Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 177: Friend of the Fairies (1)

Harrison’s group gasped in shock as soon as they came out of the portal.

“This is the Peria Mountain.”

They should consider it an honor. No other humans other than myself have been here before.

Ah, I guess the old people from the Orthodox Church of the Sun were probably here. The people from the Church of the Sun were probably here too.

It can still be considered very special.

“You’re here!”

I heard a familiar voice.

It was the Elemental who served as my guide in Peria Mountain.

She seemed to have been guarding this spot the whole time. The Elemental revealed itself as soon as I appeared with Harrison’s group.

“I brought the Fairy’s Orb. May my friends go up to the Altar of the Sun now?”

“Please take the Fairy’s Orb to the Fairy-nim. Then you should be able to get permission.”

“I understand. Please wait here for a bit.”

I left Harrison’s group there and followed the Elemental to the Fairy’s Lake at the top of Peria Mountain.

I placed the orb at the altar in front of the Fairy’s Lake.

A portion of the lake started to tremble before the water took the form of a person and started to move toward the altar. It was as if a person made of water was moving toward the altar.

‘That must be the Fairy.’

The Fairy hugged the Fairy’s Orb.

The water that had been transparent changed colors and shape before it turned into the shape of a woman.

The Fairy turned semi-transparent and shot into the air as soon as she finished changing shape.

< You have successfully completed the task assigned to you.
Now all those who follow me will consider you to be their friend. >

I heard the Fairy’s voice as well as the voice announcing the end of the quest.

< You have completed the Fairy’s Quest.
You have received the High Elf Command Order as a reward.
Your friendliness with the Fairies has increased by 1,000.
You have received the title of, ‘Friend of the Fairies,’ from the Fairy. Your fame has increased by 500. The title can be revealed according to your will. >

‘Wow! Friendliness increased by 1,000!’

That was an unexpectedly large reward.

I guess this quest was that hard. Most importantly, I was able to help the Fairy out with this quest.

Furthermore, all who follow the Fairy will consider me to be their friend.

I guess friendliness increasing by 1,000 isn’t much if you consider that fact.

But a High Elf Command Order…

It wasn’t like a piece of paper was given to me.

I lifted my hand and looked at my palm. It was because I felt something warm on my hand when I heard the quest completion message.

There was some foreign text on my palm. This seemed to be the High Elf Command Order.

“Now there is no need for me to be by your side. You can go anywhere on Peria Mountain. Please ask the High Elf if you do not know the way.”

The Elemental left those words before disappearing like fog.

But how do I summon a High Elf? Is it like this?

“High Elf?”

I looked around.

I then felt something gathering in one spot. It was as if that spot was sucking in the air and particles in the area.

That spot slowly took form before turning into a High Elf. They must be able to appear and disappear like this because they were created by the forces of nature.

“It’s been a while, sir.”

The High Elf respectfully kneeled in front of me.

She still was crazily beautiful. I would probably put my life on the line to make her my woman if I met someone like her in the human world.

But this was Royal Roader.

Furthermore, this was a creature created by the aura of the Elemental. I can’t think of weird thoughts about it.

“Nice to see you again. You don’t need to kneel like that in the future. Please stand up.”

“Thank you very much. Please feel free to give me any orders as needed.”

She was talking as if she was a slave and I was the master.

I guess it makes sense since I summoned her with the Command Order.

“Let’s first head to the Altar of the Sun. My friends are waiting for me.”

“I will lead the way.”

I followed the High Elf toward the Altar of the Sun.



Harrison’s group all seemed shocked.

It was probably because of the High Elf. They weren’t as rare as the Drakes, but they still did not reveal themselves to humans.

Furthermore, her beauty was something no humans could ever achieve. Even the Elves who were known for their beauty were nothing compared to the High Elf.

Thankfully she was covering the important parts with what looked to be leaves because if she showed up the way she showed up the first time, some of them would already be drooling.

I should give her some clothes as soon as we get to the city.

“We have received the Fairy-nim’s permission. You may now proceed up to the Altar of the Sun.”

There was no limit to the number of people. That was because I earned close to 1,000 Stone Elf’s Souls at the Demons’ Mine.

In comparison, Harrison’s group had less than 100 people.

Harrison’s group went up to the Altar of the Sun one by one. They soon hugged each other in joy.

Harrison’s face was turning red as well. Even though there were less than 100 of them, the fact that they could use Spirit Energy meant that they could show significant strength in battle.

“Thank you. I will not forget about your help.”

“I’m relieved. Let’s go recover the Batoru Kingdom now.”

“Of course. But could I ask you for one more request?”

What is he trying to ask me now? I helped him enough that it should be Harrison’s turn to help me.

“It is something very important. However, I will reward you handsomely for it.”

Harrison was someone with absolute power in the Batoru Kingdom. He had received that power from the king that even the third prince treated Harrison as his teacher.

Furthermore, that was even more so for his father, Morris.

Morris has probably been released from the underground prison as well and is working to recover the Batoru Kingdom.

Basically, it meant that I could have anything I want if I used Harrison properly. It wouldn’t be bad to have him owe me a favor in a situation like this.

Well, depending on what the request is, of course.

“Please tell me what you need.”

“Can you fortify our weapons as well?”

Ah, that was it!

I remember how envious they looked when I was fortifying the Dwarves weapons at the Demons’ Mine.

That was easy. It wasn’t like my focus went away if I combined jewels or fortified weapons anymore.

The problem was that I had no Jewels of Fortification on me anymore.

“I understand. Please head to Avanguarde first. I will meet up with you after gathering as many Jewels of Fortification as possible. However, I cannot fortify everyone’s weapons. It is not easy to gather Jewels of Fortification.”

“Thank you. I will wait for you at Avanguarde.”

Harrison’s group disappeared first through the portal.

I unsummoned the High Elf before jumping into the portal as well.


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