Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 173: Who Owns This Place (3)

The poor commoners had no time to come here. They were all on the walls throwing rocks and fighting against the Jeppi.

In other words, the people fighting on the walls will be able to improve their status because of this tribulation while the majority of the people here will lose status.

“Please create a contract. Only those who write their name and sign on the contract will be able to stay in High Village.”

“I understand. I will take care of it right away.”

Humbley quickly started to move.

We didn’t have any time to waste. The Jeppi were continuing to attack while we wasted time here, and the number of people dying on the walls were increasing.

Most importantly, I was concerned about Kaicher next to me. Kaicher’s mind is probably filled with only the Avanguarde Ares Temple right now.

We needed to take care of the Jeppi tribe outside the walls as quickly as possible.

Humbley created a contract right there and handed it to me. The contents were so simple that it took less than five minutes to create.

I was the first to write my name and sign it.

Then I handed it to Humbley.

“Please write your name and sign it.”

Honestly speaking, Humbley was the one who would suffer the most from this contract. He was the one with the most wealth here. Donstar couldn’t even compare to him.

Humbley wrote his name and signed it without any hesitation. That was how strong his trust in me was. No, he probably already considers me to be a part of his family.

Kaldera who was standing next to Humbley wrote her name and signed it as well.

Then I handed it to Donstar.

“Sign it. Otherwise, I will send you outside the walls.”

“That unbelievable……”

I guess he doesn’t want to sign it.

I wasn’t losing anything from it. Donstar’s wealth will naturally belong to High Village once he dies.

Honestly, he probably doesn’t have much on him. The majority of his wealth was probably in Titan Valley and that was already conquered by the Jeppi.

So, it was the Jeppi tribe’s wealth and not Donstar’s right now.

But the fact that he was still hesitating showed how greedy he was.

Then there was only one thing left for him.

“Rohas. Send him outside the wall!”

My slave, the Dark Elf Rohas. He had no sympathy for humans.

Rohas did not respond with any words. He just slightly bowed his head and quickly started to move. He grabbed Donstar by the back of his shirt with overwhelming strength and climbed to the top of the wall.

“P, please save me.”

Donstar probably has reasons why he thinks he should survive, but I had no reason to save him.

He needed to quickly make up his mind if he wanted me to save him.

I ignored him and Rohas continued to drag him up to the top of the wall. Now all that was left was to throw him over.

Donstar finally shouted.

“I, I’ll sign it.”


Rohas seemed like a machine that only listened to my orders. He stopped mid-motion of throwing Donstar over the wall once I gave the order.

His loyalty wasn’t very high, but he was the best slave when it came to usefulness.

“Bring him back.”

Donstar’s entire body was shaking once Rohas dragged him back in front of me. He wrote his name and signed it with shaking hands.

“Next is you. Hurry up because we have no time. Rohas! You can throw anybody who objects over the wall even without my order from here on.”

Everything went smoothly from there. They were all as greedy as Donstar, but they all quickly signed the contract because there was nothing more valuable than their lives.

Of course, there were some who objected. They seemed to think that I wouldn’t really throw them over the wall. That person was thrown over the wall.

He begged for forgiveness on top of the wall saying he will sign, but I didn’t even pretend to listen. I didn’t have time to waste on things like that. I needed at least one person as an example anyway.

He quickly turned into mincemeat by the Jeppi tribe’s spears as soon as he was outside the wall.

“Humbley-nim. Please create hundreds of these contracts and get all of the commoners to sign them as well. Of course, please explain so they understand where I am coming from.”

“I understand.”

Honestly speaking, it really wasn’t necessary to get all of the commoners to sign it. They never had much wealth to begin with.

Well, other than Jonnan, Batoom, Goultan and the other miners who worked with me in the Northern Mines of course.

However, they will all follow my will as well.

“Humbley-nim. Are the mercenaries ready?”

“Yes sir. We have 300 talented mercenaries ready to go.”

That should be enough to take care of the Jeppi tribe.

“Please bring them over right away.”

Humbley motioned in a direction. 300 Mercenaries quickly came down toward the gate. They seemed to have come when Humbley got here and were ready to go at any moment.

I could feel Humbley’s attention to detail.

“Then shall we get started?”

Goonto and the Dwarves picked up their weapons once I grabbed Goonto’s Twin Blades.

Harrison’s group and the newly gathered mercenaries seemed to wait for my orders as well.

I quickly explained the plan. I didn’t need to do this for my usual teammates, but the new mercenaries joining us could hinder our teamwork if they do something weird.

The core of the plan was simple.

“The mercenaries don’t need to over do it. Please just take care of the ones that make it past us. That is enough.”

“Yes sir!”

The mercenaries responded in a loud voice.

They were full of confidence. They must have seen how we made it through the Jeppi encirclement to get inside High Village earlier.

They all got into position. They formed a half circle similar to the Hakik-jin. (16th century Korean naval commander Yi Sun-sin’s one of the most famous strategy in the Hansando battle. This formation is designed to look like a crane with its wings open.)

The gate opened once I gave the signal.

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