Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 174: Who Owns This Place (4)

The ground outside of the walls was covered with Jeppis. There were so many gathered together like heads of bean sprouts.

The ones who were by the gate charged forward once the gate opened.

I shouted toward the soldiers standing in formation with their shields up.

“Maintain your positions!”

But I did not do that myself. The soldiers had their roles while I had mine.

I moved away from the formation and charged into the cluster of Jeppis.


The Jeppis did not dare to approach me. I was dashing out significant amounts of damage because Drake’s TBSA and Combo were at Advanced levels 4 and 5 respectively.

Furthermore, with One with the Sword helping me have fluid movements, the Jeppi were falling like hay every time I moved.

People on the walls were shooting arrows down as well.

The others who were set up in the shape of an arch on the walls were not forgiving as they launched their arrows.

Goonto and the other Dwarves seemed to be getting riled up by my actions as well that they would move out of their spots every so often to swing their swords.

That made the formation break once in a while but it didn’t affect the overall formation too much. It was because the mercenaries that Humbley trained were supporting us in the rear. And the Dwarves were qualified to do that.

Thanks to that, the Jeppis who made it into the gate were all killed. We soon had a hill made of the Jeppi corpses.

That made the Jeppis wary of entering into the gate as well. They would slowly move back even if we opened the gate widely for them.

They just gathered to a different side and continued to attack the city walls.

That meant it was time for us to head out now.

“Now! Let’s go!”

I took the lead similar to how we had broken through the Jeppis to get inside. Goonto and Dark Elf Rohas were to my left and right while the Dwarves created a clamp-shaped formation behind us.

Harrison’s group and the mercenaries supported us as well.

The Jeppis started to charge toward us as soon as we made it out of the gate.

They still significantly outnumbered us. There seemed to be at least 3,000 of them. They all seemed to be high on morale a well.

Was it because there were so many of them that I didn’t have much room to move? Or was it because of their morale? I didn’t know why, but I felt slightly frustrated.

But I was not afraid. I had not properly shown my skills yet.

‘Should I give them a small taste of it now?’

I took a deep breath while looking at a spot that was filled with Jeppis. I then released the energy I gathered together.

[Dragon Fear!]


It was not a loud roar that would burst their eardrums, instead, it was a strong fluctuation of mana that would dig deep into their hearts.

The Jeppis charging in the front immediately stumbled and plopped on the ground while the ones behind them curled up in fear.

The Jeppis’ high morale instantly fell to the ground.

‘That’s a bit better.’

I started to swing Goonto’s Twin Blades again.

Goonto and the Dwarves, Dark Elf Rohas, and Harrison’s group did not sit still either. They knew when to move in and when to step back based on our long duration of working together in the Western District.


They widened the clamp formation and spread out to kill the Jeppis. It was a one-sided massacre.

The clamp formation tightened once the Jeppis made it out of the effects of Dragon Fear.

However, the massacre resumed once the cooldown time ended and I used Dragon Fear once more.

The morale of the civilian volunteer soldiers in High Village went up because of our actions as well. They were shouting on top of the walls and sending down arrows and rocks.

The number of Jeppis decreased quickly. It went from 3,000 to 2,000, then to 1,000 until only a few remaining Jeppis lowered their tails and started to run away to Titan Valley to the East.

“Chase them!”

I didn’t give them the opening to run. I continued to swing Goonto’s Twin Blades in between the escaping Jeppis. The Jeppis could not run away from me because I had higher speed and stamina than they did.

It was the same for Rohas. He ran wild in between the Jeppis as if he had become my clone and showed them the scariness of a Dark Elf.

But the Jeppis could not stop running to try to fight against Rohas and I. It was because the Dwarves, Harrison’s group, and the mercenaries were right behind them. The only thing the Jeppis could do was run and run some more.

But that did not last very long.

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