Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 170: The Fairy’s Orb (2)

The Fairy Energy I could feel from Goonto’s Twin Blades became stronger the deeper we went into the Demon’s Cave.

I had thought it was because my skill level was going up little by little. I thought it was going up quickly because it had not been long since I could feel the Fairy Energy.

But it was moving too fast for me to accept that it was just that. How could it be when it improved to two times its original strength in less than half a month?

Now I could tie Demons down for almost five seconds by shooting out Spirit Energy.

This may be related to the Fairy’s Orb. The Fairy Energy could be getting stronger as we get closer to the Fairy’s Orb.

But that’s just my hypothesis.

‘Shall we give it a go?’

“I think we’ve rested enough.”

“Already? We barely sat down.”

“Five minutes is most appropriate for a break. And what have you done to grumble like that? I hunted the most monsters until now.”

Was that too much?

But it was true. I tied the Demons down by shooting out Spirit Energy, then I hunted them with combo once the Stone Elves sat on them.

The other team members supported me as well, however, it was just like sprinkles being added onto a cupcake.


The Dwarves got up and were soon followed by Harrison’s group.

I moved forward while focusing on Goonto’s Twin Blades.

It wasn’t dangerous for me to focus on other things instead of the cave because the Guardian Elemental was about 30 meters in front of us looking around.

‘There really is a difference in the feel.’

It was faint but I could feel the difference. The Fairy Energy was becoming stronger as we moved.

We walked for about 3 km like that.

‘It’s here!’

I could not see the Fairy’s Orb, but the Fairy Energy in Goonto’s Twin Blades was telling me this was the place.

I was certain that the Fairy’s Orb was around here.

I slowed down and moved forward. I soon stopped walking.

‘Is it over there?’

I could see a group of Demons gathered together.

They were different than the Demons we have met along the way. The colors of their skin varied and they even had large horns on their heads.

They seemed to be Demon leaders.

There were normal Demons with them as well. I saw about three Demon leaders and over twenty Demons.

The Demons were looking toward us as well. Their senses are so sharp that they probably noticed us before I noticed them.

However, they did not come charging at us. They were similar to the Demons at the Wall of Grief who seemed to be protecting something.

That gave me even more certainty.

‘It must be there!’

My Spirit Energy was full. Everybody was at peak condition because we got plenty of rest along the way.

It was still going to be a difficult battle. The Demon leaders looked extremely dangerous.

“We have to stay alert.”

“Looks that way. They look really strong!”

Goonto sounded very nervous as well. Maybe that was why, but the other Dwarves and Harrison’s group curled their bodies forward and looked anxious.

I made sure my preparations were thoroughly completed. I had the Dwarves put up their shield walls and summoned about 50 Stone Elves in advance.

Even after that, I still had 400 Stone Elves that I could summon. We had hunted over 500 Demons on our way here, giving me close to 500 Stone Elf’s Souls.

I lost a good number of Stone Elves in the battles against the Demons, but the number of Stone Elf’s Souls in my possession grew as time went by.

“Are you ready?”

Everybody nodded their heads.

“Then let’s get started! Forward, march!”

I blew the Horn Flute of Darkness as we moved forward.

The Demon leaders were similar to the Demons. They charged at us without maintaining their positions once I used Dragon Fear and the Sand Warrior’s Voices.

Once that happened, it was similar to all of our other battles.

I continued to harass the Demons with the Horn Flute of Darkness, Dragon Fear, and the Sand Warrior’s Voices before using Spirit Energy and then having the Stone Elves work together to hold them down.

Naturally, I hunted them down with combo afterward.

The Demon leaders were stronger than the regular Demons, but they still could not overcome the shock of Spirit Energy.

I summoned 300 more Stone Elves and the battle ended up in our victory once I had five or six Stone Elves team up against each Demon leader.

“What is our casualty count?”

“Barookoo and Baanto are dead.”

“We lost over ten soldiers as well.”

I lost 50 Stone Elves as well. This was the most damage we had suffered until now.

However, it could not be helped. That was how strong the Demon leaders were. We should be relieved that we were able to win with just this many casualties.

“Please gather their bodies.”

Dwarves don’t gather the bodies of the dead. It was because they believed that the bodies were just a shell and that their souls would go to Valhalla.

That was why only Harrison’s group gathered the bodies of the dead and gave them a short funeral.

I looked around while they did that. I tightly clenched onto Goonto’s Twin Blades to feel the Fairy Energy.

I was certain that it was in this area. It was because the strength of the Fairy Energy was changing every time I moved.

I continued to move around while feeling the Fairy Energy.

I then stopped.

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