Royal Roader on My Own – Chapter 181: The Reward I Want (3)


I slowly opened my mouth to speak. Everybody looked full of anticipation.

This was especially true for Harrison. He had personally seen my abilities in the Western District. He had seen how I had Dwarf friends, had a slave like Dark Elf Rohas, and even controlled hundreds of Stone Elves.

Which meant that it would not just me be helping them out but more like thousands of warriors joining them.

Furthermore, someone like me was saying that I had a good plan, so of course, they had to be full of anticipation.

“What is the plan?”

“Asking the Dwarf warriors for help.”

“Dwarf warriors?”

Their expressions instantly changed. The anticipation disappeared and changed to disappointment.

It was understandable. Dwarves did not usually take part in human wars. Humans and Dwarves did not get along, so it was unimaginable to even ask for help.

Furthermore, they didn’t know about my relationship with the Dwarves.

However, Harrison was different.

“Can you ask for us?”

“Of course. But there will need to be a worthy reward. Commanding Officer-nim, if you can promise me a good reward, I will do everything in my powers to bring the Dwarf warriors over.”

The generals silently watched my conversation with Harrison. It seemed completely unrealistic, but they believed Harrison was showing this kind of reaction.

“How many will you be able to recruit?”

“I should be able to recruit at least 300. Even more should be possible if Commanding Officer-nim offers a good reward.”

Honestly speaking, I was thinking it would be more than 1,000. The Dwarves would all raise their hands to fight if I offered weapon fortification as a reward.

Each Dwarf was like having 100 warriors. They were especially talented in melee combat.

They would be able to almost instantly turn a situation around if they were placed in the middle of a battle in a narrow area.

“What kind of reward would you like?”

I debated about that on my way here as well.

What would be a good reward?

I already had a ton of money. I would be able to make a lot more even without the kingdom’s help.

My skills were something I needed to raise on my own.

An item? The Batoru Kingdom would not be able to procure me an item at my level. No, it was the same for the Ameri Kingdom as well. I was already equipped with the best items.

Then I realized that I was missing just one thing. That should be something the Batoru Kingdom should be able to give me.

“I wish to restore a lost kingdom. Please help me once the Jeppi tribe is defeated and peace is restored.”

“A lost kingdom? Are you talking about the Gokuri Kingdom?”

“That’s correct. The Batoru Kingdom and the Gokuri Kingdom have always been close. The reason the Batoru Kingdom is unable to resist the Ameri Kingdom is because the Gokuri Kingdom is no longer here.”

Harrison should know about this better than I do. It happened just 300 years ago.

Although Harrison would not have experienced it himself, he should have learned a lot about the role of the Gokuri Kingdom.

He should want the Gokuri Kingdom to exist as well.

“But is that what the Dwarves wanted? That place is close to the Dwarf territory, but it is still part of the human territory.”

“Not at all. I plan on ruling the Gokuri Kingdom myself.”

Harrison’s jaws dropped. He seemed shocked at the fact that I was thinking about becoming a king.

But that is something any guy would have thought about at least once. Even if you are given the highest position possible in a kingdom, you still have to serve someone.

Anybody who had the skills but still had to live under someone else’s rule would try to get out of it.

It is almost impossible on Earth.

I don’t know how much longer I will get to come to Royal Roader, but shouldn’t I at least experience something like that here since I can?

If the chance comes, I could even push the Ameri Kingdom out and become the Emperor of an Empire.

“Then the things the Dwarves want……?”

“That is not something Commanding Officer-nim or his majesty can provide. It is something only I can give them. If you promise to help me restore the lost kingdom, I will personally take responsibility for making a deal with the Dwarves.”

“That’s fine. The return of the Gokuri Kingdom is something that the Batoru Kingdom would welcome. I will take responsibility to promise you that.”

It was an expected result, but it was best to be certain.

“Please use divine power to make a contract.”

“Let’s do that.”

Harrison did not hesitate at all. We used divine power to make a contract right away.

This should be enough. Now I just needed to send someone to the Dwarves.

But do I need to personally go again?”

I motioned with my eyes as if I was looking for someone to send and Harrison’s aide volunteered himself.

“If you’re okay with it, I will go.”

“Will you do that? You just need to show this to Dwarf Great Patriarch Bangart. You can tell them that they can come in groups and don’t need to wait until all of the warriors are gathered.”

“I understand.”

The sun was still up. The Dwarves from Bangart’s village might be able to make it today if they hurry.

“Please hurry.”

“I will be back soon.”

The aide quickly got on a horse and left.

“Let’s move as well. Sitting around and chatting like this is not going to protect the walls.”

“I agree. I prefer the battlefield over sitting in a tent like this. Let’s go.”

I started to run toward the wall with Harrison.

The other warriors followed behind us.

“Is Morris-nim still locked up? Isn’t there no need to be wary of the Ameri Kingdom anymore?”

“Of course. We already sent someone. He should have already left the underground prison and met up with General Suani. Defending the sea is just as important as this place.”

It made sense.

In fact, the sea was probably even more important. The Jeppi tribe can’t put their full force toward us because the Ameri Kingdom was attacking them from the other side as well, but the sea was different.

There would be no need to guard this place if the sea was breached.

But it was none other than General Suani. He was known as history’s greatest naval commander.

Furthermore, the gift Humbley prepared should be enough for them to defend.

We arrived at the wall as we chatted.

I had given Humbley the order, but this was my first time seeing the wall with my own eyes.

It was not as good as I had expected. It was less than 10 meters tall.

That made it so the Jeppi, who were using things like bamboos to create ladders, could climb the wall.

No wonder the battles were getting fierce.

There was a region that was especially in danger. There were hundreds of Jeppis on the wall fighting against the soldiers.

That made it so the Jeppis under the wall were able to keep climbing up without any obstacles. The wall was right about to be breached. Actually, it was pretty much breached already.

“Let’s start there.”

Commanding Officer Harrison and the generals each took their weapons out and started to run across the wall.

They were truly different than the regular soldiers. There were some advisors who fought with their minds rather than their strength, but most of them were strong warriors equivalent to 100 men.

That must be why they rose up in rank.

Thanks to that, the Jeppi’s overwhelming presence started to balance out.

The problem was the ones climbing up from the bottom.

The bottom of the wall was full of Jeppis. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that they looked like a bunch of beansprouts.

Seeing that made me greedy.

‘This is like fishing in a place full of fish.’

Hunting the Jeppis gave me experience points as well. That meant my level would rise.

Where else could I get so much prey to hunt?

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