Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 179: The Reward I Want (1)

I was used to regular Elementals, but a Fire Elemental?

I had never heard of it.

I opened my bag to see a small orb the size of a fingernail inside the inventory.

I picked it up and the information popped up.

[Fire Elemental]

The soul of an Elemental with the power of fire.

It can absorb the power of fire from nature. Infusing it into a Stone Elf will evolve it into a Fire Stone Elf.

I couldn’t tell a lot about it, but I was certain about one thing.

‘Fire Stone Elf!’

I had never seen it in the game. That was how fresh the term was to me.

However, I had personally experienced the Stone Elves in Royal Roader. I had also seen how the Stone Elves became much stronger once the Elementals went inside them.

That was why I was able to easily imagine a Fire Stone Elf.

It should be at least stronger than Stone Elves with the regular Elementals.


However, there was something I was looking forward to even more.

This was already the completion of the fourth quest. I just needed to complete one more quest to reach the level of Best Blacksmith. Using Jewel Alchemy at that.

Then I would be at around Akto’s level.

No, I might even be at a higher level than Akto was when he was alive since I already know the secret of Jewel Alchemy.

“Then is the final quest the only one left?”

“Oh, indeed!”

Bangart who was standing there with a blank expression quickly snapped out of it. He then closed his eyes as if he was receiving a message from Volcanus.

The other Dwarves quietly watched us as if they were thinking that they might witness a historic moment.

I was praying as I waited for Bangart to speak.

‘Please let it be a quest that I’ve already completed.’

Bangart finally opened his eyes.

“This is the fifth and final quest to become a Best Blacksmith. You must overcome a lot of obstacles to become a Jewel Alchemy master. One of those obstacles is to find out the secret of Jewel Alchemy.”

I almost screamed in joy after hearing that.

I had already completed that as well. Of course, that was only if the ‘Jewel Alchemy’s secret’ that Akto taught me was what this was talking about.

And that was indeed the case. Bangart showed an extremely shocked expression as he blanked out.

“You are truly an amazing human. You completed three levels of the Best Blacksmith quest at once.”

“I’ve always been a bit special. Haha.”

I heard the voice again in my mind at that moment.

< You have completed the fifth Best Blacksmith Occupation Quest. You have received natural power as a reward. >
< You have completed the 15-part continuation quest and all your stats of increased by 3. >

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