Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 171: Who Owns This Place (1)

The magician seemed shocked. She seemed to think it was easier said than done.

I guess that’s how scared they are of the Jeppi tribe’s strong abilities.

But there was no need to listen to the magician anymore. Everything was already planned and we just needed to do things according to plan.

“The mercenaries that I have prepared will be in High Village. We will first meet up with them and regain Titan Valley first.”

“Let’s do that.”

Harrison nodded his head. His confident expression made it seem like we had already taken care of all of the Jeppis in Titan Valley.

It made sense. We had easily defeated even tens of Demon at once. There was also the large number of Stone Elves I could summon.

The issue was the Dwarves.

“What do you think? Will you help us?”

The Dwarves did not easily respond. They had a rule not to get involved in human affairs.

However, there were always exceptions. And unlike the Shapir, they showed their fighting abilities every so often even in human affairs.

“Didn’t you guys say that I am your friend? You can help a friend out. Furthermore, this is a battle with the Jeppi tribe who are pretty much monsters.”

The Dwarves looked refreshed after I reinforced the part about the Jeppi tribe.

“That makes sense. We would not be Dwarves if we ignored our friend’s issues.”

“Ahaha. I’ve been waiting for you to ask for our help. I think it’ll feel wonderful to destroy some Jeppi bastards’ heads!”

“Goonto, let’s do that. Isn’t the battlefield where we belong?”

Goonto stopped contemplating after hearing the other Dwarves.

“Fine. But how long do you need our help for?”

“One month is enough. That should be long enough to get rid of all of the Jeppis in the Batoru Kingdom.”

He would have the strength to fight against the Jeppi tribe even without the Dwarve at that time.

“Fine. We will help out for a month.”

Goonto nodded his head. They would go all out since they said they would help.

“What about you?”

I gave the magician a chance to decide as well.

Honestly, there was no need to ask. In terms of abilities, even ten of these magicians were not as strong as Bernard alone.

Most importantly, the fact that they were still alive in the Magician’s Tower even though the Jeppi tribe took over Titan Valley is an issue. They should have died while resisting with their lives.

But they would indeed be helpful if they were around. I would gather many of these magicians to create a large unit.

“Are you planning on continuing to be a Jeppi pawn?”

Then they would be branded as a traitor and could be killed by the residents later. Actually, that is not a could, it would be that way.

‘They should make a smart decision.’

Did the magician manage to read my thoughts? She bit down on her lips before nodding her head.

“Please wait for a moment. I will go gather all of the magicians remaining in the tower.”

There was no time to do that. It was just important that they will fight with us.

“We will head out first. Please follow behind us once you gather all like-minded magicians. Then we should be able to meet up on the way to High Village.”

“I understand.”

The magician quickly started to run up the tower.

“Then shall we head out as well?”

“Let’s go.”

The Magician’s Tower was located at the center of Titan Valley by the Titan Plaza. This was a street that was normally crowded even at night time.

But it was empty right now. It felt as if it was a deserted city.

We did see some residents every so often. But they all seemed to not want to be seen by the Jeppi as they were curled up and walking quickly.

Someone flinched after seeing us and approached us.

“Wait, aren’t you Kang Hwi Ram-nim?”

They know my face? Am I that famous now? Anybody in the real world should be able to recognize me if they’ve seen me through TV or the internet, but they didn’t have something like that in here.

So how could he know?

“Do you not remember? We were at the Batoom Mines……”

Oh, it was one of the miners. Then of course he knows my face.


“Do you know where the Jeppi soldiers are gathered together?”

“Of course. They are using the inn next to the plaza as their headquarter. But why do you ask about that? Perhaps……?”

The miner looked toward Goonto’s group and Harrison’s group. His eyes then filled with anticipation.

Yes. It’s time for you to stand back up. That was necessary for Titan Valley and the entire Batoru Kingdom to heal faster.

“Please spread the news to others. My friends and I will recover Titan Valley. Tell them to gather at High Village as quickly as possible once things are safe here.”

“I understand.”

“Let’s head out!”

I took the vanguard as we started to run toward Titan Plaza.

This was the beginning. We will almost instantly kick out the Jeppi tribe that was taking over the continent like a tsunami.

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