Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 175: Kaicher Goes Berserk (1)


Is he really asking because he doesn’t know?

His sin is serving the wrong person without knowing who truly owns this place!

But I didn’t have the time to explain something like that to him right now.

Can’t he see the look on Kaicher’s face?

He was trying his best not to show it, but he was clearly anxious. He was concerned about the Archbishop who was pretty much like a father to him.

Honestly speaking, I wanted to find and take away Donstar’s hidden wealth as well.

But I can do that later. Most of the influential people signed to give up their wealth, so I can take care of them all at once later on.

I needed to focus on Kaicher right now.

“Why are you all still standing there?”

“Yes, sir! The four of you arrest Tarok! The rest of you, come with me!”

His experience as a mercenary did come in handy. Smith showed a leader-like demeanor and started to lead the Security Force members after I gave the order.

I named Humbley the Vice Commander of High Village. He would do a better job than I would in leading this place.

“Then I leave it to you.”

“Yes, Commander-nim. Please return safely.”

“Now then, shall we go?”

I led Kaicher and Harrison’s group to the Magician’s Tower. We then immediately teleported to Avanguarde.

Avanguarde had quite a few Jeppis guarding the Magician’s Tower, unlike Titan Valley. There were over 20 of them as soon as we finished our teleportation.

The Jeppi had blank expressions on their faces after seeing our group suddenly teleporting over.

I’m sure they were confused. They couldn’t tell if we were rebels or the Jeppi tribe’s informants.

Thankfully, it didn’t seem as if they had heard about what happened in Titan Valley.

You really have to take care of these things quickly before information spreads.

I confidently started to walk toward the Jeppis.

The Jeppis finally seemed to have noticed the serious atmosphere. They all clenched their weapons and had vicious glares on their faces.

“Snort. Who are you? Stop there.”

I pretended not to hear him. I then kicked off the ground and charged toward the Jeppis.

The others quickly started to move as well as if we had planned it in advance.

Kaicher and Rohas’s movements looked especially cool. They were quickly moving as if they were competing to see who could move faster and stronger.

However, nobody was faster than me. I instantly approached them and started to chop off their necks.

It happened so quickly that the Jeppis could not resist properly. Of course, it wouldn’t have mattered if they did since there was such a gap between our abilities.

All of the Jeppis on the first floor of the Magician’s Tower were killed in less than a minute. It would be easy for us to clear the Magician’s Tower if we wanted to do so.

However, our goal was not the Magician’s Towers nor was it hunting the Jeppis. It was confirming the safety of the Ares Temple and the Archbishop. It would be even better if we could save the bishop and the priests as well.

“We will move as quickly as possible!”

We charged toward the Ares Temple at full speed. Kaicher and Rohas ran as fast as possible as well. We were moving so fast that we caused gusts of wind as we ran.


That meant that the group ending up breaking up into two. Harrison’s group could not keep up with our speed.

Magician Bernard was especially the problem.

“Wait for us.”

There was no reason for us to move together. There was nobody here who did not know the location of the Ares Temple. A normal person could run from the Magician’s Tower to the Ares Temple in 30 minutes.

Bernard could move pretty quickly if he used magic as well. They would arrive about 10 minutes after us.

“We will head over first. Let’s regroup at the Ares Temple.”

I increased my speed even more. I could see Kaicher and Rohas doing their best to keep up.

I saw Jeppis every so often.

There were not many of them. Avanguarde was already conquered, so they had only left the minimal amount necessary to keep it in check while the rest of the Jeppi soldiers headed toward the Ameri Kingdom.

I’m sure there were over 30,000 still left in Avanguarde, but that was only if they were all gathered together in one spot.

We killed the Jeppis in front of us as we ran. Thankfully, we were able to arrive at the Ares Temple quickly.

I couldn’t help but frown after seeing the status of the temple gate.


I could see the bishop and the priests. To be more specific, I could see their corpses. They were all pierced from head to toe by large wooden spears and hanging in the air.

Things had progressed similarly to the game story. They resisted until the last moment, making the Jeppi kill them in the cruelest method possible and hang them outside the gate like this. They were showing this as an example of what happens to whoever resists against them.

There was a familiar face among them. I could see the Archbishop who Kaicher treated like family.

It was a terrible sight.

How would Kaicher who considered them as family be feeling when even a third party like me was feeling this way?


Kaicher pulled at his hair and started to cry as he stood in front of the bishop and priests’ corpses. This was shocking because Kaicher was someone who would not lose his calm even in the fiercest of battles.

The important part came from here.

I couldn’t let Kaicher turn into a crazed madman.

I needed something to focus Kaicher’s mind on. I guess you could say that I needed to find a reason for him to want to live?

“Snort. Rebels. Attack.”

The Jeppis inside the temple ran out after hearing Kaicher’s scream.

I couldn’t see the bishop nor any of the priests. Neither the bishop nor any of the priests had surrendered to the Jeppi.

Actually, there was one person. I could see a person wearing the Ares Temple’s priest outfit hidden within the Jeppi. He was definitely human and not a Jeppi. It was a face that Kaicher knew well.

Kaicher let out his anger after seeing him.

“You bastard! Pavinson!”

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