Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 180: The Reward I Want (2)

It became more difficult for me with each fortification level as well.

I guess I can describe it as feeling like I am carrying a heavier item each time? It’s like how even if I can carry 100 kilograms, I can tell the difference between 1 kilogram and 10 kilograms.

I felt like it was almost unbearable when I attempted the fifth level fortification last time. It was to the point that I was worried that I might fail.

It was like carrying 95 kilograms when my limit was 100 kilograms.

But it was different this time. It was very easy. It felt like I was lifting less than 70 kilograms.

‘The sixth level fortification should be possible if it is like this.’

Bangart seemed to be full of anticipation as well. He was clenching and opening his fist repeatedly with nervousness as he cautiously started to speak.

“Is a sixth level fortification possible?”

I felt like it would be possible based on how I was feeling.

But I was not 100% certain about it.

What if I attempted it and failed?

All Dwarves would think my limit was the fifth level.

But if I don’t attempt it?

The Dwarves would not know what my limits are. They’ll all just let their imaginations run wild about what my limit could be.

There may be some Dwarves who think, ‘The fifth level must be his limit,’ but most should think it is more than that. I could raise the level of their anticipation depending on how I respond.

It was best to go strong in situations like this.

“The sixth level requires six Chaos Jewels.”

Bangart looked anxious.

Did I say too high a price?

But that was the difference between the fifth level and the sixth level. He would want to invest the Chaos Jewels if he had any.

The problem was that he probably did not have any more Chaos Jewels.

I already swept the Chaos Jewels in the village’s public storage and Bangart should have run out of his personal collection of Chaos Jewels……hmm?

That was not the case. Bangart hesitated before taking out the Chaos Jewels.

There were six of them.

“This is all that I have left.”

I didn’t expect this. I really thought he wouldn’t have that many. That was why I called out 6 instead of 5.

But I named the price and Bangart was offering it.

My only choice was to move forward.

‘I hope I don’t fail.’

It felt possible based on how I felt when I was doing the fifth level fortification. But I was a bit worried because I had never attempted it before.

‘I’ll find out once I try.’

I acted naturally as I grabbed the jewels. I was making it seem like something like this was easily possible.

I then started the sixth level fortification just as I had started the fifth. I had a relaxed expression on my face.

But I was extremely anxious.

‘Don’t screw this up!’

I focused as much as possible.

Surprisingly, it ended up going much easier than I had expected. It was only slightly more difficult than the fifth level fortification.

I could confirm that it had succeeded without checking the results.

I still checked it though.

[Bangart’s Solar Blade +6 Fortification : Personalized for Bangart]

It had succeeded.

I held myself back from smiling. I then acted nonchalant as if it was nothing. Then I handed the Solar Blade back to Bangart.

“Oh, unbelievable! You succeeded in the sixth level fortification!”

Bangart was full of admiration. The rest of the Dwarves who had been watching while holding their breaths started to talk as if they were finally breathing out.

“This is something that will go down in the history of the Dwarves.”

“Did Akto-nim ever successfully complete a sixth level fortification?”

“I think the sixth level was his limit.”

“I never expected that I would be able to see such a glorious sight with my own eyes.”

Some of the Dwarves quickly brushed their butts and stood up.

“Just wait a moment. I will head over and bring some Chaos Jewels right away. Please fortify my weapon to the sixth level as well.”

“Mine too.”

Who says that I’ll do what you want?

There were no benefits for me to rush things.

In fact, it was more beneficial to act expensive. All Dwarves had strong desires to fortify their weapons, but there were no Dwarves who were as talented as I was in Jewel Alchemy.

I held all the power in this relationship.

Furthermore, I also had enough Chaos Jewels for now as well. I should be able to use them for a while without any worries.

I’m sure it will make the Dwarves more desperate if I make some excuses to stop right now.

“I overdid it. I’m tired now. No more for today.”

“Then I will be back tomorrow.”

The Dwarves sounded desperate.

I acted even more relaxed the more desperate they looked.

“Unfortunately, my home nation of the Batoru Kingdom is currently being trampled by the dirty Jeppi tribe. I cannot leisurely spend my time here in such a situation. I will be back after taking care of them.”

“Then when can you come back?”

Things should be resolved in the next six months if things go according to plan. It should take no more than a year at max.

Of course, I didn’t tell them that.

“To be honest with you, I do not know. The Jeppi tribe’s forces are extremely strong. You all know how it is. Even the Ameri Kingdom is being pushed by the Jeppi tribe right now. How could the Batoru Kingdom that had been groveling under the Ameri Kingdom push the Jeppi tribe out? We are just trying to stay afloat.”

“Shit. Then when can we……?”

“Oho, this is terrible.”

The Dwarves looked disappointed.

Seeing them made me come up with an idea.

Dwarves were known as the warrior race. They were willing to jump into any and every battles.

However, they usually didn’t interfere in human affairs.

But there are always bound to be exceptions right? For example, Goonto’s group is currently in Titan Valley working with the humans.

“There is a way to push the time back a bit, but……”

The Dwarves’ eyes sparkled and they all focused on me.

“It may even be possible to get rid of the Jeppi in one or two months and give me time to fortify your weapons. However, I do need all of your help……”

Some of the Dwarves already seemed to have realized what I was trying to do. They sighed and shook their heads as if it was not possible.

“Dwarves do not interfere in human wars. Humans also do not interfere in Dwarven wars. Don’t you know that is the unwritten law between Dwarves and humans?”

“Tsk tsk, we would help you with most things because you are the friend of the Dwarves, but that is difficult.”

I understand.

But, this is actually a bit different.

“Did anybody ask you to partake in a war between humans?”

“……Hmm? It wasn’t that kind of request?”

“Then what do you want from us?”

“The Jeppi tribe are not human. They are actually closer to monsters. I am asking you to help protect the humans from a monster invasion. Wouldn’t that have nothing to do with the unwritten law?”

The Dwarves looked at each other with blank expressions.

“Is he right?”

“I think he might be but I also think he might not be.”

“No. The Jeppis have never decided on such unwritten laws with us.”

“As Kang Hwi Ram mentioned, the Jeppis are monsters. We need to capture every single one of them and cut off their necks.”

“That’s right. I don’t like humans, but how can I hate them more than I hate the Jeppi bastards?”

“That makes sense. This is something we can help with.”

The conversations quickly came to a conclusion. The Chieftains of each tribe started to share their plans.

“I am going to go back and inform the tribe about the situation. I will not stop any Dwarf warrior who wishes to help Kang Hwi Ram. Anybody who has issues with this should speak up now.”

“I will give my tribe members the chance as well.”

“Me too……”

There were many Chieftains who were willing to send warriors.

On the other hand, there were no Dwarves who opposed the decision.

Then what does this mean? Does it mean I’ll have at least ten Dwarf brigades like Goonto’s group?

It could even be more than that. That means that my plan can be dragged up quite a bit.

Furthermore, I can earn something even bigger if I use this properly. I need to make sure the Dwarves don’t make the first move in order to do that.

The Dwarves were talking as if they could send reinforcements right away. Some of them might be able to even send reinforcements today.

“Then please wait at your respective villages. I will head over and let you know how things are going. I think it is best to move strategically. Please move when I contact you again.”


“You can contact us through Bangart.”

The conversations quickly came to a conclusion.

I needed to hurry now as well. I was originally planning on spending the night here, but it’ll probably be better to head out now since the sun is still up.

“I will go survey the situation. I will send someone if the conversations go well. Please consider anybody who comes with this mark to be one of my people.”

“Sure. Let us know.”

I headed toward the Reina River in the northeast as soon as I arrived in Avanguarde. To be more specific, I headed toward the walls built along the Reina River.

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