Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 173: Who Owns This Place (3)

“What…… Do you mean by that?”

Donstar had a blank expression after hearing my question.

Was my question that hard to understand? Then I will ask in a simpler way.

“High Village is under my jurisdiction. I never gave you permission to come in here. So why are you in here? Who gave you permission?”


Donstar couldn’t finish his sentence. His eyes were just quickly moving.

There was no way he had anything to say. It was because I had given Humbley special instructions. I told him to let everyone in except Donstar and the other infamous power players from Titan Valley into High Village.

In other words, Donstar and the evil power players had forced their way into High Village.

There was only one type of punishment for those bastards.

I gave the order without even waiting for Donstar’s response.

“Get out.”

“W, what?”

“You are not qualified to be here. So get out of the city.”

Donstar looked anxious. He was so shocked that he was unable to say anything.

He didn’t even seem to realize that I was speaking informally him.

Donstar finally snapped out of it and seemed to have organized his thoughts. He seemed to be angry as he suddenly started to shout like a dog.

“Who the hell are you to tell me to leave?!”

Makes sense. He probably finds this to be unbelievable. He is the Deputy Mayor for Titan Valley after all. And technically, High Village fell under Titan Valley’s jurisdiction.

But that’s because he doesn’t know something.

“Who am I? High Village’s temporary Commander.”

I was someone who could take control in special situations like this. In other terms, I was pretty much king inside High Village right now.

It made sense why Donstar would not believe me.

In fact, he raised his voice even more.

“What? Temporary Commander? Who would give a damn miner like you such title? On what grounds?”

Someone answered on my behalf from behind Donstar.

“Here is the decree from his majesty.”

It was Humbley.

We had already expected such a situation. That was why we got the ball rolling as soon as things started to happen.

One of those things was making me the temporary Commander for High Village.

Things went smoother than we had expected. The sick king handed power over to the first prince during this emergency situation, but the first prince and the second prince both knew that they were lacking and pushed the third prince into power.

The third prince who came into power was close with Harrison. He knew about how I was helping Harrison out as well.

Furthermore, he had heard that the fortresses I had created in High Village and Arlington for emergency situations were playing pivotal roles against the Jeppi invasion.

They were two of the few remaining safe areas as the Jeppi tribe aimed to take over the entire Batoru Kingdom.

That was why he had no issues granting Humbley’s request to make me the temporary commander.

In other words, I was no longer a miner turned businessman but an influential person at the level of the king. At least within High Village that is.

I took the decree from Humbley and showed it to Donstar.

The decree also stated that any territory I took back for the kingdom fell under my command as well. Of course, Humbley had requested that as well.

I then revealed a title I had not shown until now.

[High Village Temporary Commander]

Now does it make sense why I would talk down to Donstar who was the highest ranking person in Titan Valley at one point?

He seemed to understand. Donstar looked as if a cat got his tongue.

Donstar was rolling his eyes left and right trying to find a way out of this.

“B, but there is no reason to kick me out?”

“No, there is a clear reason I should.”

“What is that?”

Is he really asking because he doesn’t know?

Well, he probably wouldn’t have acted that way if he did know.

It was time for me to teach him what he did. Not that he would realize his mistakes even with me teaching him.

But it was time for him to pay the price for all of his sins until now.

“You hinder the harmony in High Village!”

“W, what?”

Do you think the people in Titan Valley followed Donstar because they wanted to do so? They were just scared because of all the power he had.

It was not just Donstar. Donstar had a lot of lackeys as well. And those bastards were trying to swing their influence around even in High Village.

They weren’t doing anything except giving orders. The citizens were serving as fodder just because they didn’t have any money or backing.

How would they have any favorable opinions about him?

They were holding back because they were suppressed by his power and influence, but if something allowed them to release their anger…they will probably be scarier than the Jeppi.

However, I could also create the reverse situation if I use that situation properly.

Of course, Donstar did not accept it.

“Such unbelievable……”

“Then you tell me. Is there any reason you should be in High Village?”

“I am also a citizen like them.”

“You want to be treated like the other citizens?”

Donstar quickly nodded his head as I asked back to confirm.


Then I have no reason to say no.

However, I had a condition. It was the same condition I had for anybody benefiting from being in High Village.

“Fine. You can stay if you have such a mindset. Humbley-nim. There is something we need to do right away.”

“Please tell me what you need.”

Humbley quickly came over with a notepad as if he was going to personally be my assistant.

“The most important thing for us right now is harmony. We must all gather together with the same mindset in order to overcome this terrible situation.”

Everybody nodded their heads. It was because I was right.

“That is why we will make everything equal for everyone. Past wealth and titles do not matter. Anybody who wishes to rely on the safety of High Village must hand over their entire wealth and be a commoner. After the war, we will redistribute the wealth depending on the person’s merits during the war.”

I heard some gasps around the room.

It was obvious. The people who ran over as soon as I entered into High Village were all people who had wealth and power in Titan Valley.

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