Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 171: Who Owns This Place (1)


The white flash disappeared and my sight returned.

I lowered my stance while remaining alert. I was ready to take out Goonto’s Twin Blades at any moment.

However, my worries did not come true. I heard a human voice instead of a Jeppi tribe member’s voice.

“Ah! Kang Hwi Ram-nim! You’re back!”

It was the Titan Valley magicians. They seemed happy, shocked, and concerned once Harrison’s group and the Dwarves came through as well.

Some of them hunched forward and looked around as well. It was as if this current situation could not be noticed by someone.

I could sort of understand the current situation after seeing the magicians’ expressions.

“Did something happen?”

I feigned ignorance and asked in a quiet voice. A magician responded in a just as quiet voice.

“That…… This place is currently under the Jeppi tribe’s rule.”

“W, what? The Jeppi tribe?”

Harrison was jumping up and down. This should be shocking news to him since I didn’t tell him anything about the Jeppi tribe.

I pretended to be shocked as well.

“Does that make any sense? How could the Jeppi tribe be here?”

“We thought so as well. We thought that the Jeppi tribe was divided into four or five factions and were busy fighting each other, but they had gathered together long ago under a strong leader. They had been waiting to attack the continent and used the opening created in the sea route when General Suani was imprisoned.”

Harrison became even more furious at the magician’s explanation.

“General Suani was imprisoned? How could such a thing happen? The General is one of the kingdom’s top heroes, so how……?”

“It seems like he secretly sold off military rations. I do not know the complete details, but I think this was a ploy by the Ameri Kingdom.”

‘Actually, that was my ploy.’

General Suani is the greatest hero in Harrison’s Batoru Kingdom as well as the continent’s greatest naval commander. Listening to General Suani’s achievements is like hearing about Admiral Yi Sun-sin’s merits in the Japanese invasion of Korea.

The Jeppi tribe is well aware of General Suani’s fame as well. He was the one who always ruined the Jeppi tribe’s attempts at piracy on the sea route.

He had a record of no defeats in one hundred battles.

That was why General Suani was the Jeppi tribe’s eternal enemy. They would never even consider attacking the Batoru Kingdom as long as General Suani protected the sea routes.

However, General Suani will die in a few years. He was imprisoned after being framed by the Ameri Kingdom and then eventually executed by the Jeppi tribe after their invasion.

At least that is how it went down in the game.

That is why I changed the future a bit. I did the same thing to him that the Ameri Kingdom would have done, but I did it first.

That way, I could protect General Suani and the Batoru Kingdom.

Of course, this is something Humbley, myself and only a select people know about.

I jumped up and down in anger as if it made no sense.

“General Suani is not someone who would do something like that.”

“That is why I think he was framed.”

“Then where is the General located right now?”

“I believe he is in the Bellincher prison.”

“Then we need to hurry up and go free him.”

Harrison raised his voice as if he was frustrated. This made the magician jump in shock before shushing him and looking around. It was as if the Jeppi tribe was guarding the area.

That seemed to be the case. They heard someone coming toward them and speaking in a voice that sounded extremely nasal.

“What seems to be the issue? Snort.”

“This is why we shouldn’t be nice to these human bastards. Snort.”

I turned my head to see monsters who looked as unique as their tone. But should I call that a monster or a human?

They looked like chimpanzees with a lot of hair pulled out. Their arms were so long that they almost touched the ground.

This was the Jeppi tribe that lived on another continent south of this continent.

The Jeppi noticed us. Their few remaining hairs stood up straight like needles as they became alert.

“Snort. There are some weird individuals!”

“Isn’t that a Dark Elf? There’s even a Kobbit! Snort.”

“Are they rebels? Snort. Hurry up and contact the soldiers!”

“Snort. Everybody down to the ground. We will kill anyone who resists!”

There were a total of four Jeppis. One of them suddenly ran out as if to call for reinforcements while the other three pointed long spears at us and carefully started to approach.

The magician waved his hand in anxiety.

“Not at all. These people are just traveler……ugh!”

However, the magician could not say much more. It was because all three of them suddenly died.

One died from the Spirit Energy I launched, while the other two were killed by Dark Elf Rohas’s sword and magician Bernard’s lightning magic.

The magician’s expression turned to one of despair.

“Damn it! How can you kill the Jeppi?! This is the end of this town now.”

According to the magician, the Jeppi were extremely cruel and violent. They killed anybody who showed even the slightest signs of going against their will. The Magician’s Tower had lost five magicians already as well.

Furthermore, there were so many of them that nobody could even think about revolting.

“Are the Jeppi tribe’s forces that strong?”

“There are over 30,000 Jeppi that came to Titan Valley. Everybody surrendered in less than a day.”

“Then now……?”

“There are about 1,000 Jeppi left in Titan Valley. However, there are over 5,000 currently attacking High Village……”

According to the magician, the Jeppi tribe charged in like a tidal wave and quickly left like the tide.

However, there were many Jeppis nearby that they could gather over 30,000 Jeppi warriors at any moment’s notice.

The most important thing was that there were less than 1,000 Jeppis in Titan Valley right now.

“What happened to the citizens?”

I quickly gathered information on Titan Valley’s situation from the magician.

The situation was not much different than I had expected. Humbley’s people moved most of the citizens to High Village as soon as the Jeppi tribe started their attack.

High Village then closed its gate shut and fended off the Jeppi tribe’s attack until now.

Humbley would naturally be at High Village with Kaldera.

Then is it my turn to make a move?

“Let’s wipe them out.”

“……Excuse me?’

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