Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 176: Kaicher Goes Berserk (2)

An unexpected quest.

‘But a thank you gift from Pavinson’s soul? What could it be?’

Honestly, this issue with Kaicher was something I needed to do even if it wasn’t a quest.

I knew what I needed to do as well. The only issue I had was locating the Archbishop’s descendants, but Pavinson gave me the answer to that at the perfect time.

“Kaicher! Where is the underground prison?”

Kaicher didn’t even act as if he heard me. He had fallen into such severe madness that he couldn’t hear anything.

But he might slightly return to his senses if he hears this.

“The Archbishop’s descendants are still alive! We need to save them!”


Kaicher still had no response. Was it too loud around him?

I shouted once more. I emphasized on the part about the Archbishop’s descendants.

However, it was useless. My voice was loud enough for Kaicher to hear but there was no reaction.

Kaicher already seemed to be a mad man. He had already turned into the Crazed Warrior.

‘This is bad.’

But it was too early to give up. I needed to try everything.

There was only one thing for me to do right now.

‘Find the underground prison and rescue the Archbishops descendants.’

But where could the underground prison be? It would make sense for it to be inside the Ares Temple, but it would take a long time to find it on my own since the Ares Temple is large.

It would have been great if Pavinson told me where it was.

I looked toward Pavinson with disappointment.

However, I then felt chills down my back. The dead Pavinson’s finger was pointing somewhere.

It was not a natural movement. He had done it intentionally. He was pointing to the building behind him.

He had given me a final hint as he died.

I didn’t have any time to waste. I needed to find the Archbishop’s descendants and bring them here before Kaicher’s mind broke any more.

‘I really hope it is that building’s basement.’

“Rohas. Keep Kaicher safe!”

I quickly started to move as I shouted. I sent the Guardian Elemental into the building in front of me.

I could see the Jeppis. Some of the Jeppi soldiers had remained here even with Kaicher causing a ruckus.

That meant that there was something here they needed to protect.

I became a little more certain.

‘They’re here!’

The scattered Jeppis were no match for me.

However, I tried my best to not run into them. I was here to save people not to hunt Jeppis.

I only got rid of the ones getting in my way as I quickly headed down into the basement. The Jeppis coming up from the basement blocked my way, but I jumped down past them.

The stairs continued quite far. I found an iron gate once I went about four floors down.

‘That must be the underground prison!’

“Snort. Close the door!”

The Jeppis chasing me from urgently shouted. The Jeppis down below quickly started to close the iron gate.

Of course, I wouldn’t let them do that.

I started to swing Goonto’s Twin Blades toward the Jeppis as I jumped down the stairs. There was still about 20 meters left, but it didn’t matter. There was a skill I learned after reaching One with the Sword.

Spirit Energy shot out from the tip of my sword.

One and then another.


The accuracy was 100%. Furthermore, the damage was strong enough to shock the Demons. The two Jeppis trying to close the iron gate fell backwards as soon as they were hit by the Spirit Energy. They seemed to have died instantly as they did not get back up.

A short corridor appeared once I got through the iron gate. There were about eight rooms on each side.

Thankfully, there were no Jeppis guarding the corridor.

“I am Kaicher’s friend. Is there anybody here? I came to save you.”

I shouted out loud. My voice echoed through the corridor.

I then heard a response from over there.

“Over here! We’re over here!”

‘They’re over there!

The cell was naturally locked. There was a thick lock on it.

Goonto’s Twin Blades might have high damage but my strength was weak so it didn’t seem easy to break this lock.

Of course, there was a method. It would take longer, but I guess it’s better to do something that’s certain to work.

I ripped a small Demon Cave scroll for monsters under level 100.

I used the monsters coming out of the Demon Cave as stepping stones before hitting the lock that I sliced through as if it was tofu.

There were three young men inside the cell. Thankfully, none of them were seriously injured. They were moving normally as well.

“Are you perhaps the Archbishop-nim’s descendants?”

“Yes. Where is Kaicher-nim?”

There were no other people in the cells.

I just needed to take them out and show them to Kaicher.

Approximately 30 Jeppis had blocked the corridor while I chatted with them. They seemed to be saying there was no way I was going to make it out of them.

This was not a difficult number to deal with, but the narrow corridor made it seem like there were quite a lot of them.

But all it did was make it annoying.

“Please use divine power to protect your minds.”

“Excuse me?”

“Yes sir.”

It seemed like an odd request but the young men did as I asked. This was not the time to be asking questions.

I also didn’t have the time to answer it even if they asked. Kaicher was going crazier with every passing second.

I charged toward the Jeppis. They weren’t very far so I was in front of them with just a few steps.

I could see the Jeppis clenching their weapons.

‘You think you bastards can survive through this?’

[Dragon Fear!]


My condensed mana exploded with the presence of fear. The aura seemed to be multiple times stronger than normal because it echoed through the narrow underground corridor.

Some of the Jeppis standing in the front coughed up blood before fainting while the ones behind them all plopped down on the ground. The way they were shaking made it seem as if they were seizing.

They should not be able to move for a few seconds. That was enough time for us.


The young men and I started to run. We just had to quickly rush past the Jeppis.

I saw some Jeppis as we were running. All of them were shaking on the ground because of the Dragon Fear.

We just rushed past them.

Thanks to that, it took less than 1 minute to get out of the building with the young men.

I could see Kaicher. Rohas was helping out nearby but most Jeppis were still charging toward Kaicher.

But there was no need for me to step in. It was because Harrison’s group was finally arriving at the temple.


Harrison’s group attacked the Jeppis starting with Bernard’s AOE lightning magic. Kaicher and Rohas were still swinging their swords like maniacs and the confident Jeppis instantly crumbled once I joined as well.

There were no more enemies to fight.

However, Kaicher’s desire for battle had not disappeared.

Huff. Huff.

He was huffing as he looked around with glowing eyes. His eyes seemed full of madness.

Kaicher then noticed Rohas.

Kaicher’s blue eyes started to glow even more.


That was what Rohas’s expression was saying. Kaicher started to run toward Rohas as if Rohas had guessed correctly.


Kaicher’s sword and Rohas’s sword clashed in the air.

Rohas had the edge when it came to skills. Even if Kaicher used his divine power, it would be difficult for him to defeat a Dark Elf like Rohas 1 on 1.

However, the results were different than expected. Rohas continued to be pushed back.

Rohas might be going easy on Kaicher. He knows Kaicher is special to me.

However, he still looked as if he was in danger. Kaicher’s sword looked ready to slash Rohas’s neck at any moment.

“Kaicher! Don’t do it! He’s on our side!”

I urgently shouted but it was no use.

However, there were some voices that managed to get Kaicher to stop.


It was the young men. They shouted loudly before running between Rohas and Kaicher.

They were putting their lives on the line. They would not survive if the crazed Kaicher did not recognize them and swung his sword.

That actually happened. Kaicher started to swing his sword toward the young men who got in his way of getting to Rohas.


The young men shouted once more.

Kaicher suddenly stopped moving as if he had received an electric shock.

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