Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 175: Kaicher Goes Berserk (1)

“Kaicher-nim! That’s not it. Please listen to me.”

The priest named Pavinson desperately waved his hand.

However, everything would just be an excuse in this situation. The fact that he was standing so freely within the Jeppis proved his betrayal.

Kaicher let his divine power explode out. He furiously started to run toward Pavinson.

The Jeppis did not sit back either. They started to swing their weapons toward the running Kaicher.

However, the Jeppis were no match for Kaicher. They were easily taken down by Kaicher’s sword.

it was not because the Jeppis were weak. I’m sure they were all warriors who were at least level 400.

It was just that Kaicher was amazingly strong. His divine power had exploded and taken him beyond his limits because of his uncontrollable anger.

It would be an extreme level of strength even without the Warrior’s Ring strengthening him.

This also meant that Kaicher was starting to go crazy.

Letting out anger isn’t bad. It’s better to let it out than to hold it in.

However, you should not go overboard.

Anybody would be able to tell that Kaicher’s current explosion of emotions was going overboard.

If the Jeppis overwhelm him with numbers right now?

Kaicher would continue to squeeze out divine power beyond his limits. That overloading of divine power would end up exploding and destroy Kaicher’s mind.

He would no longer be Kaicher, the Warrior of Light. Instead, he would change into Kaicher, the Crazed Warrior. Just like how it was in the game.

I needed to prevent that from happening.

“Rohas! Help Kaicher!”

Rohas quickly started to move as if he had been waiting for my order. He started to charge toward the Jeppis with swift movement that made it seem as if he was flying.

However, he seemed a bit concerned. It was not because of the Jeppis. It was because of Kaicher. The already half-crazed Kaicher might think Rohas was his enemy as well.

“Don’t stick too close to Kaicher!”

I helped out as well.

However, there were quite a lot of Jeppis in the Ares Temple. They continued to pour out from the building as they heard the commotion.

There were at least a few thousand of them here.

They seemed to have taken up the Ares Temple as one of their bases because this place was a symbol for battle.

‘I need Harrison’s group to hurry up and show up.’

Kaicher continued to quickly advance. He was heading toward the traitorous priest Pavinson. He was so strong that he had already cornered Pavinson.

“Please wait for a moment. Please listen to me. Kaicher-nim, I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Shut up!”

Kaicher did not care. Pavinson shouted as loudly as possible but Kaicher made it past the Jeppi wall and swung his sword toward Pavinson.

Pavinson grabbed one of the Jeppis’ fallen weapons to defend.

However, he was no match for Kaicher. Even if they both had the same position as priests in the Ares Temple, Kaicher was the greatest warrior of the Temple whose fame was widely spread to the other kingdoms.

Pavinson’s shoulder was cut without being able to defend against even a single attack. Kaicher’s sword then stabbed into Pavinson’s heart.


Pavinson crumbled just like that.

The Jeppis did not miss that opening. They charged forward like a horde of dogs and swung their weapons toward Kaicher.

Kaicher moved his anger toward the Jeppis after killing Pavinson.

“You bastards!”

However, there were too many of them. They seemed to have decided to take care of Kaicher first as they were all aiming for Kaicher.

This was too dangerous of a situation.

“Rohas! Do everything you can to help him!”

I started to run toward Kaicher as well.

That allowed a path of life for Kaicher who used the opening to massacre the Jeppis.

I heard a faint voice next to me at that moment.

It was Pavinson whom Kaicher had just killed.

Well, I thought he was dead, but he was still alive. I don’t know how he is still alive, but he was doing his best to say something before he died.

I paid attention to what he was trying to say.

I heard some shocking information coming from Pavinson’s mouth.

“The Archbishop-nim’s descendants……must save them……”

The Archbishop’s descendants!

I did a lot of research on Kaicher using the Royal Roader draft plan. I was trying to find out how I could fully turn Kaicher into one of my people.

One of the methods I found was the Archbishop.

However, the Archbishop had died following the original storyline.

The alternative I found was through the Archbishop’s descendants. They were people who would give Kaicher a reason to live.

I quickly approached Pavinson.

Pavinson was only able to move his eyes and lips. He struggled to look at me and continued to speak as his voice died out.

“The Archbishop-nim……his descendants……gave his life to save them……let them live……underground prison……”

I got the gist of what he was trying to say.

Pavinson had not betrayed them, he was only pretending to have betrayed them. He was trying to deliver this information to someone.

He then looked toward Kaicher with his fleeting gaze.


Those were Pavinson’s last words. I don’t know if he was using his divine powers or what he was doing, but his life that he was trying so hard to maintain was completely gone now.

I then heard a voice in my mind.

< Pavinson’s Quest has been activated.
Please save Kaicher from going crazy. You will receive a gift of thanks from Pavinson’s soul should you succeed. >

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