Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 178: Friend of the Fairies (2)

<You have completed the second occupation quest for Best Blacksmith.
Your friendliness with the fairies has permanently increased by 300 as a reward.>

My friendliness with the fairies had increased by 1,000 just now at Peria Mountain. That was why I wasn’t too excited about it going up by 300.

However, there was significance to the fact that I had completed the quest.

The other Dwarves dropped their jaws in shock as well. The fact that I was challenging the Best Blacksmith title using Jewel Alchemy was shocking.

However, I had already completed the second quest and was waiting for the third.

Bangart seemed anxious as well. He quickly delivered the god’s message.

“I will immediately give you the third quest. Go up to Peria Mountain and complete at least one of the Fairy’s Quest.”

‘Huh? What the heck?’

Bangart’s jaws dropped as soon as he gave me the quest.

“My goodness. You have already completed a Fairy’s Quest. Then the third quest has been completed.”

<You have completed the third occupation quest for Best Blacksmith.
You have received a Chaos Jewel as a reward.>

‘Oh, a Chaos Jewel!’

I had gathered a good number of Chaos Jewels already.

However, both Jewels of Luck and Chaos Jewels were things that were the more the merrier.

Furthermore, I had received it as a quest reward. The quality should be different than ones that miners had mined from the ground.

I quickly checked it out.

[Chaos Jewel: Detection Index 91]

‘Wow! A detection index of 91!’

I had over 50 Chaos Jewels already.

However, the highest detection index was barely 67.

Honestly, 67 was very high and I shouldn’t say barely. Most Chaos Jewels only had detection indexes of under 20.

There was nothing I could do about it. The miners mined them with 30-40 detection indexes but it fell by half as soon as it changed hands.

That was why it was impossible to get Chaos Jewels with high detection indexes unless I mined it myself.

Even then, it would be hard to find one higher than 50.

But 91…

‘I need to use this at a very important time.’

Bangart gave me the fourth quest while I was doing that.

But the atmosphere was serious this time as well.

“This is the fourth quest. Go visit the Fairy on Peria Mountain and earn the title of ‘Friend of the Fairies.’ Gasp!”

Bangart gasped.

He was not the only one. My ‘Friend of the Fairies’ title that was hidden was temporarily revealed once the quest was given.

The Dwarves who saw the title almost fell down in shock.

“How is this possible?”

“A Friend of the Fairies!”

“Who is this human?”

“Is he a Dragon pretending to be a human?”

This feels odd. It’s definitely good, but I can’t hold it in because it’s so good.

It’s really hard to maintain a calm expression.

I wonder what the reward would be this time.

<You have completed the fourth occupation quest for Best Blacksmith.
You have received a Fire Elemental as a reward.>


Translator: Miraclerifle

Proofreader: Borderline Masochist

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