Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 170: The Fairy’s Orb (2)


There was a large boulder in front of me. It looked so big that I thought I wouldn’t be able to move it even with the Dwarves’ help.

I had a feeling that the Fairy’s Orb would be under this boulder.

“Can you move this?”

Goonto and the Dwarves stepped up once I asked.



It really didn’t move. They would feel motivated if it even showed signs of moving.

Goonto started to shake his head.

“I don’t think we can move this even if we had 100 Dwarves!”

“Then what should we do?”

“Should we break it?”

Goonto picked up his Solar Blade. The Dwarves thought that was a good idea and picked up their weapons as well.

It didn’t seem like a bad idea.

But hearing them say we could destroy the boulder made me think of a better idea. This method needed no one to put in any effort.

“Step back a bit! Stone Elf, come forth!”

I looked toward the large boulder.

Then, the large boulder started to move as I expected. It then turned into a Stone Elf and started to move.

The body truly suffers if the head is dumb.

‘It was so easy!’

The boulder was so large that one Stone Elf was not enough.

I summoned five more Stone Elves. The boulder became smaller with each Stone Elf until there were no traces left.

But I did not stop there. I continued to summon Stone Elves such that I was now creating a pit in the ground.

Goonto shouted in shock after a bit.

“Ah! What is that?”

It was closer to a jewel than an orb. It was the size of a handball and shining brightly as if a magic light spell was cast on it.

He wants to know what it is? It’s the Fairy’s Orb of course.

The Fairy Energy in Goonto’s Twin Blades was telling me that this was it. It was running wild.

I walked into the large pit. I then carefully picked the Fairy’s Orb up with both hands.


Goonto’s Twin Blades were shaking. To be more specific, the Fairy Energy inside of them was reacting to the Fairy’s Orb.

That was how strong the energy inside the Fairy’s Orb was.

I looked up to see the others looking at me with gazes full of anticipation.

I smiled brightly at them and started to speak.

“Let’s go home!”

“Wow! How many years has it been?”

“My child must have grown up so much!”

“I’ve been missing my wife so much. I started this journey two months after getting married.”

I was longing for home as well. I was more of a wanderer in this world but I still wanted to go back to Titan Valley, the home of my heart.

Most importantly, I was tired of this place where the sun did not move. I wanted to return to a normal place that had days and nights and mornings and evenings.

But there was someone who could not go with us.

“I guess it is time to say goodbye. Thank you. I can obtain eternal rest thanks to you.”

It was Akto.

“Is there no way for you to go with us?”

“Akto-nim. Please come with us to the Dwarves village. All of our Dwarven brethren would cheer for the return of the hero.”

Goonto and the Dwarves gathered around Akto in shock.

But Akto did not respond to them. He just smiled at them.

He then looked back toward me.

“I have nothing to give you, but I guess I can leave you these words as a gift. Don’t get too excited about small achievements. It is your turn now.”

“My turn? I’m not sure what you mean…….?”

“You’ll find out soon enough. I hope that you do not end up like I did when the time comes.”

‘End up like Akto?’

I could now tell what he was talking about.

I would be fated to fight against the Demon Lord. Achieving victory will bring me true power while defeat would make me trapped under the Demons’ strength like Akto.

I will not become like that. I plan on fighting directly with the Demon Lord in the future.

But only once I have the necessary strength for it.

“Thank you for your advice. I will keep it in mind.”

He seemed to be satisfied with my response. He smiled slightly brighter and nodded his head.

That was the end. Akto slowly became blurry before he completely disappeared.

“Ah, ah, Akto-nim.”

“He truly did leave us.”

The Dwarves stared at the spot where Akto disappeared with sad expressions.

I had never seen Dwarves looking like this before. They seemed extremely emotional and unable to snap out of it for a while.

It looks like I needed to give the Dwarves some time.

There were things for me to do as I waited.

I had wanted to do it earlier, but I had pushed it back because making big changes in the middle of an important task didn’t seem right.

We finished one big task and were about to start another.

This was the perfect time to do it.

I first looked toward Jul Goo.

“Jul Goo.”

“Yes, master.”

I couldn’t see the old stupid look on my slave Jul Goo’s face anymore. Chief’s influence helped raise his intelligence a bit and he now seemed reliable.

“It is time for me to let you go. You are now free. You don’t need my permission to do anything nor go anywhere once we return to Titan Valley.”

Jul Goo’s eyes opened wide.

‘Look at this punk pretending to be shocked.’

He should have expected it for a while. I promised him that I would let him be free at the right time.

‘But don’t get the wrong idea, little guy. I’m not completely letting you go.
No, you will personally choose not to go.’

Why? He’ll find out once we go back to Titan Valley. He would soon understand that it was the safest and happiest around me.

I took a coin out of my bag and handed it to Jul Goo. There was 1 billion won in the coin. It was a trivial amount compared to everything Jul Goo had done for me until now.

“This should be enough for a wedding. Find yourself a nice girl as soon as we return to Titan Valley. It is time for a new beginning for you.”

Jul Goo started to cry.


‘Enough. That’s enough.’

Doing anything else would ruin the moment.

I acted cool and turned away.


“Yes, master?”

Eruni was so shocked at her shoulders flinched.

It was because she had heard my conversation with Jul Goo. She could expect what was coming since I turned to her right after that and called her name.

I did not disappoint her.

I handed Eruni a coin as well.

It was not much. She was not with me as long as Jul Goo.

It was 500 million won.

“You are also free.”

“N, no thank you. I like things as they are right now. Please take it back.”

Eruni shook her head to say no.

Whatever, it didn’t matter to me.

I freed Jul Goo and Eruni from their positions as slaves.

“Now you both can freely go wherever and do whatever you want. You don’t need to ask for my permission.”

But it wasn’t as if they had places to go. In the end, they would choose to stay by my side. However, they would choose to do that not as my slaves but as my trusted subordinates.

That will make them want to do well for their own reasons.

It was fine if they didn’t. If they can’t do that, there was no need for them to stay anyway. I had many people around me now.

I turned away from Eruni and Jul Goo. It was my way of saying I would not influence their decision in any way.

Instead, I started to plan out something else. The next important task that would start now.

‘I hope Humbley is taking care of things properly.’

The plan should have started by now. Humbley would have lobbied quite a bit to put General Suani in prison and the Jeppi tribe would use that opening to aim for the continent.

I might even be a bit late. The Jeppi tribe’s current strength was enough to take care of the Batoru Kingdom in less than three months.

They have probably taken over the Batoru Kingdom and are deep in the Ameri Kingdom by now.

It is fine if I am a bit late. I don’t want to run into the Jeppi tribe’s full force by returning too early.

I opened up a teleportation portal.

This was the type that would take you to the closest Magician’s Tower no matter where you were, which meant that this would take us to the Titan Valley Magician’s Tower.

You could teleport as many people as you want for one year.

It cost a fortune, but it was worth it thinking about taking control of the Western District.

“Okay, let’s go home now!”

I took the head. It was because I didn’t know how it would be on the other side.

The Jeppi tribe might even be controlling the Titan Valley Magician’s Tower now. The worst-case scenario would be ending up in a fight against the Jeppi tribe as soon as I teleported.

Harrison’s group came next with Goonto and the Dwarves in the rear.

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