Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 177: Friend of the Fairies (1)

‘Oh! Divine power!’

This was not an issue of the value being high or low. The fact that I now had the divine power stat itself was an amazing gift. Having just 1 in that stat allowed me to use Ares’s power.

Furthermore, he also gave me 500 Guard Points.

I felt a warm sensation starting from my head where Pavinson was as soon as the message in my head ended. The warm sensation covered my body before disappearing along with Pavinson’s soul.

I quickly checked my Status Window.

[Kang Hwi Ram Level 456]

Dexterity: Advanced Level 9, 1%

Strength: 415

Agility: 2,037

Stamina: 103

Intuition: 148

Magic: 203

Vitality: 42

Mana: 802

HP: 873

Endurance: 41

Reinforced Toughness: 160

Guard Point: 4,098

Intelli Point: 137

Spirit Energy: 589

*Available Points: 50

It wasn’t in my basic Status Window.

‘Extended Stats open!’

Faith: 11

Divine Power: 50

Knowledge: 247

Charm: 31

Sensitivity: 27

Fame: 2,563

Respect: 980


I didn’t even pay attention to the other stats. The only thing I could focus on was the divine power stat near the top.

Now I should be able to use some healing abilities using divine powers as well. My resistance to curses will also go up, and divine power would be added every time I use magic as well.

This meant that I would become stronger against not only monsters, but Demons and the Demon Lord who have dark auras as well.

And that wasn’t it. My Guard Points will recover on its own now. However, I didn’t know what the maximum amount was set to be.

‘It was an unexpectedly large gift.’

Pavinson had disappeared as I did that.

Kaicher seemed to have calmed down as well. He had the Blue Clouds Sword in one hand while caressing the hair of the Archbishop’s descendants with the other.

“There’s nothing to worry about anymore. I will protect you.”

That was a good mindset.

However, we couldn’t idly stand around like this to do that. Every second mattered to resolve the situation if we wanted things to go our way.

This was an important time right now.

The reason we could get here so quickly and easily take back the Ares Temple was because the Jeppi tribe’s forces were focused on the Ameri Kingdom.

However, things will change now. The Jeppi would have enemies on both sides if something happened in Avanguarde. Most importantly, they would have an issue with their supply route.

They would focus on resolving the issues in Avanguarde first.

We can consider the battle to be ninety percent completed if we can prevent that from happening.

“Kaicher, we need to prevent them from getting past the Reina River first. Humbley-nim has already set the walls around the river so it is possible if we destroy all bridges and focus our forces. We should be able to last at least a month.”

“I will also focus our troops by the Reina River.”

Harrison stepped up as well.

Honestly speaking, there were a significant number of soldiers following Harrison. He should be able to gather tens of thousands of soldiers if he gathers the soldiers stationed throughout the Batoru Kingdom.

Just gathering the forces around Avanguarde will give us 5,000 people easily. The chances of success were high if we drafted the civilians as well.

Kaicher nodded his head as well.


“Then I will head to Peria Mountain now. I should be able to return by tomorrow if I hurry.”

“I wish you luck.”

Kaicher turned around as if trying to hurry to leave.

But I couldn’t let him leave like that. There was something I was supposed to earn here.

Kaicher seemed to not be thinking about that at all.

“Kaicher. You need to complete my quest before you go.”

Kaicher stopped and gasped as if he finally remembered.

He then came over and put his hand on my shoulder.

I heard the voice in my head.

<You have completed Ares’s Blessings Quest.
As a reward, Ares has promised to bless you according to the amount of Guard Points in your possession.
In addition, you have received 1,000 Guard Points.>

I got some in addition.

That means that I have 5,000 Guard Points. It will be extremely beneficial to me whenever I end up using it.

Kaicher announced the end of the quest before quickly starting to move.

“Shall we move as well?”

I headed toward the Magician’s Tower with Harrison’s group.

Harrison sent messengers with orders as we did that. Most of it consisted of defending the walls surrounding the Reina River.

And one more important thing.

“Hurry and inform his majesty to restore General Suani to his position.”

There should be no need to hurry in that regard. I had already asked for it as soon as I arrived at Titan Valley.

The third prince who is ruling in the King’s place probably already gave the order to release General Suani.

There were also the 20 battleships Humbley had prepared for this.

That should be enough to completely seal off the Jeppi tribe’s sea supply route heading to the Batoru Kingdom. That meant that we were cutting the Jeppis off at the top and the bottom.


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