Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 180: The Reward I Want (2)

You needed to cross the Reina River to get to the Batoru Kingdom from the Ameri Kingdom. The only way across was by boat now that we destroyed all of the bridges, and they would have to climb over a tall wall even if they made it across.

That was why there were fierce battles going on around the walls by the Reina River. The Jeppi tribe was trying to climb over the walls and the humans were trying to prevent them.

“Where is Harrison-nim?”

“I believe he is in that tent having a strategy meeting right now.”

I headed toward the tent Harrison was in.

I saw a familiar face once I arrived at the tent. It was one of the people who went to the Western District with us.

He came over and grabbed my hand after seeing me looking around.

“It’s been a while.”

“Ah, Luchie-nim. Is Harrison-nim inside?”

“The Commanding Officer-nim is meeting with the generals.”

Luchie emphasized the words, ‘Commanding Officer.’ It was as if he was telling me to please add the Commanding Officer title when addressing Harrison from now on.

“Please head inside. The Commanding Officer-nim has been waiting for you, Kang Hwi Ram-nim.”

“Thank you very much.”

I finally found the tent Harrison was in.

Two soldiers were guarding it, but they let me through without any issues once Luchie confirmed my identity.

There were about twenty officers sitting around a map inside. They all had grim expressions as if things were not going well.

“Is there a problem?”

Harrison quickly raised his head once I let my presence be known. His grim expression instantly brightened.

“Oh, Kang Hwi Ram-nim! Welcome!”

“I’m a bit late.”

“Not at all. Sit over here.”

Harrison offered me the seat next to him.

There were no hierarchies because they were sitting around a round table. However, it should be a high spot since I was right next to Harrison who was the Commanding Officer.

I did not say much else to greet him. It’s only been a few days since we last saw each other.

Most importantly, the situation did not look good. Harrison pointed to the map with a staff and explained the situation.

The map was showing the number of troops along the Reina River.

“We are significantly lacking troops. This spot right here is close to being destroyed.”

Harrison was pointing to a spot where the river became extremely narrow. There was also a bridge still there.

“Did you not manage to destroy that bridge?”

“We did, but the Jeppi tribe built a new one. Those bastards seem to have gained a lot of talented civil engineers and architects in the Ameri Kingdom.”

The soldiers on both sides were marked with blue or red flags.

It was obvious that the red flag symbolized the Jeppi tribe. They seemed to have about ten times the amount of soldiers.

“How many Jeppi tribe soldiers are there?”

“Probably 300,000 along the river. 100,000 of them are focused in that location.”

There were 100,000 Jeppis in that narrow battlefield.

No wonder the situation was grim. They were getting worn out as enemies came wave after wave, no matter how many they killed.

In other words, it was like holding a candle in front of the wind.

This was actually good. The cards in my hand could not sign brightly if things were going well.

“I have a good plan.”


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