Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 172: Who Owns This Place (2)

The area around Titan Plaza was the Jeppi tribe’s headquarters as the miner mentioned. The Jeppi were moving around in groups of 20.

It was obvious why the Jeppi were moving around. It was something that naturally happened during wars.

Plundering and rape.

The Jeppis were kidnapping any and all women, from children to old ladies. That was why we could hear women screaming all around us.

“Kyaaaa. Please don’t kill me.”

“Snort. Can’t you shut up? Do you want me to kill you?”

You’re the one who needs to die.

I didn’t even need to signal the others. I took out Goonto’s Twin Blades and shot out Spirit Energy as soon as I found some Jeppis.

My accuracy with the Spirit Energy has gone up as I continued to use it. Now I could hit everything within 30 meters of me with 100% accuracy.


“Rebels! Snort. Attack!”

“There are a lot of them. Call our comrades!”

Beeep- Beeeep-

One of the Jeppi soldiers blew into what looked like a whistle.

I didn’t mind. It meant that I didn’t need to waste time looking for others.


My teammates started to move as well.

These past two years together have made the two teams into one. Who would ever expect Dwarves and humans to show such skilled coordination?

I didn’t need to divide tasks for them to know what they needed to do. The Dwarves charged toward the Jeppi tribe while Harrison’s group blocked off any escape paths.

Our numbers were similar to their numbers right now.

However, there was a significant difference in skill. I guess I should say that they were no match for us?

Each Jeppi monster was over level 300, but how could they compare to Goonto and the Dwarves? This group of fewer than 20 Dwarves could probably wipe out the Jeppi tribe alone if they wanted to do so.

Harrison’s group was made up of the Batoru Kingdom’s most skilled individuals as well. He had gathered the best people to turn into Knights of the Sun.

In other words, they were the true strength of Harrison and the Batoru Kingdom.

Each of them were easily over level 500.

It was to the point that I didn’t even need to summon the Stone Elves.

I was relieved. I wanted to save them if possible. They needed a long period of rest because they were seriously injured in the battles against the Demons.

But the Jeppi tribe had a hidden card up their sleeve as well.

‘Take a look at them!’

It was a Demon Cave scroll.

Well, I guess it wasn’t a hidden card. I already knew about the fact that the Jeppi could use Demon Cave scrolls like the people from the Church of the Sun.

But it wasn’t very dangerous. The Demon Cave scrolls that the Church of the Sun had ranged from low level to high level, however, the Jeppi tribe’s Demon Cave scrolls were all less than level 200 caves.

The Jeppi were almost instantly defeated.

“Let’s head to High Village right away. Our first priority should be rescuing the citizens.”

I did not hear anyone oppose my decision. The Dwarves just enjoyed fighting while Harrison’s group wanted to quickly take care of things so that they could climb the Peria Mountain.

However, there was an exception.

It was someone whose existence I could not ignore.

“I will return to Avanguarde.”

It was Kaicher.

I remember the story from the game.

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