like mining? Is it not fun?”

Jul Goo scratched his head while trying to read my intentions. It seemed like he was worried that he might get in trouble if he was honest.

“It’s fine. I’m trying to find you a job that is a good fit with you so you can be honest. Do you think you are not suited for mining?”

Jul Goo cautiously nodded his head.
“I guess the work is boring?”
“It is tiring and not fun at all.”
Once he started to talk, the rest flowed easily.

“You punk, you should have said so from the beginning. Then tomorrow, let’s try something else. You might find that work to be fun.”
“What kind of job is it?”
Jul Goo was showing interest as ‘something else’ and ‘fun.’
“You’ll find out when we get there. It is a job full of excitement. How about it? Aren’t you looking forward to it?”
“Yes. Hehe.”

Jul Goo started to smile from happiness.
‘This punk. He’s so innocent.’

Next morning.

Jul Goo stopped outside the entrance of Tunnel 99.

“Waaaaa. I’m scared.”
“It’s fine, you little rascal. Just head on in first.”

I pushed Jul Goo’s back. Jul Goo stuck his butt out and tried to fight it, but he ended up being pushed in with my strength.

Then the crunching noises of the bones on the floor started to come out.

Crunch. Crunch.

“Aaah! This……what is this noise?”
“It’s nothing much. Just the sound of human bones breaking.”

The surprised Jul Goo tried to run outside of the tunnel.

But since I, the stronger person, was blocking the gate, he could not escape.
“Why are you throwing such a fuss about dead people’s bones? How scary can it be? Plus, what kind of slave runs away without their master? Now that you are here, we live together and we die together.”
“What? Di……die?”
“It’s just a saying, you little punk! Stop talking and lead the way!”

I pushed Jul Goo’s back.

Just like that, we passed through the small tunnel and arrived at the large hall.

I did not see Deathworm. It must be resting inside the large tunnel in the back.
By now, it should be lively again, right? I really hope it is.

“What is over here?”
Here. Here. Here……

Jul Goo’s tiny voice echoed throughout the hall. The echo sounded like a ghost was wailing.

“You’ll know when you see it for yourself.”
Self. Self. Self……

I let out a long whistle instead of saying anything else.


The huge tunnel was like a natural amplifier. The whistling noise echoed and bounced off of each other.

Once that happened, Deathworm, who was curled up inside the cave immediately responded.


With a rough breathing noise, it came out into the hall while shaking the earth.
The large body that looked like three of four connected trains!

It was also much more violent. It must have been extremely angry because of the memory of being beaten up by me yesterday.

It was natural that Jul Goo started to shout.


He screamed and tried to run away.

I grabbed onto him. He needed to face a lot of fear for it to have a strong effect.
Deathworm responded to Jul Goo’s scream and quickly headed towards this direction.

Even with such a large body, it was extremely fast. It instantly shortened the distance.
Jul Goo was close to fainting.

“Save me! Let go!”
I guess in times of trouble, anybody can show supernatural powers. Jul Goo pushed my hand away with an unbelievably strong power.

“Wow! Was this punk always this strong?”
I almost landed on my butt because of him.

In that moment, Jul Goo started to run towards the gate.
Every time he took a step, the bones underneath made noises as they cracked.

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

“Aaaaaaah! What is this?”

Jul Goo, who was extremely scared, jumped around like a kangaroo before he disappeared past the gate.

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

I first moved out of the way as well. It’s natural to avoid a downpour.
It’ll be better to play with Deathworm once it calmed down a bit.

I ran like the wind and caught up to Jul Goo. He might be pretty strong, but since my agility was much higher than his, I could catch up and grab him quickly.

Jul Goo freaked out, as if my hand was Deathworm’s tentacle or something.

“Aaaah! Please let go. Soooob. Master, why are you doing this to me?”
“Why else? I’m trying to find a job that is suitable for you.”
“That is a monster! What does being eaten by a monster have to do with a suitable job? Sooooob.”
“Do you know why I paid 50,000,000 won to buy you? Either to make you mine or hunt monsters. Since you don’t seem to be a good fit for mining, then you have to hunt monsters.”
“Then I will just mine.”
“You said you weren’t fit for mining. You said it was just boring.”
“No. It’s the perfect job. It is really really fun. Please.”

Jul Goo put his two hands together and started to beg.
He must have been really scared.

I think this should be enough to give him a fright. I just need to throw him the carrot at the right time.

“Really? Then go back to Elder Jonnan and start swinging your pickaxe. I will go there after hunting that guy. Ah. If it really doesn’t suit you, then you don’t need to put in much effort. There’s plenty of monsters left to hunt.”
“I told you it is the perfect job for me.”
Jul Goo did not even look back. As soon as I allowed him to do so, he ran away as fast as he could.
For a while, he should be properly mining.

‘Then shall I raise my combo skill?’
I headed back into Tunnel 99.
Deathworm was still in the large hall.

I quietly took out my cutlass.
‘You really can’t die quickly. Be a good boy.’

And then it restarted.


<You succeeded in a 31 hit combo and established a new record. As a reward, you have been given 1 bonus stat point and your fame has increased by 5.>

‘This is a good start!’

Last chapter for the week.

Translator : Miraclerifle
Proofreader : Miraclerifle

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